Written by Kevin McCorry
    "Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones.
    They're the modern Stone Age family.
    From the town of Bedrock, they're a page right out of history.
    Let's ride with the family down the street.
    Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet.
    When you're with the Flinstones.
    We'll have a yabba-dabba-doo time.
    A-dabba-doo time.
    We'll have a gay ol' time."
In 1960, the first animated cartoon situation comedy series on prime-time television premiered. Cartoon animation producers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created a continuing story of life in the Stone Age with all modern conveniences provided by un-technological devices. They called it The Flintstones, in which the title characters, a typical family in the down-home, prehistoric community of Bedrock, experience the trials and tribulations common to suburban folk in twentieth century America.

The inspiration for the television series and for its characters seems to have been two-fold. A pair of Warner Brothers cartoons, "Pre-Hysterical Hare" (1958) and "Wild Wild World" (1960), in which a filmic record of prehistoric life is discovered and in the case of "Wild Wild World" is played to show Stone Age people having a fairly modern way of life by cleverly using the primitive materials at their disposal, provided one set of ideas, and the popular mid-1950s situation comedy television series, The Honeymooners, contained the other. Rock quarry worker, fat Freddy Flintstone was patterned after Jackie Gleason's overweight, overbearing, scheming but loyal Brooklyn bus driver, Ralph Kramden, and Fred's neighbour and buddy, the light-hearted, vivacious Barney Rubble, bears distinct similarity to Art Carney as Kramden's chum, sewer worker Ed Norton. Fred's feisty, quick-witted, and sharp-tongued wife, Wilma, is a close comparison to Kramden's spouse, Alice (Audrey Meadows), and Wilma and Alice have in common a propensity to laugh, gossip, and commiserate with their husband's buddy's wife, Betty Rubble in The Flintstones and Trixie Norton (Joyce Randolph) in The Honeymooners.

Ralph is an easily flattered boor who enjoys his pleasure, his sport, and his brotherhood with his fellow men, and he is always seeking financial advancement, succumbing to many an ill-advised plot, and incurring the wrath of spousal tongue-lashing. This describes Fred Flintstone to a tee. So too does Kramden's quick temper.

Cartoon parody of The Honeymooners was also an inspiration at Warner Brothers. Director Robert McKimson fashioned two couples of mice after the Kramdens and Nortons, in a trilogy of animated short films, "The Honey-Mousers" (1956), "Cheese it, the Cat!" (1957), and "Mice Follies" (1960), and these cartoons were doubtless influential to the decision by Hanna and Barbera to adapt The Honeymooners for their prehistoric-time cartoon television show.

Much of the appeal of The Flintstones can be found not only in the every man nature of Fred Flintstone but in the wit with which prehistoric gadgets are portrayed: a baby mastodon that functions as a vacuum cleaner, a full size mastodon that discharges water from its trunk to give to Fred a morning shower, bees in a seashell acting as a razor, a bird's beak that plays "vinyl" records or etches photographs inside of a camera, a monkey within a vending machine, birds that fly to "transmit" messages from one intercom to another, and a beastly garbage disposal. Most noteworthy is the Flintstones' car, essentially two stone logs linked together under a carriage with an animal skin canopy and powered, mainly, by Fred's two feet. Similarly, buses mainly attain mobility by the foot power of all their occupants.

Stone Age society should be small indeed, in as much as every time that a Hollyrock studio chooses to film-shoot a movie on location, Bedrock is the selected site; Wilma and Betty win every contest that they enter; the Flintstones and Rubbles constantly meet Hollyrock celebrities; and Fred never fails to encounter old friends. And yet, Bedrock alone is a sprawling community of seemingly endless, look-alike houses and other buildings, as seen in the backgrounds as Fred and Barney drive their cars, and freeways are invariably jammed with traffic. Other aspects of the Flintstone world are addle-brained doctors, pompous sales clerks with an Ed Nelson way of speaking, poker-faced, frequently befuddled policemen, dimwit thugs, and snobbish, sycophantic movie studio personnel.

Providing the voices for the Stone Age personages populating the world of The Flintstones were Alan Reed as Fred, Jean Vander Pyl as Wilma, Mel Blanc as Barney and Dino (the Flintstones' lively, loyal, and very affectionate pet dinosaur), and Bea Benaderet as Betty for Seasons 1 to 4 and Gerry Johnson as Mrs. Rubble for Seasons 5 and 6, Don Messick as baby Bamm-Bamm, Verna Felton as Wilma's mother, and Harvey Korman as Fred and Barney's extraterrestrial benefactor (or malefactor, depending on their point of view at any given time), the Great Gazoo. Reed died in 1977, Vander Pyl in 1999, Blanc in 1989, Benaderet in 1968, Messick in 1997, and Felton in 1966.

Other voice artists who contributed their talent to Flintstones characters were Daws Butler, who substituted as Barney for Mel Blanc at the start of Season 2 after Blanc's near-fatal car accident in 1961, Hal Smith, Dick Beals, and Henry Corden, who voiced Fred for various latter-day Flintstones revivals after Alan Reed's death. Ann Margaret, James Darren, Tony Curtis, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Dick York vocally guest starred as prehistoric versions of themselves or of their popular television personalities in certain episodes.

The following is a complete episode for The Flintstones.

In "The Babysitters", Fred and Barney are resigned to watching a fight on television instead of going to that event, and they are about to receive an unpleasant surprise.
Season 1

"The Flintstone Flier"
Fred's leisurely Saturday afternoon is disrupted by Barney, who golfs a ball directly into the face of a hammock-prone 
Fred. Barney then annoys Fred with hammering of bolts in construction of a peddle-operated, eggbeater-like flying machine.
Although Flintstone irately scoffs at Rubble's contraption, he is enticed into performing a test-flight, the result being
a crash that requires bandages to Fred's head. When Fred learns that Barney inadvertently bought four tickets to an opera
performance on the same night as a major bowling tournament in which Fred and Barney are slated participants, he uses his
head injury as an excuse to avoid going to the opera with Wilma. Barney volunteers to remain at the Flintstone home as
caretaker for the "ailing" Fred, and Wilma and Betty agree to attend the opera by themselves. After the wives have 
departed cave Flintstone, Fred and Barney hasten to go to the Bedrock Bowling Alley, but to their dismay, they realise 
that Wilma and Betty are driving the only operable car among the two couples. So, the men board Barney's flying machine,
named by Fred as the Flintstone Flier, to speedily travel to the bowling alley, which is directly across the street from
the opera theatre! Wilma is worried about Fred and wants to contact him at home, and as she and Betty enter the bowling 
alley in search of a telephone, they see Fred and Barney and furiously hit the men with their purses. However, Fred and
Barney noticed their wives coming into the bowling alley and used black broom bristles to construct fake moustaches, and
fool their wives into thinking that they are two inanely chattering Germans. When the apologetic but still suspicious 
Wilma and Betty leave the bowling alley, Fred and Barney race to return to Fred's home in advance of the wives, and the 
Flintstone Flier is a success in this respect. But Barney fails to remove his false moustache and does his bogus German 
prattle when the wives arrive at the Flintstone abode to see Barney at Fred's bedside, and Wilma and Betty, in a violent
rage at their spouses' deception, chase Fred and Barney, who frantically ascend to sky in the Flintstone Flier. They must
lose peddle-power and come down to Earth eventually- and the awaiting Wilma and Betty play cards.

"Hotlips Hannigan"
Fred wants be the most impressive participant at a talent show, and after a disastrous trampoline experiment outside of 
the window of a hairdressing parlour where Wilma is a patron, during which Fred cannot stop bouncing and embarrasses 
Wilma, Fred decides to do a magic act. In practise, he falters with a "disappearing" egg trick and is also inept in 
tablecloth-pulling, but hopes to redeem himself with a disappearance cabinet. Wilma is more than annoyed with Fred's 
foolery, and when Barney and Betty are visiting the Flintstones and Fred invites Wilma and Betty to enter the cabinet and
vanish as per his magician "prowess", Wilma decides to teach to Fred a lesson. She and Betty agree to be his magical 
subjects, exit the cabinet through a rear trick door, and hide in a closet so that Fred and Barney believe their wives to
have truly disappeared. Rather than immediately "re-materialise" Wilma and Betty, Fred proposes that he and Barney have a
rollicking time at a night club with Fred's old chum, Hotlips Hannigan. Wilma and Betty disguise themselves as man-
crazed, teenaged girls and follow their husbands to the night club, where they terrorise the unwitting Fred and Barney, 
performers in a "When the Saints Come Marching in" song, with "groupie" attentions. Fred and Barney flee the night club
 and return to the Flintstone house, where Wilma and Betty remove their disguises and step back into the cabinet. They 
emerge from it on cue by Fred and speak in the addled manner of their teenaged alter-egos, causing Fred and Barney to 
feel distinctly unwell.

"The Swimming Pool"
Fred and Barney may be best buddies, but they quarrel almost constantly, and the day that Fred arrives home from work,
carrying a bag full of groceries and two 10-inch-thick New York sirloin steaks, is a prime example of the volatile 
friendship between the two cavemen. Fred accidentally drops the steaks at the fence to his house and suspects Barney of 
swiping them when he smells steaks being cooked on Barney's barbecue and is told by Barney that the steaks are of the 
exact grade and proportions as Fred's missing meat. Fred becomes violent, demanding that Barney relinquish the "stolen"
steaks, before Wilma informs Fred that she found Fred's steaks where Fred left them. Fred refuses to apologise to Barney;
so, Barney repossesses Fred's ladder and is chased by a ballistic Fred, who falls into the hole that Barney is digging to
form a swimming pool. Fred's disposition mellows immediately as he sweet-talks Barney into sharing a swimming pool, with
Barney doing all of the maintenance on the pretence of having a "free" half on Fred's property. The results are 
disastrous, with Fred and Barney diving simultaneously off of opposing boards and colliding in mid-air, Fred leaping into
the pool emptied by Barney, and Barney's personal pool party that raises Fred's ire. Fred constructs a fence across the
property boundary to separate his side of the pool from Barney's, but Wilma angrily orders Fred to remove it. To strike 
against his erstwhile pool pal, Fred arranges to ruin Barney's next planned party by having a disguised friend impersonate
a police officer raiding the revels. But Barney's party is really a birthday celebration in Fred's honour, and Fred joins
in the festivities, which become noisy enough for a neighbour to call the police. Fred mistakes the true constable for his
friend and brazenly offends and drops the policeman into the pool! Arrested and jailed, Fred is visited by Barney, who 
gives to Fred a slice of birthday cake and "bails" Fred out of police custody. Amiable relations are short-lived, however,
when Barney again removes the water from the pool without informing a nose-diving Flintstone.

"No Help Wanted" 
Barney has lost his job, and Fred, feeling sorry (and guilty too, in that it was Fred's demands as Barney's "agent" that 
Barney be given a substantial increase in pay which caused Barney's boss to terminate Barney's situation) for his friend,
arranges to find employment for Barney with the help of an influential, golf-playing acquaintance named Boulder. Unbeknown
to Fred, Barney's new employer is Rocky Stone, a creditor who assigns Barney to re-possess furniture and other material- 
and Barney's first mission involves confiscating Fred's television! Barney spends hours on a hill agonising over his task
and decides to proposition Fred about sending the overdue payment on the television to relieve Barney of the unpleasant
chore of divesting Fred of the television. Barney is unable to persuade Fred to make the payment because Fred lost the
money for the payment by losing in a wagered golf game with Boulder (the game that resulted in Barney's hiring by Stone).
Fred unwittingly preaches to Barney about the necessity of ruthlessly doing one's duty, thus emboldening Barney to 
re-possess the television, resulting in a fiery clash between the duo. Barney ultimately decides to resolve the problem by
supplying money for Fred's television payment so that Fred can have his television back- and writes a tear-jerking letter
to Fred, saying that he does not want to lose Fred's friendship. Fred and Barney reconcile, before Barney reveals that his
next assignment is the re-possession of Fred's golfing equipment!

"The Split Personality"
Fred is in a foul mood one afternoon. Furious with Barney for drinking Fred's last bottle of Cactus Coola, Fred confronts
Barney and drinks what he thinks is the Cactus Coola in a bottle sitting on Barney's car. But Barney tells to Fred that 
the bottle contained car polish. Fred panics and throws the bottle upward, and it falls on his head, rendering him 
unconscious. Wilma telephones a doctor, who proves to be a quack and utterly unhelpful in reviving Fred. Mention of a 
hamburger does the trick, but the awakened Fred is nothing like his old self. He has become a mannered sophisticate named
Frederick, who, though initially generous and ingratiating to Wilma, quickly irritates all around him with his exclusively
highbrow tastes for opera and spelling bees, use of proper names, and Captain Bligh-like intolerance of "insubordination"
on Fred's bowling team. Frederick's inability to bowl and his condescending air infuriates the bowling team members, and 
husbands all over Bedrock- including Barney- are incensed at their wives' demands that they "measure up" to Frederick. 
Wilma and the Rubbles endeavour to reverse Fred's personality transformation by re-administering the hit to the head that
first changed him. They position a rock atop an ajar door, and when Frederick passes through the doorway, the rock falls 
upon his head, bringing back the cheapskate, selfish, brusque, often angry, lovable Fred Flintstone.

"The Monster From the Tar Pits"
Miracle Pictures- "If it's a good picture, it's a miracle"- plans to make a low-budget horror film, The Monster From the
Tar Pits, starring Hollyrock heartthrobs Gary Granite, Rock Pile, and Wednesday Tuesday (or is it Tuesday Wednesday?). A 
bespectacled, beatnik director is commissioned my a mogul named Sandstone to find a real town in which to produce the 
"flick", and from a map is Bedrock the selection, of course! Bedrock folk flock to audition for roles as extras in the 
movie, and while Fred berates his fellow citizens for their easily bedazzled furor over the production, he secretly 
attends the final casting session and is given the job of doubling for Gary Granite as the title creature. His ego 
inflated at the prospect of outdoing Granite and becoming a superior movie celebrity, Fred goes home in his monster suit
and brags to Wilma, Barney, and Betty. On the set of the production, Fred undergoes the gruelling indignities of being 
bombarded by real boulders (fake ones are beyond budget), whacked by an authentic club (a padded club is also too 
expensive), and walking into a tar pit with only his waving hand remaining un-submerged. The film crew quickly departs 
Bedrock, leaving Fred still in the tar pit, where Barney finds him. Despite the disappointment at not being anything more
than Granite's "fall guy", Fred is excited when news of a coming sequel- also to be shot in Bedrock- is heard on the 
radio, and he rushes to find his tarry monster costume.

"The Babysitters"
Barney's boss has obtained two rare tickets to a no-holds-barred, evening fight to be transmitted on television, but is 
not permitted by his wife to use them and decides to give them to a delighted Barney. However, Wilma and Betty believe 
that their husbands will be watching the fight on television, and Wilma promises to a friend named Edna, with whom she and
Betty will be playing bridge at someone else's house, that Fred will be home to babysit Edna's baby, Egbert, on this 
fateful fight night. Wilma shames Fred to forsake going to the fight with Barney and to remain home to attend to little 
Egbert, and Betty morally obliges Barney to help Fred in caring for the baby. Just when Fred and Barney accept their fate 
and admit that it is better to watch the fight on television in the comfort of Fred's own home, the television announcer 
says that the fight is blacked-out in most of Bedrock, including Fred's area. Fred furiously throws a vase at his 
television when he sees that the substitute programme is Alice Blue-Jean and Her Magic Banjo, and when he proposes going 
to the fight, with Egbert accompanying, he is told by Barney that Barney tore the tickets into shreds! Fred then realises 
that Joe Rockhead's house is beyond the black-out range and hastens with Barney and baby to Rockhead's residence, but 
nobody is home there, and Fred and Barney force entry. While Fred and Barney are watching the fight on Rockhead's 
television, Egbert puts his bonnet onto the head of Rockhead's little pet dinosaur, which leads Fred and Barney on a chase 
to a tree. Rockhead arrives home from a party, discovers Egbert still in his house, and carries the infant to police 
headquarters, to where Fred and Barney are brought too, after police and fire departments retrieve the pet dinosaur in 
bonnet from the tree and the police apprehend Fred and Barney on a mischief charge. Wilma, Betty, and Edna see the news 
report to this effect on television, Edna collects her infant son, and Wilma and Betty angrily confront their jailed 

"At the Races"
The owner of Boulder Dan's Billiards is retiring and selling his pool hall for a cash payment of 2,000 dollars, and Fred
and Barney hope to be the buyers. Not only is the pool hall a "gold mine" in profit potential, but Fred and Barney, as 
their own bosses, would be able to play pool every day for free! The obstacle to this aim is obtaining the needed capital,
and when Barney suggests that they follow the example of Barney's tightwad boss and place a 50-dollars-at-40-to-1 wager on
a nimble dinosaur named Sabretooth, which is virtually assured of winning at the Bedrock Racing Track, Fred replies that 
he would have to syphon the 50 dollars from his pay, and Wilma would never permit that. Thus, Fred and Barney seize upon 
the idea of a bogus robbery. After giving his wallet to Barney, Fred acts as though he has been violently victimised, the
wallet stolen. Wilma is not convinced of the story until Barney, when Wilma is not looking, hits Fred on the head with a
vase, producing a large lump on Fred's head. Later, with Wilma gone to a store for groceries, bedridden Fred leaps into 
action to join Barney on a jaunt by bus to place the bet and watch the action at the racing track. Discovered there by his
employer, Fred, believing his gamble on Sabretooth to be "a sure thing", tactlessly quits his job- and learns immediately
hence that Sabretooth's owner, a Southern Colonel, has bet on another dinosaur! Fred and Barney pray that Sabretooth, 
jockeyed by a monkey, emerges victorious, which he does! Fred and Barney, en route back to Fred's home, decide to hide 
their 2,000 dollar winnings beneath a rock, in case Wilma, in her anger at Fred's false-robbery deception, forbids Fred 
to invest the money in Boulder Dan's Billiards. However, Wilma is happy to support her husband's purchase of the "gold
mine", and Fred and Barney return to the rock to retrieve the money, and are robbed for real! Fred is pummelled by the 
burly, masked thief, and like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", is unable to persuade Wilma to believe that this time the robbery
is true!

"The Engagement Ring"
Fred agrees to do a favour for Barney by hiding the belated diamond engagement ring that Barney has purchased for Betty on
a 420-payment credit plan from the Buddy-Buddy Broker Jewellers, until the appropriate time comes for Barney to surprise 
Betty with the ring. Fred strives to keep the ring secret from Wilma. Concealing the ring in a flour jar, on the belief 
that, because of the ease of buying frozen confections, Wilma never bakes anything anymore, Fred is staggered to discover
that Wilma has decided to make a cake and is unable to retrieve the ring from the cake batter without being caught in the
act by Wilma. After opening the oven door and ruining the baking cake, Fred races to "hijack" the garbage truck, when the
garbage man is far too prompt in collecting the Flintstones' can of trash containing the discarded cake and the ring 
therein. Fred places the retrieved ring in one of the finger holes of his bowling ball, which later rolls off of a closet
shelf. Wilma lifts the bowling ball, the ring falls out of it, and Wilma naturally believes that the ring was bought for
her by Fred. Fred is unable to tell to Wilma that the ring is not hers, because Wilma has wanted one ever since she and 
Fred were courting, and Fred and Barney must raise money to buy another ring for Barney to give to Betty. Fred pressures
Barney to attempt to withstand three minutes in a boxing fight with the Champ, the prize for which being 500 dollars. 
Betty and Wilma learn from a friend about Barney really being the buyer of the first ring and are told by the Buddy-Buddy
jeweller about Fred and Barney's desperate plan to obtain money for the second ring. Not telling Barney and Fred that they
know about this situation, the wives pay the champion boxer 500 dollars of Betty's savings not to hit the agile Barney and
let Barney win the same 500 dollars, but they are double-crossed by the star boxer and the boxer's manager, when the Champ
strikes Barney unconscious. After Fred carries the prone body of his friend out of the boxing fight building, Wilma 
angrily punches the Champ and wins $500! The Champ's manager is forced by an equally fiery Betty to return Betty's 500
dollars, and the clever ladies cajole the Champ's manager into giving 500 of the total 1,000 dollars to Barney on the 
premise that Barney finished his allotted three minutes with the Champ before he was hit. Barney buys the second 
engagement ring to give to Betty, and Betty and Wilma both feign complete surprise. 

"Hollyrock, Here I Come" 
Wilma and Betty win a slogan contest with, "Mother McGuire's Meatballs don't bounce." The prize is an all-expenses-paid
vacation for two in Hollyrock. Fred and Barney consent to their spouses' Hollyrock lark and plan to enjoy unlimited 
recreation (bowling, pool, roller skating) for the duration of Wilma and Betty's absence. However, the pair soon miss 
their wives and decide to join them by flying economy-class to Hollyrock. Once there, Fred and Barney find Wilma and Betty
in a theatre, where Wilma has been hired to play the long-suffering wife to an overbearing, deceitful husband, the title 
character of "The Frogmouth", a stage production to be broadcast live to 60 million homes. After the original tall and 
muscular "Frogmouth" proves to have an unsuitably wimpy voice, the uptight producer hears Fred yelling at Wilma for 
lurking with strangers in a darkened theatre, and is overjoyed to have discovered the perfect "Frogmouth" in Flintstone. 
Never one to sneer at a chance for fame and fortune, Fred is happy to essay the "Frogmouth" role, and his ego becomes 
insufferable to the producer, who negates his contract with the bona fide "Frogmouth" Fred by telling Fred about the size
of the audience and instilling stage fright to such an extent that Fred's speech is reduced to squeaks. It requires a 
statement by Wilma, once the Flintstones and Rubbles have returned to Bedrock, that she has bought a $5,000 fur coat on 
credit, to restore Fred's hot-tempered bombast.

"The Golf Champion" 
Fred defeats Ben Boulder in the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs' Golf Tournament but is denied entitlement to the prize trophy by
Barney, who is treasurer of the L.O.D.. Barney withholds the trophy from Fred until Fred pays overdue month's dues and 
again is a L.O.D. member in good standing, and Fred proudly proclaims that his modest endorsement had resulted in Barney 
becoming L.O.D. treasurer and that Barney is an ingrate for not returning the favour to his buddy by letting Fred have the
trophy. Animosity between the two cavemen escalates as Barney acts to reclaim property borrowed by Fred, including a water
bucket, golfing gear, and a hammock. Barney thwarts Fred's furious retaliation by releasing his new, vicious watchdog, 
Buzzsaw, upon the buttocks of Flintstone. Fred's attempt to lure Barney on bended knees back into his good graces with a
rollicking party runs afoul when he learns that Barney is away from home. Wilma and Betty finally decide to pay Fred's 
L.O.D. dues and give the trophy to Fred on the pretext that Fred and Barney both relented and themselves did these deeds 
so that they could be pals again.

"The Sweepstakes Ticket" 
Fred buys a sweepstakes ticket and is persuaded by his conscience (an angel-winged, tiny Flintstone) to share the ticket 
and its potential yield with Barney, who promises to hide the ticket so that Wilma and Betty cannot find it. The wives 
would squander the winnings on extravagant garments, and Fred and Barney are adamant that this not happen. Meanwhile, 
Wilma and Betty have obtained their own sweepstakes ticket and are also determined to keep the ticket secret from their 
husbands, who would spend the won money on sporting paraphernalia. On the same kitchen shelf in the Rubble household are
the coincident hiding places for both tickets. Barney conceals his and Fred's ticket in a cookie jar, and Betty and Wilma
hide theirs in a red coffee pot. At night, Fred's evil "conscience" (a little, horned, Devil-tailed Fred holding a 
pitchfork) prods Fred to sneak into the Rubbles' house and locate and confiscate his and Barney's ticket to guard on his
own turf. Fred finds not his and Barney's ticket but Wilma and Betty's, and as luck would have it, the wives' ticket is 
the winner. Fred inadvertently admits to filching Wilma and Betty's ticket from the coffee pot. The wives reclaim their
property, and with a cry of, "Charge it," they rush to a department store to buy some expensive clothing, with their 
winning sweepstakes ticket as collateral.

"The Drive-in"
Fred and Barney again attempt to go into business for themselves, this time acquiring a drive-in restaurant, with no down
payment required, from a business opportunities agent who wilfully neglects to inform them that the eatery's earlier 
proprietor was unsuccessful because of a dubiously optimum location. Flintstone and Rubble quit their menial jobs without
Wilma and Betty's knowledge and decline to inform the wives of their status as beginner restaurateurs, because they do not
want Wilma and Betty to worry about their chosen career path until it reaps dividends. A pair of bubbly though unemployed,
singing waitresses- a pair of "live wires"- learn that Fred and Barney are seeking help in their area of expertise and 
telephone Fred, while Fred is not at home, to request an interview. Wilma receives the telephone call, in which the 
waitresses do not specify their interest in assisting Fred and Barney, and is highly suspicious of Fred's importance to
the girls, who come to the Flintstone home to sing their slogan ("Here we come on the run with a burger on a bun, and a
dab of coleslaw on the side...") for Fred and Barney, who feign complete confusion. Nevertheless, on the sly, Fred and 
Barney hire the waitresses and commence business, with them doing the cooking and the girls serving the drive-in 
restaurant's customers. Wilma and Betty telephone their husbands' former employers, learn of Fred and Barney's 
simultaneous act of quitting, and go in the Rubbles' car in search of their presumably errant cavemen. Stopping at Fred
and Barney's drive-in for a meal, the wives recognise the waitresses and see Fred and Barney at work in the kitchen. The
waitresses have tired of attending to patrons and are resigning, and Wilma and Betty substitute for them and shock Fred 
and Barney speechless, persuading the husbands to retire from food service with only a 50% loss on their investment and 
regain their prior jobs. 

"The Prowler"
When he learns that Wilma wants to join Betty at judo lessons offered for a fee by an Oriental named Rockimoto, Fred is
furious, in that the implication is that Wilma will use her judo prowess to protect her husband from home intruders. 
Liberal-minded Barney is pleased that his wife is learning judo and refuses to adhere to Fred's directive that he forbid
Betty to continue her lessons. Fred makes a bet with Barney that despite her new self-defence techniques, Betty will 
scream for help from Barney and hide under her bed when a prowler (Fred with a mask) invades the Rubble home by night.
Should this happen, Betty must cease her judo lessons. If Betty does not cower fearfully; if Betty uses judo to fight the
prowler (Fred), Fred pledges to pay for Betty's further lessons. What Fred does not realise is that a real prowler is 
targeting the Rubble and Flintstone homes on the same night as his fakery. Barney helps "burglar" Fred to enter the 
Rubbles' house to scare Betty, who although screaming and asking for Barney's aid in subduing the interloper, successfully
judo-fights Fred, who flees for home- and there encounters the real prowler, who forcefully expels his presumed 
competition from the place! After Barney admits to Betty that Fred was pretending to be the prowler to scare her, Betty
telephones Wilma to inform her of Fred's plot, and Wilma uses some of the judo techniques taught to her by Betty to throw
the real prowler, whom she believes to be Fred, through a wall. Wilma then sees Fred and the prowler side-by-side, becomes
frightened, and hides under her bed. Barney and Betty join Fred, and they all hide under the bed with Wilma- and the 
prowler decides to flee from his unusual victims. At Fred's expense, Flintstones and Rubbles all attend Rockimoto's judo
school- and so too (privately) does the prowler!

"The Girls' Night Out" 
Fred and Barney respond to Wilma and Betty's complaint that Flintstone and Rubble wives are constantly housebound by 
escorting them to an amusement park, where Fred leisurely produces a vinyl record of his voice as a souvenir of the 
occasion. On the record is Fred's a cappella rendition of "Listen to the Rocking Bird". Wilma scolds Fred for his self-
indulgence and demands an end to the tiresome amusement park visit, with Fred leaving his vinyl record in the booth where
it was pressed (by a bird's beak). A teenager discovers the record, plays it for his friends, to whom Fred's tuneful 
prattle in the song appeals, and soon it is played on the radio with a plea for the "unknown troubadour" to reveal himself
to his legions of admirers. Wilma telephones Keen-Teen Records as per the company's request, and a Southern Colonel (Keen-
Teen's talent promoter) bestows to Fred a "make-over" to a hair and dress style that causes youth to swoon with irrational
adoration at "the world's oldest teenager", "Hi-Fye". Long travels in a tour bus on bumpy roads with Fred and the Colonel
cause Wilma and Betty to despair of Fred's fame, which inflates Fred's ego, and the wives decide to scuttle Fred's singing
career by spreading an ugly rumour that, "Hi-Fye is really a square." Teenagers cannot abide the thought of their idol
being a stodgy, four-sided bore, and it is back to Bedrock for the disgraced and abandoned "Hi-Fye".

"Arthur Quarry's Dance Class" 
A wealthy childhood friend bestows gratis to Wilma four tickets to "the swankiest social event of the year"- a dance at 
the Rockadero Tilton, but Fred and Barney both refuse to go thereto, because neither of them knows how to dance- and both
are too ashamed of this fact to admit it to the wives. Yet, Fred and Barney are determined to learn dancing technique, and
when a book with foot diagrams is not particularly helpful, the pair decide to enrol at Arthur Quarry's Dancing School. 
With only a week to go until the Rockadero Tilton's event, Fred and Barney are required to enlist in a "crash course" of
four lessons per every evening. In order to excuse themselves from home without revealing their dance tutelage to Wilma 
and Betty, the husbands join Joe Rockhead's Volunteer Fire Department, which is really a ploy for the males of Bedrock to
regularly leave their homes for leisurely purposes. Whenever the fire bell rings- always at 7:30 P.M., the intrepid 
volunteer firefighters leave their houses to battle non-existent blazes (Bedrock's buildings are all built from stone and
cannot burn). Fred and Barney use their Volunteer Fire Department membership to enable them to attend dance class without
Wilma and Betty's knowledge, intending to surprise the women with their newly acquired talent on the Rockadero Tilton
dance floor. However, Wilma and Betty are suspicious and summon the Volunteer Fire Department- minus Fred and Barney- on
the pretence of a real fire. They demand, with threat of revealing the deceptive nature of Rockhead's civic mindedness, to
know the true whereabouts of Fred and Barney. Rockhead divulges Flintstone and Rubble's location, and Wilma and Betty 
replace the ravishing dancing teachers to surprise Fred and Barney at Arthur Quarry's School. Fred, Wilma, Barney, and
Betty go to the Rockadero Tilton dance, where Fred and Barney "trip the light fantastic" with an unvarying two-step.

"The Big Bank Robbery" 
Two bank robbers named Benny and Fingers are closely pursued by police and decide to discard their 86,000 dollar "haul" 
and collect it at a later time. Unable to discriminate about the place for this desperate action, Fingers throws the sack
of money out off his and Benny's speeding car and over the fence to Barney's backyard, in which Fred is idling in Barney's
hammock. The loot descends atop of Fred precisely as Fred is wishing aloud for a monetary windfall. Wilma and Betty urge 
Fred and Barney to deliver the money to the authorities, and Fred and Barney put the hefty sack of dollars in the trunk of
Fred's car in honest intention of doing as their wives instruct. However, the pair learn from Fred's car radio that the 
Rockville Bank is offering a reward for the money's return to its vault and opt to bring the money to this bank, stopping
first at a gasoline station so that Fred's car can be replenished with "fuel". The station attendant knows from his own
radio about the robbery and unbeknown to Fred and Barney finds the sack of riches in Fred's car trunk. After Fred and 
Barney leave the gasoline station, the attendant calls the police and reports Fred and Barney as perpetrators of the 
heist. Fred and Barney hear a radio update on the crime clearly describing them as the culprits- and panic, escaping a 
police chase and returning to home to tell Wilma and Betty that they must now flee Bedrock, leaving their wives to fend 
for themselves. After Fred and Barney have departed to hide in a wilderness, Wilma and Betty deduce that capture of the 
robbers is Fred and Barney's only hope to have a normal, settled life and, pretending to be the girl-friends of thugs, go
to every disreputable eatery in Bedrock and speak about the 86,000 dollars being "stashed" at Fred's address. As the wives
have hoped, Benny and Fingers overhear their talk of the loot and hasten to collect it. Also, Fred has come home with 
Barney to obtain the stolen money so that the police will not find it on Fred's premises, and in the ensuing commotion, 
Fred inadvertently vanquishes Benny and Fingers by abruptly opening the door to his house with them painfully on the other
side of the sideways crashing portal. Summoned by Wilma and Betty, the police apprehend the crooks, and Fred is rewarded 
but as usual brags about his accidental heroics being intentional, so that Wilma, Betty, and Barney are able to 
"blackmail" him into letting them spend the reward money lest they tell Bedrock that Fred is not being truthful.

"The Snorkasaurus Hunter" 
Exasperated with inflated butcher's meat costs, Fred resolves that Flintstone and Rubble households obtain sustenance in a
hunting expedition that could also serve as a vacation. Mishaps include the couples' trailer being wedged in the 
Flintstone garage, which is dragged several feet by Fred's car before Flintstones and Rubbles discover that they have a 
garage in tow, the faultily fastened trailer coming loose from Fred's car and obstructing freeway traffic (with Fred being
ticketed by a policeman for several violations of law), Barney felling a tree directly on top of the trailer, Fred in a 
makeshift tent snoring to blow neighbouring tent's occupant Barney, also snoozing, off of a cliff, and Barney being 
swallowed from head to knees by a large fish. Fred and Barney, clubs in hand, hunt for a snorkasaurus and encounter one 
(that looks like Dino) with superior intelligence and ability to speak in an obsequious voice. The snorkasaurus outwits
his greenhorn foes by appealing to Wilma and Betty's compassion for animals (and to their vanity with praises of their 
beauty) so that the wives forbid Fred and Barney from harming the charming creature, which accompanies the Flintstones 
and Rubbles, their hunting expedition a failure, back to Bedrock with their rejuvenated trailer.

"The Hot Piano" 
Feigning forgetfulness regarding his wedding anniversary, Fred intends to buy something more substantial for Wilma than 
the usual flowers. He wishes to surprise Wilma with a genuine Stoneway piano but requires 100 times the 50 dollars that he
has saved for the purchase from a music store. Fred believes it to be his lucky day when a man on a street corner offers 
to sell a Stoneway to Fred for a mere $50. The vendor, 88 Fingers Louie, says that he is able to sell at so extreme a 
discount because he has no store, hence no rent, no "overheads". All he has is a truck parked in an alley- and declines 
Fred's request to assist in delivering the piano to the Flintstone home, a task to which Fred assigns Barney. Flintstone 
and Rubble hide the piano in Fred's garage, and at midnight, the men endeavour to insert the heavy and cumbersome piano 
through a doorway, with Fred applying too much force, and the musical instrument careens through the Flintstone residence,
rolls outside via another passageway, and menaces the streets of Bedrock. Fred leaps atop the speeding object and is 
arrested by a sardonic policeman for recklessly driving a piano. Brought to police headquarters, Fred is assumed by the 
duty Sergeant to be 88 Fingers Louie, specialist in selling stolen property. Fred pleads innocence, says that all he 
wanted was to surprise his wife with the piano as a wedding anniversary gift, and the Sergeant sympathises and orders his
constables to aid Fred in this endeavour. After Wilma awakes to see her piano present, being played by Barney with the
policemen singing, "Happy Anniversary", the authorities confiscate the "hot" musical instrument and are about to escort 
Fred to jail, before a report is radioed from police headquarters that the real 88 Fingers has been caught. Fred is 
released and hurries to a flower shop for the standard and cheap wedding anniversary gift!

"The Hypnotist"
Fred boasts that he is as adept with the supernatural as the Great Mesmo, the hypnotist on a popular television series. 
With Barney observing behind Fred's back, Wilma and Betty humour Fred, as Wilma pretends to undergo Fred's "infallible" 
mesmerism by the swinging of a rock attached to a string. Fred commands Wilma to bark like a dog, and although Wilma tries
to comply, Betty's laughter is contagious, and Wilma cannot continue the ruse. The wives go to a market, leaving disgraced
Fred to brood about his humiliation, but Fred discovers that Barney has succumbed to his hypnotic suggestion and has 
become canine in every behaviour! Fred cannot reverse Barney's condition and opts to transport his slobbering friend to a
veterinarian, who tests Barney's canine reflexes by releasing a cat from a box, and Barney chases his feline foe out of
the veterinarian's office. After Barney is caught and impounded by a dog catcher, Fred goes to Bedrock's television 
studio to ask for Mesmo's help in correcting what Fred has done to Barney; in a roundabout way, Mesmo is responsible for
it. Mesmo accompanies Fred to the dog pound and uses his mesmeric power to restore Barney to normal. After Fred, Barney,
and Mesmo leave the premises, however, the dog catcher is astonished to discover that all of the dogs in his charge have
been inadvertently endowed with human awareness and speech and are demanding release from his custody.

"Love Letters On the Rocks" 
Wilma has discovered a box full of souvenirs from her days at Boulder High, among them roller skates and an amorous poem,
written by a 16-year-old Fred, describing her physical features in infatuatedly flowery manner (e.g. "eyes as black as
frying pans"). Wilma places the poem in a drawer and leaves house to visit a jeweller from whom she is buying a surprise
birthday wristwatch for Fred, and Fred comes home from work while Wilma is gone, finds the poem, forgets that he wrote it,
and assumes that Wilma has a "goop-writing", home wrecking suitor. Barney tries to reassure Fred about Wilma's fidelity 
while riding Wilma's roller skates and infuriating Fred by free-wheeling during a time of emotional distress for 
Flintstone. Wilma's secrecy about the wristwatch gives Fred further cause for suspicion, and when he partially overhears
Wilma on the telephone ordering an engraved, romantic message on the wristwatch and concludes that Wilma is talking with
her illicit lover, Fred hires a suave, Cary Grant-like private detective named Perry Gunite to at all times monitor 
Wilma's activities. Barney sits with Wilma on a couch, holds her hand, and pleads with her that if she is being 
unfaithful to Fred, to reconsider her "affair" and not betray Fred. At this point, Gunite snapshoots an etched photograph
of Barney holding Wilma's hand and shows the picture to Fred- and Fred furiously confronts Barney and Wilma, who inform 
him that he was the true author of the "goop", thereby un-fogging Fred's memory, and Wilma gives the wristwatch to an 
undeserving Fred, who then redeems himself by reiterating his appreciation of Wilma's "frying pan eyes".

"The Tycoon" 
Everyone has a look-alike, and Fred's double is pompous industrialist J.L. Gotrocks. During a day on which Wilma plans to
travel away from Bedrock to visit her ill mother, Fred goes to work as usual. Meanwhile, Gotrocks, exasperated with 
incessant telephone calls and demands from his "battle-axe" wife to buy liver and hair curlers, resolves to leave his 
responsibilities and experience a care-free life. After Gotrocks has escaped his business building by means of a back 
door, his two executives, fearing for their jobs should Gotrocks' disappearance cause his corporate empire to crumble, 
look high and low for their employer. They discover Fred at the rock quarry, and once satisfied that Fred is not really
their company's founder, they proposition Fred to assume Gotrocks' place until Gotrocks is found. Promise of hefty 
remuneration entices Fred to cooperate with them, and Fred asks for and is granted a leave of absence by his boss. At the
Gotrocks office, Fred is instructed by the executives to say, "Whose baby is that? What's your angle? I'll buy that," to 
each contract proposal. By telephone, Wilma's mother reports to Wilma that she is recovering and does not require Wilma's
visit, and Wilma agrees to stay in Bedrock. When she tries to contact Fred at the rock quarry to relay the good news, 
Wilma learns of Fred's leave of absence- for unspecified reasons- and is joined by Barney and Betty on an angry search for
her errant husband. In downtown Bedrock, they find not Fred but Gotrocks and mistake him for Fred. The abrasive tycoon 
offends Wilma with his "battle-axe" wife description, body-slams Barney, denies knowing any of them, and spends a wad of
money on a pinball machine and extravagant tips for bowling alley personnel, and Wilma, Betty, and Barney later 
furiously confront a thoroughly confused Fred after Fred has quit his substitution for Gotrocks and Gotrocks has willingly
returned to his job, free from the harassment of Fred's folk.

"The Astronuts" 
Wilma convinces Fred to have a physical examination, really for an insurance policy but believed by Fred (because Wilma 
knows that Fred would never consent to anything that suggests his mortality) to be for a contest, and whatever Fred does,
Barney must do also. Betty confuses 57 Main Street (the address of the insurance agency's clinic) with 75 Main Street, and
Fred and Barney go to the latter, where they join a procession of applicants for a physical examination. Of course 
believing that they are at the correct location, they undergo the physical examination and "sign" their names to a slate,
soon learning hereafter that they are in a military recruitment office and have inadvertently enlisted in the Army! Wilma
and Betty are aghast to learn of their spouses' misfortune as obligated-by-contract servicemen in the Armed Forces for 
three years at Camp Millstone, and all that Wilma and Betty can do is pray that their mates survive the gruelling regimen
of leg-numbing exercise. Fred and Barney are rapidly eager to volunteer for anything offering a swift exit from the 
United States Infantry, and they are easily persuaded to be test-pilots of a scientist's log-carved, two-seat vehicle that
will guarantee their departure from the Army. They are not yet aware that the objective is the catapulting of them to the
Moon. Once inside the log-"rocket", Fred and Barney are told of their brave venture and honour-bound not to decline. 
Sealed inside the "space vessel", they are sling-shot by a huge elastic into the stratosphere, then pulled by gravity to 
crash-land in Camp Millstone's artillery Range, whose craters resemble those of the Moon as pictured in Stone Age books. 
Disembarking the "rocket", Fred and Barney believe that they are on the Lunar surface, until Wilma and Betty, having seen
the "rocket" launch of their husbands on television, arrive on the artillery range with the Camp Millstone commandant, who
grants military discharge to the heroic duo; despite not reaching the Moon, Fred and Barney have championed the cause of
space exploration for millennia to come.

"The Long, Long Weekend"
Fred discovers in his mail an advertisement personally addressed to him by seaside hotel owner Gus Gravel, "old Smoo", a 
buddy from his teenage years. Fred telephones Gravel to ask if Flintstones and Rubbles could stay for a leisurely three-
day weekend at Gravel Hotel at a discount price. Gravel has gambled and lost the payroll for his hotel staff, and is 
therefore unable to remunerate his bellhop, chef, and maids, who quit their jobs, leaving Gravel desperate for help in 
accommodating a 200-people Water Buffalo convention due to patronise his hotel on the same three-day weekend. Gravel 
regards Fred's request for lodging on that weekend as fortuitous in that he will oblige Fred, for friendship's sake, along
with Wilma and the Rubbles, to assist him. Wilfully neglecting to mention the circumstances to Fred, Gravel replies that 
he would be delighted to inexpensively host Fred and company, who come to Gravel Hotel and are greeted with compliments 
and grace by "old Smoo". After Fred and Barney indulge in swimming (complicated by Fred's premature dive- into beach mud),
fishing (thwarted by a most unexpected sea monster catch and panicky Fred and Barney careening from atop the monster in
their airborne boat to a crash into one of the Gravel Hotel's occupied rooms), and snorkeling (foiled breathlessly by a
pesky bird alternately sitting atop their air tubes), Gravel expresses his no-employee problem to Fred, and Flintstones 
and Rubbles offer obligatory aid, thinking that "old Smoo" will decline their offer. But accept it he does, and Fred is
appointed chef, Barney is the bellhop, and Wilma and Betty are the maids. Gravel still does not refer to the convention,
which arrives minutes later, and Flintstones and Rubbles refuse to serve the 200 guests and prepare to depart Gravel Hotel
in haste. The Grand Poobah of the Water Buffalos tries to command the accompanying wives of his members to do the work of
chef and maids, and Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty flee the ensuing riot at the hotel.

"In the Dough"
Wilma and Betty combine their marble-cake-baking talent to confect the Upside Down Flint-Rubble Bubble Cake as an entry 
into Tasty Pastry Flour's cake contest, the winners to receive a $10,000 prize announced on television. Wilma and Betty's 
product impresses the contest judges enough for them to be invited to Tasty Pastry Flour headquarters for a competition
with other ladies in preparing their cake on live television, and Fred and Barney have high hopes for their wives' 
success. Yet, when the time comes for Wilma and Betty to be flown by "aeroplane" to the Tasty Pastry "bake-off", they have
contracted measles and quarantine themselves to the Flintstone home. Fred and Barney must stay at the Rubbles' place 
until Wilma and Betty recover from the malady. Refusing to allow the wives' affliction to foil his and Barney's desire for
a large sum of cash, Fred decides that he and Barney, without the permission of their spouses, will wear wigs and women's
dresses and assume the identities of Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble for the competition. Although less than attractive
in feminine garb, Fred and Barney convince the contest organisers that they are ladies, albeit homely ones, so that they
are allowed to participate in the "bake-off", following Wilma and Betty's recipe in every aspect but one: Barney uses a
rival Brand B's flour rather than Tasty Pastry, and when Fred and Barney are the declared victors, Barney indicates the
flour used in baking the winning cake and disqualifies him and Fred- and therefore also Wilma and Betty- from the contest.
Furious Fred unwittingly removes his wig, and he and Barney are forcefully ejected from Tasty Pastry premises. They return
in disgrace to Wilma and Betty, who witnessed the fiasco on television.

"The Good Scout" 
Fred discovers that Barney is assuming the responsibility of guiding the Sabretooth Tiger Patrol in lieu of the Boy Scout
organisation's ill leader, and one of Barney's commitments is chaperoning of the polite and keen group of boys on a 
camping expedition in a wilderness. Fred affirms prodigious abilities in woodcraft and survival in the forest and is 
asked by Barney to accompany him and the boys on their march into a Stone Age hinterland. Yet, Fred is unable to start a 
campfire by rubbing sticks together, and the boys solve the problem with the flint-lighter that they gave brought with
them. Under Fred's direction, Barney and the Boy Scouts establish a tent atop some logs fastened together to form a 
waterproof floor. While Fred, Barney, and the boys sleep in the tent, flood waters carry it on its base of logs into a
river, and when Barney awakens and steps out of the tent, he falls into the water. Barney's shouts for assistance rouse 
Fred and the boys to immediate action. Seeing that the river flow is in the direction of a waterfall, Fred commands the
boys to tie the tent's ends together to form a parachute, which they and Barney use as the logs go over the waterfall. The
parachute is caught on a branch, causing Fred, Barney, and the Boy Scouts to dangle above the falling water until they are
rescued by forest rangers. Fred receives a plaque from the boys and is given the title of honorary Scout master.

"Rooms For Rent"
Woeful finances for both Flintstone and Rubble households prompt the two couples to lease the spare room in their 
respective homes to boarders, and while Fred and Barney are at work, Wilma and Betty are visited by 2 amiable scholars of
music, one a tall bongo drummer, the other a diminutive piano player, who, while learning their trade at Bedrock College,
need a place to stay and have seen the "room for rent" shingle above the Flintstones' door. Unfortunately, they are 
without funds for rent payment. Wilma and Betty feel sorry for the two young men and offer to accommodate them for no 
fee, provided that they help Wilma and Betty to develop a victorious act for an upcoming annual musical competition at 
the Dinosaur Lodge, the prize for best performance being $500. Wilma and Betty know that their husbands would disapprove
of this arrangement, their winning of the prize not necessarily being guaranteed. So, without mentioning the particulars
of the room-rental agreement, they promise to Fred and Barney $500 at the end of the musicians' two-week stay. Fred's 
blood pressure rises when he must share his food with his hungry guest, and he is annoyed by the seemingly incessant 
drumming of the first music student, while Barney is provoked to attempting to throttle the aspiring pianist. When the 
time comes for the boarders to part company with their hosts, after having taught Wilma and Betty to dance to piano and
bongo drum music, Wilma and Betty must explain the rent arrangement with the young men to Fred and Barney, who are quite
displeased by it. However, Wilma and Betty do win the $500 with their learned dancing techniques, and Fred and Barney 
zealously commence practice on bongo drum and piano in hope of winning the Dinosaur Lodge's $500 prize for the next year's
musical competition.

"Fred Flintstone: Before and After"
Fred euphorically announces that he will be on television, and Wilma, the Rubbles, and all of Fred's other friends gather
at the Flintstone home to watch The Happy Hour on which Fred will appear, in one of the advertisements for Fat-Off 
Reducing Method. Fred was led to believe by B.J., president of Bedrock Television Studios, that he will represent the
figure of a man who completed the weight-decreasing procedure, when, in fact, he is the flabby, corpulent image of a man 
needing purging of body fat. Rather than being the man standing proudly under the "after" label, Fred is the undesirable
tub-of-lard positioned beneath "before". All of Fred's friends are ashamed for him and hastily exit from Fred's disgraced
presence, and Wilma furiously accompanies Fred to Bedrock's television studio and confronts B.J. about his shameless 
exploitation of Fred's waist size. B.J. responds with a challenge to Fred. If Fred can lose 25 pounds in one month 
through the weight-reduction method, Fred will be awarded 1,000 dollars on live television. Although the monetary prospect
is sufficient persuasion for Fred to agree to the challenge, he quickly realises that his new diet is lacking in all of 
the pleasurable foods to which he is accustomed. A stick of celery is insufficient to satisfy Fred's tremendous appetite 
while he lunches at work, and a co-worker's submarine sandwich is "accidentally" catapulted into Fred's eager mouth. Wilma
attaches an explosive to the Flintstone "icebox" to deter Fred from a nighttime raid thereof, and Fred's attempt to 
besiege the Rubbles' "icebox" is thwarted by identical means. To curtail his yearning for feed, Fred joins a club called
Food Anonymous, in which members restrict each other from eating by confiscating food- and then uttering a "Goink, goink,
goink," with a thumbs-in-ears salute, and Bedrock's restaurateurs are under strict orders by Wilma not to serve calorie-
rich food to Fred. When Fred completely loses control of his urge to feast, between Wilma's minions and the members of 
Food Anonymous, he cannot close his teeth on any of his desired victuals, not even on Dino's bone, and almost mentally 
collapses with frustration. Come the end of his Fat-Off ordeal, Fred has succeeded in eliminating 25 pounds from his body
and receives the $1,000, but when he tries to celebrate his triumph with a large repast, the Food Anonymous people will 
not accept his resignation from their club and continue snatching his food from him.

Wilma has prepared a snack for Fred, who is participating in competitive sports at the Water Buffalo Lodge picnic, in the episode entitled, aptly enough, "The Picnic".
Season 2 

"The Hit Songwriter"
Barney's proficiency at poem-writing stirs ever-ambitious Fred to seek fame and fortune by writing songs, with Barney 
supplying lyrics. The pair go to a library to read Popular Songs People Prefer, and using the statistics therein, Fred and
Barney brainstorm by night until they assemble incredibly banal lyrics incorporating motherhood, brotherhood, and love. 
They then bring their masterwork to SCAT Von Rocktoven (Music Written to Your Lyrics), and, with "sheet" music in hand,
next visit top music publisher Roland Rockwell, and Fred is confident that their composition will be a number one seller
to the people of the Stone Age. Enter Hoagy Carmichael, debonair and famous songwriter, whom Fred and Barney do not 
immediately recognise. Fred's self-assurance impresses Carmichael, who urges the sceptical, impatient, and easily angered
Rockwell to allow Fred to sing for them the lyrics to Fred and Barney's song, with Carmichael playing an accompanying 
piano. "Could it be love that makes me feel the way I do," croons Fred, with reference to mother and several ring-a-ding-
a-lings. The song has no tune, no rhyme, no rhythm, and, of course, it is not original! Rockwell orders Fred and Barney
to exit from his office, and the flustered pair do as they are commanded, leaving behind their briefcase containing the 
words to a composition by Fred and Barney, "Yabba-Dabba-Dabba-Dabba-Do". Carmichael perceives immense potential in it,
adapts it to music, and, with credit to Fred and Barney, introduces the completed work, an ode to Yabba-Dabba-Do involving
a "magical" and tuneful rearranging of the letters in Fred's favourite expression, at the Piltdown Hotel to a receptive 
audience. However, Carmichael emphasises to Fred that only one in 5,000 songs ever earns any money, and Wilma deters Fred
from aspiring to continue song-writing.

"Droop-Along Flintstone"
Into Bedrock in their extended car comes Fred's wealthy Texan cousins Tumbleweed and Mary Lou Jim, who bankroll a dinner
for the Flintstones and Rubbles at Bedrock's costliest restaurant, the Rockadero. When a Rockadero waiter refuses to serve
informally-dressed Tumbleweed, the ornery Texan buys the pretentious "eatery" and delights in terminating the waiter's
employment! Tumbleweed and Mary Lou Jim are planning a month-long ocean excursion and need caretakers for their ranch 
while they are enjoying their seagoing exploits, their desired candidates for this generously-remunerated task being Fred
and company. So, Flintstones and Rubbles "go West" to Tumbleweed Ranch, with Fred and Barney donning bibs and white cowboy
hats, singing Western songs, and trying to ride bronco-dinosaurs, the only one onto which they are able to mount being a
squat, white variety of bronco-dinosaur that reacts with lightning speed when Barney "spurs" it to increase pace. After a
prolonged junket across the frontier, Fred and Barney free themselves from their speedy conveyor by pulling on its reigns
while it is in the process of leaping over a canyon. The greenhorn cavemen fall into water at the canyon's bottom. Lost in
an expanse of nothingness walk Fred and Barney, until they come upon a deserted Western town. Weary from their foot-
numbing lack of progress in rejoining their wives at Tumbleweed Ranch, Fred and Barney nap on cots in the town's Last
Chance Saloon's storeroom. A Hollyrock production crew, having rented the town for a rapid, three-hour episodic television
"shoot", arrives at the saloon with its actors, none of whom wanting to wear black, villains' hats. During an enacted 
brawl in the saloon, Fred and Barney awaken and, not knowing about the television project and believing the fighters to be
real cowboys, request from the rowdy performers the directions to Tumbleweed Ranch- and are hit with a vase and chair. The
director of the television production pretends to be a sheriff and orders Fred and Barney to wear the black hats and, to
avoid being lynched for trying to disrupt the pleasure of the rambunctious saloon patrons, to combat the angry cowboys to
free themselves from death-by-hanging. While a camera films the action, Fred and Barney succeed in incapacitating every 
one of their opponents and flee the town, outside of which the director's phony Indians attack Fred and Barney and tie the
Bedrock men to stakes. Exasperated with their husbands' absence for hours from the ranch, Wilma and Betty- in Fred's car-
commence a search for Fred and Barney, encounter the "Indian" marauders, and relentlessly engage the startled "savages" in
tomahawk-seizing and rock-throwing combat, before the camera of the delighted director, who never does tell the Flintstones
and Rubbles that their antagonists are really actors in a ridiculous Western television series. The wives release their 
spouses from the stakes and scold them for their frontier misadventures. Tumbleweed and Mary Lou Jim's return from their
vacation cannot be soon enough for Wilma and Betty, and after the Flintstones and Rubbles depart the ranch to go home, the
"Indians" besiege Tumbleweed and Mary Lou Jim with arrows and war chants.

"The Missing Bus"
Frustrated with his boss' steadfast refusal to increase his salary, Fred resigns from the rock quarry and searches for a
new job. He reads in his newspaper about an employment opportunity whose benefits include long coffee breaks and applies
for this supposedly excellent job prospect, and in an aptitude test which Fred is required to undergo, Fred demonstrates
ingenuity by putting square pegs in round holes- and vice versa. He is therefore hired by A. A. Carborundum, a gravel-
voiced, white-bearded Southerner, who pep-talks Fred with a statement that the future of the country and the destiny of 
half-a-hundred souls depend upon Fred, and that it is Fred's patriotic duty to be the most efficient school bus driver 
possible! Fred perseveres in his effort to deliver children to the Red Rock School House and to return them in safety to
their homes, despite demanding parents, fighting or insolent boys (including Carborundum's son, Alvin), and a stop for 
lunch at Rocky's Diner, wherein fellow bus-drivers, nervous wrecks, laugh hysterically, walk on the ceiling, or run like
monkeys. Fred's gruelling afternoon transfer of the children to each of their domiciles is a disaster in that he deposits
several of them to the wrong houses, and angry parents inundate Carborundum with telephone calls. When Fred successfully
assists one of the mothers of his charges in a search for her missing boy, she goes into labour and requires immediate 
transport on Fred's bus to hospital, where she gives birth to triplets, and Fred is a hero. Carborundum and Fred's rock
quarry boss vie to employ Fred, who agrees to return to work for the latter, with a higher salary than that which he had
previously earned as dinosaur-lift operator.

"Alvin Brickrock Presents"
Alfred Hitchcock, Stone Age style. Fred and Barney seat themselves in chairs to watch through the Flintstones' Rear Window
another in a series of violent squabbles between a mysterious, new neighbour and his shrewish wife. The wife is now unseen
and unheard, and the man, vocation unknown, of the "big, old, gloomy" house situated behind the abodes of Flintstone and
Rubble is diminutive and monocled, and has a bandaged cut on his forehead and a propensity for uttering, "Good evening,"
with an exaggerated English accent. Coming to the Flintstones' door and introducing himself as Alvin Brickrock, he asks to
borrow a spade from Fred and declares that he has again, "been transferred to a new territory," and will thus be moving 
away from Bedrock. He declares that he has already dispatched his wife, Agatha, to his next community in advance of him.
"She fights moving." She, "...goes all to pieces," and Alvin must, " all the packing," and laments that it will,
"...take a week to clean up everything." The double entendres in Brickrock's statements- and his request for a spade- 
cause Fred to conclude that Brickrock is, in fact, Albert Bonehart, who is described in Fred's Weird Detective Magazine as
being suspected of mortally disposing of three wives and, though not physically resembling Brickrock, having a English-
accented fetish for saying, "Good evening." Fred convinces Barney of the veracity of his suspicion that Brickrock/
Bonehart has killed Agatha and is intent on burying her remains with use of the spade, and together, Fred and Barney 
investigate Brickrock, spying upon the strange, little man's bizarre possessions, among them a mastodon skeleton. 
Brickrock discovers Fred and Barney in his "study" and confesses- to being an archaeologist in Bedrock to excavate (with 
the spade) rare treasures of scientific interest. Already in Brickrock's collection are a mummy and a man-eating, flying 
fish- a piranha-keet. Fred and Barney still think that Brickrock is Bonehart, and when they see a trunk with the initials
of A.B., Fred and Barney assume the trunk to be the container for Agatha Brickrock's corpse (a la Rope). Brickrock,
although not privy to any of Fred and Barney's macabre beliefs about him, admits that the trunk is for Agatha's body! He
opens the trunk to reveal Agatha's body-building materials (weights, barbells, et cetera), then talks by telephone to
his "pussycat", Agatha, and Fred and Barney's suspicions are finally quashed. But in a monologue to the audience,
Brickrock hints that his man-eating fish is quite capable of consuming a "pussycat". "Good evening." 

"Fred Flintstone Woos Again"
Fred's decision to enjoy some after-work golfing, with expectation that Wilma will gladly keep his dinner warm for him
until he comes home from his fun "on the green", prompts Wilma to complain that Fred has forgotten his appreciation of her
household labours and has become inconsiderate of her needs as a wife, among them ability to see the Stone Age world. Fred
responds to Wilma's grievance by going with Wilma and the Rubbles to Rock Mountain Inn, where Fred and Wilma honeymooned.
Naturally, Fred has an ulterior motive for choosing to patronise this honeymoon hotel for a second time. He has remembered
very successful fishing during his and Wilma's first Rock Mountain Inn stay and wishes to repeat the sport there. Wilma
coaxes Fred into a renewal of marriage vows, with Rock Mountain's Justice of the Peace officiating at the ceremony. Upon
arriving at the Justice of the Peace's building, Fred and Wilma learn from a Mr. Stonewall that Judge Wedrock, who 
presided at their first wedding, never had a licence to practice marriages, meaning that Fred and Wilma are not really
spouses! Before Fred can rectify this situation by marrying Wilma in a bona fide ceremony, Wilma chooses to test his 
commitment to her by requiring that he come to her with flowers and rock candy as he did during their first courtship, pay
for a dinner with her at Bedrock's Paradise Night Club, and affectionately propose marriage to her. Fred refuses to 
condescend to such boyish amorousness, and a battle of nerves ensues between him and Wilma. The couples return to Bedrock,
and Fred and Wilma reside separately, with Fred staying with the Rubbles and Wilma acting ever-so-coy ("Do I know a 
Fred?") when Fred telephones to ask to see her! Eventually, Fred concedes defeat, admits that he has not been sufficiently
considerate of Wilma, and appeals to her to wed him at Rock Mountain Inn, where Mr. Stonewall confesses to joking about
Judge Wedrock's entitlement to marry Fred and Wilma initially; Fred and Wilma were really husband and wife, and they 
repeat the nuptials in loving grace.

"The Rock Quarry Story"
Hollyrock celebrity Rock Quarry is tired of incessant public attention and desires to return to the simplicity of being a
"nobody" named Gus Schultz, Rock's original identity as a gas station attendant. While in Central City near Bedrock, on 
one of Lemon Studios' "personal appearance bushwhacking junkets", Quarry opts to quit his hotel suite and to, " to
some small town and lose (himself)." His Hollyrock agents invent a story about him needing to return to Hollyrock so that
some scenes of his latest movie can be "re-shot", and his admirers, including Wilma and Betty, believe it. While steering
a modest car on the streets of Bedrock, Quarry collides in an intersection with the Flintstone car, after Fred drives past
a boulevard stop sign without bringing his vehicle to the obligatory halt. Fred argues with Quarry about who is 
responsible for the accident, and Fred's passenger, "disinterested bystander" Barney, confirms that the person in error
was Fred, who apologises to Quarry and extends the hand of friendship. Gratified that Fred and Barney do not recognise 
him as a famous actor, Quarry graciously accepts Fred's apology, introduces himself as Gus Schultz, and is invited by Fred
to dine at the Flintstone home. When Wilma and Betty see Quarry, both go into a star-struck frenzy, before the two are 
told that the man in their midst is not Quarry but mundane Schultz. Having been told by Quarry's agents that Quarry is in
Hollyrock, Wilma and Betty are sufficiently persuaded that Schultz is not Quarry. But Quarry soon tires of being an 
unremarkable commoner and decides to tell his hosts the truth about who he is, and they do not believe him, even as he 
reenacts some of his greatest roles. And they laugh at him. Fred and Barney forcefully remove Quarry from the Flintstone
premises, and the Flintstones and Rubbles, from a window, then watch as Quarry is collected by Lemon Studios executives
and swarmed by adorers. Quarry really was in Bedrock- and in their company, only to be treated as a charlatan.

"The Soft Touchables"
Printed on a sign on a door in the Granite Building: Fred Flintstone, Part-Time Private Eye. Barney Rubble Likewise. 
Office Hours: After Dinner. The office of the amateur detectives is without furniture, which has been confiscated by a 
finance company until the two are able to earn money to redeem it, by attaining their first client. Opportunity knocks in
the ravishing form of a white-haired bombshell who says that she represents a bank offering Fred and Barney a $500 per-day
contract. The duo must meet the president of Bedrock's Third National Bank to learn the nature of their duties. 
Unbeknown to the "eager beaver" gumshoes, the woman is really Dagmar the Peroxide Kid, member of a gang of bank robbers,
the leader of which, a short, sharp-tongued man named Boss, intends to use Fred and Barney as unwitting stooges in his 
next planned heist- at the Third National Bank. Posing as the bank president in the gentlemen's restroom (and placing a
"Bank President" sign on over the restroom designation on the door), Boss recommends that Fred and Barney accompany him to
a park to discuss the particulars of their assigned task because spies are everywhere and his "office" is probably 
"wired"! Because bank robberies are increasing, Boss expresses banker's concern that "his" establishment will be the 
robbers' next target and that he and "Vice-President" P. J. Knuckles (his lame-brained accomplice) plan to covertly 
extract the money from the Third National Bank by night for transfer to a "safe place". Barney enquires as to what place
could be safer for money than a bank, but Fred, not wanting to alienate a client, quashes his friend's legitimate 
scepticism. Boss wants for his detective hires to be guards (lookouts) during the procedure and informs Fred and Barney
that any trouble is likely to come from robbers disguised as policemen, so that Fred and Barney will use force against 
the police officers to facilitate escape from the robbery site by Boss and Knuckles. Wilma and Betty are displeased that
their husbands have been contracted to this "job" (they were hoping that Fred and Barney would abandon their P.I. 
ambitions when its monetary yield was nil) and insist that Fred and Barney go with them to a Leonard Bernstone concert one
hour after their nocturnal assignment with Boss commences. Fred and Barney still do not suspect a crooked deception when
Boss and Knuckles use dynamite to gain entry into the bank (P. J. left his key to the bank in his "other suit"). While the
criminals load bags of money onto a truck, a police car siren is heard, and Boss orders Fred and Barney to fight the 
coming police-garbed hoodlums while he and Knuckles abscond with the fortune. Fred and Barney realise that they have 
assaulted a bona fide police officer (who earlier ticketed Fred for driving his car too fast) and are ordered by the men
at the Police Department to report there on the next morning to identify Boss and Knuckles from a series of "mug shots".
But Boss and Knuckles pose as taxi drivers, with Fred and Barney as initially ignorant passengers (Fred's car is still at
the bank), and overhear Flintstone and Rubble's talk of planning to assist in jailing their swindlers. Once they have 
revealed themselves to the flabbergasted wannabe P.I.s, Boss and Knuckles plan to drop Fred and Barney into a cement 
mixer, but a broken tire of the stolen taxi cab stalls arrival at the cement mixer destination. Enter Wilma and Betty,
furious with Fred and Barney for being late to go to the concert and en route thereto in Betty's compact car. While Wilma
and Betty distract Boss and Knuckles, Barney kicks the detached taxi cab tire to trip the nefarious pair, and the wives 
use their purses to knock the villains into a stupor. Police arrest Boss, Knuckles, and Dagmar, and Rockville Times' 
first-page story is that Flintstone and Rubble capture bank robbers. Fred and Barney abandon their private detective 

"Flintstone of Prinstone"
Fred's awareness of his woeful education peaks when he plays Scrabble with Arnold the boy newspaper carrier and resorts to
inventing a "word" like "zarf" in a feeble attempt to use the last of his letter blocks. Arnold, of course, excels at the
game with a vocabulary that includes "cataclysm" and "polopony". Fred explains to Wilma what happened to him in high 
school, that he aspired to majoring in public accounting in college but spent most of his high school time as 
"Twinkletoes" Flintstone on a football field and was "too musclebound" from his exploits as a running back to qualify for
a diploma. When Fred discovers a newspaper advertisement for Prinstone University's Night School programme, he resolves to 
improve himself by enrolling in public accounting at P.U., where he- a beanie-capped freshman- is bullied by a squat, 
bespectacled upperclassman who commands him to call himself Mr. Simplesoul, compare himself to a wiggly worm, for there is
no other form of life that is as "low" as a P.U. freshman, and carry the upperclassman's books. When Mr. Slate learns that
Fred is a student at his own alma mater, he telephones Rockwell Quartz, Director of Sports at P.U., to recruit "able-
bodied" Fred as a player on P.U.'s football team. Fred is willing to endure the rigour of a renewed football regiment 
because it enables him to be in the same "league" as the upperclassmen. He strives- without much success- to stay awake as
he juggles his responsibilities at the rock quarry, in the P.U. classrooms, and on the football field with his gigantic 
teammates. In a crucial game against Shale University, Fred's muddling of his football signals and his accounting-problem
figures confuses the opposition, enabling him to score a touchdown, and he literally travels with the football in a field
goal. P.U. is victorious, and although Fred earns his diploma, the most that Slate will reward to Fred is a place on the
rock quarry's football team!

"The Little, White Lie"
Fred, claiming to be too fatigued to do anything but read the newspaper, shower, and retire early to bed, spurns Wilma's
request that he and she go to an evening movie performance at Bedrock's cinema, but minutes later, Barney informs Fred of
a lucrative poker game at the home of Sam Quartz, lucrative in that Stanley Stonebruise, whom Fred always easily defeats
at the game, will be there. To excuse himself from home without antagonising Wilma, Fred lies about Stanley being ill and
wanting to "hold" Fred's "hand". Fred wins 200 "clams" when Stanley has another unlucky night at the poker table but 
realises that Wilma will know about his falsehood if he arrives home with the $200. So, he spins another lie, about
finding the money on the street in a dishevelled, empty wallet provided by Barney, and the web of deception becomes 
increasingly complex as Fred is obliged to submit an advertisement to the local newspaper about the wallet, with the 
"rightful owner" to identify the exact amount of money in order to claim it. He cajoles Barney to telephone Wilma and pose
as Tilly Schimlestone, a poor, old widow too sick with a broken leg from a skiing accident, to collect the money (her 
life's savings) in person and having no address of her own to which to deliver it. Wilma agrees to send the wallet to 
"Tilly" through General Delivery at the Bedrock Post Office. When Fred, as the widow's moustached nephew, wheels "Tilly"
into the Post Office to obtain the $200 package, they are approached by Daisy Kilgranite of the newspaper and her staff of
photographers, who want to do a news story about Schimlestone's plight! Fred and Barney flee the minions of the press, 
with Barney's "Tilly" wig flying off of his head, and the pair are confronted at the door to the Post Office by Wilma and
Betty, who are accompanying Wilma's friend, reporter Kilgranite. Wilma and Betty, in a taxi cab, chase Fred and Barney,
Fred running and pushing Barney on the wheelchair, onto a dead-end street, where Fred and Barney collide with a brick
wall. When Wilma demands the truth from Fred about the money, he fibs about it belonging to Barney, who gleefully spends
it by treating Betty and the Flintstones to an expensive dinner, and Fred's frustration is excruciating!

"The Social Climbers"     
Fred and Barney are the proud recipients of two tickets to a Saturday night romp, Joe Rockhead's Volunteer Fire Department
ball, what they consider to be "the biggest social event of the year". For the riffraff, this may be so, but the "upper
crust" of Bedrock society are going to an Ambassador's Reception on the same night, and they naturally believe their 
"swank affair" to be the ultimate annual occasion. While browsing a Bedrock shopping centre's high-class garments, Wilma
and Betty encounter a friend from their school days, Emmy Glutzrock, who married a wealthy industrialist and is now
insufferably pretentious. Therefore, Wilma and Betty lie about their spouses being construction and top-secret information
magnates and are granted by Emmy invitations to the Ambassador's Reception. Hence begins a process of convincing the 
husbands to forgo the Volunteer Fire Department night of merriment and accompany Wilma and Betty to the Ambassador's 
Reception- and to oblige the men to go to the Bedrock Charm School to learn the etiquette befitting the hoity-toity elite.
Fred and Barney become chair-holding, door-opening gentlemen but at the Reception are nevertheless out-of-place with their
propensity to joke about statements by businessmen being "in oil" and "in ladies' corsets". Wilma and Betty are quickly
alienated by the pomposity surrounding them and suggest to Fred and Barney that the "dead" party be "livened up" with some
brisk piano-and-strings music, performed by Fred and Barney and danced-to by Wilma and Betty. Before the not-amused snobs
can act to remove the lower-class purveyors of "raucous racket", two waiters, named Spike and Rocky, attempt to steal the
Reception folk's money and jewels. With fist and fury, Fred and Barney foil the scheme of the crooked pair and are 
honoured as heroes by the affluent crowd, who condescend to join Flintstones and Rubbles for a truly fun night at the 
Volunteer Fire Department ball.

"The Beauty Contest" 
A Water Buffalo Lodge beauty contest is Fred and Barney's latest adventure. Theirs were the only two names placed inside
of the King Buffalo's hat to be picked "at random" as the judges in the contest; no other Lodge brothers would be stupid
enough to agree to judge feminine pulchritude in their home town! Not only must Fred and Barney endeavour to keep their
pivotal role in the contest a secret from Wilma and Betty- who would never allow them to participate in that capacity in
the event, but they are also intimidated, Fred by Mr. Slate, who wants homely daughter Bessie Slate to be the contest
victor, and Barney by a gangster named Big Louie, who desires his bimbo girl-friend, Cookie, to be "in the winner's 
circle or else", to base their decision on their own personal welfare. They decide to tie Bessie and Cookie so that both
win. Wilma and Betty are extremely suspicious that Fred and Barney are hiding something, when Wilma receives telephone 
calls from girls wanting to give "measurements" to Fred and Betty is visited by sexy, young women wishing to meet Barney.
Wilma and Betty follow Fred and Barney to the Water Buffalo Lodge on the night of the beauty contest and peek through the
rear door of the building to see a bevy of bathing-suited beauties preparing to show their ample bodies to the judges- and
Wilma and Betty soon learn who the judges are! Deciding to dress in bathing suits and walk onto stage with the other
girls, the Flintstone and Rubble wives surprise their men, who have no choice but to declare their marital partners as the
beauty contest Queens, and the four must flee the wrath of everyone else inside the Lodge- including Slate and Big Louie.
Wilma and Betty are disqualified from winning because they are married to the judges, but Fred and Barney ought never to
forget that the women whom they married are, to them, the most beautiful females in the Stone Age world.

"The Masquerade Ball"
"Think big, and be big," is Fred's new motto. When Fred braves a visit to the office of his boss, Mr. Slate (called Mr. 
Rockhead in this episode), to request a promotion, Slate is in the process of trying to sell four surplus $25 charity 
masquerade party tickets to the appropriate "chump". Of course, Fred is delighted to buy them, while under the mistaken 
impression that $25 is the total price for the four, and after Slate has committed Fred to this purchase, he informs Fred
of the true, $100 fee and says that he will deduct the money from Fred's salary. Fred sells two of the tickets to Barney 
for $50, and the Flintstones and Rubbles prepare to attend the party, with Betty dressing like Robin Hood and Wilma in 
Rockette garb. Fred and Barney visit the store of snobby costume-provider Mortimer Stoneface to obtain a body-concealing 
outfit, and Stoneface rents to them a rubber dinosaur skin into which Fred and Barney confine themselves, with Fred as the
head and Barney as the tail. Fred learns from Stoneface that Slate will be wearing a turtle's mask, and Stoneface will 
also be at the party, as a bird. Everyone at the party is required to keep secret his/her identity, to heighten the fun,
and because Slate will not know that Fred knows which costume conceals Slate, Fred hopes to "butter up" his boss- while
pretending that he does not recognise Slate as the turtle- with compliments to Slate and accolades for his own work 
performance and loyalty to Slate's company. What Fred does not expect is a switching of masks between Slate and Stoneface
because Slate intensely dislikes the turtle guise. Fred showers Stoneface with praises and self-affirmations intended for
Slate and offends Slate by colliding with him during a dance and bragging to him about how he ingratiated himself with
whom he thought was Slate and that he often goes home for supper before the five o'clock quitting-time whistle, and calls
Slate a penny-pinching birdbrain from the moron section of the Bedrock knucklehead club. Slate does not reveal himself to
Fred until the next workday, allowing Fred to believe in the interim that Fred's "mission" to impress his employer for a
promotion has been a success. He invites Fred into his office, provides Fred with a cigar, and shows to Fred the mask that
he truly wore at the party. Fred shrinks to thumb-size as Slate browbeats him. "Oh, boy! Me and my big mouth."

"The Picnic"
While playing bridge with Wilma at the home of Joe and Rita Rockhead, Fred peruses Joe's treasures, large, first-place 
trophies assembled on a multi-shelf, and covets Joe's athletic success. Joe, with a partner, has been the recurring victor
in the annual Water Buffalo Lodge picnic competitions, while the prize cups won by partners Fred and Barney are so small
that Wilma uses them for sewing thimbles! Fred says that Barney is "a nice guy who finishes last", and once, just once,
Fred would like to be the first-place recipient of the largest trophy, even if it means being despicable. When Fred learns
that Joe has not yet selected a partner for the next picnic, he acts to secure this position, by telephoning Rockhead at
3:45 A.M. and proposing partnership to the half-asleep, groggy champion. Wanting to return to bed and willing to agree to
anything that Fred says so that Fred ends the nocturnal conversation, Joe commits himself to Fred's suggestion, a mistake
that he regrets almost immediately! Barney is naturally displeased by Fred's rejection of him and punches Fred in the eye.
At the picnic, Fred is unable to control his enthusiasm at being partner with the expected repeat-champion and collides
during a premature victory-cheer with a tree branch while being carried by Joe in the piggyback race. A sprinting event
with partners' legs tied together is also a disaster for Fred and Joe when Fred diverts his team into a river and emerges
from the water without Rockhead but with a purple crocodile. Fred then fouls the tug-of-war when he releases his grip on
his and Joe's side of the rope to rub his hands together, and Rockhead dissolves his association with Fred as he is 
sinking into the mud. Barney, having not chosen a replacement partner, volunteers to be Fred's teammate in the decisive
wheelbarrow race. Fred becomes exhausted of energy halfway through the event and cannot push Barney in the wheelbarrow
any further, and Barney acts to remedy the situation by trading positions with Fred. When their wheelbarrow falls apart,
they persevere, with Fred acting as a human wheelbarrow! Fred and Barney pass Rockhead and Rockhead's new partner and win
the race and the overall competition, largely by Barney's determination to be the true, first-place chum to Flintstone. 

"The House-Guest"
A fissure in the Rubbles' kitchen sink pipe should require the expensive labour of a plumber, but Fred forbids his friends
to appeal to a tradesman for help and offers to correct the problem himself, by sticking an ice pick into the hole from
which water is spewing onto the Rubbles' kitchen floor. All this does is to cause a leak elsewhere in the pipe. More 
improvisation by Fred- spoons, an umbrella, and a broom inserted into the subsequent pipe holes- results in the pipe 
bursting open and water flooding the Rubbles' house. A plumber estimates pipe and valve replacement and installation to
cost $200, and he will need to drain the domicile of the overabundant moisture and renovate the floor, a job of 4 to 5
days, during which time Barney and Betty must reside elsewhere. Fred feels responsible for the Rubbles' troublesome 
situation and offers to accommodate them for 5 days. Wilma and Betty are both dubious about this, saying that the surest
way for one to lose a friend is to have him/her co-habit one's home, but Fred and Barney insist that they will be able to
live with each other under the same roof and whole-heartedly maintain their singing of, "My bosom buddy and life-long 
pal." Barney grates upon Fred's nerves by grabbing and eating the larger of two pieces of layer cake without first being
offered that cake slice by Fred, who must eat the small-sized serving, then by claiming the living room sofa as sleep site
and requiring Fred to doze on a pair of chairs that have a habit of collapsing into each other- and into Fred- like a 
mousetrap, and again by removing Fred's telephone from its hook for the purpose of concentration while reading- when Fred
is anxiously awaiting an important telephone call from Mr. Slate. Fred strains to smile and not exhibit animosity toward
his house-guest from hell, but Barney exhausts Fred's ability to feign amicable placidity when he eats an entire pizza put
by Wilma into the refrigerator for the two families to eat in celebration of their last night as co-residents. Fred 
announces that he will walk to a delicatessen with Barney for food to replace the pizza, and once beyond the edge of his
yard, Fred proclaims his vehement disdain for Barney's conduct and prepares to fist-assail Rubble, before Wilma and Betty
are heard arguing bitterly about Barney's solitary pizza-repast. Fred and Barney laugh at the quarrelling women and easily
reconcile their own differences.

"The X-Ray Story"
Dino has not eaten his Shlump food for two days and has been sleeping almost incessantly during this time. Wilma is 
worried about Dino's condition and telephones Fred, who is at work at the rock quarry, to ask that Fred bring Dino to a
veterinarian for examination. A German-accented, slightly dotty doctor of animals X-rays Dino and discovers a dinopeptic
germ in the dinosaur's stomach. He prescribes a few days of rest so that Dino's body can defeat the germ. After Fred and
Dino exit the Teutonic veterinary practitioner's office, the veterinarian's secretary writes Fred's name and address on 
the X-ray picture, which is blown by a gust of wind out of a "window" and into the hand of a policeman, who shows it to a
doctor at the Bedrock P.D.'s forensics laboratory. The doctor, Sandstone, assumes the X-ray photograph to be a 
representation of Fred's stomach- and dinopeptitus to be an affliction of Fred. Dinopeptic germs are fatal to humans 
unless the host thereof is kept awake and active for 72 hours, and Sandstone visits Wilma and informs her of Fred's 
"condition". Fred must not be told about it because, "The shock could kill him." Together with the Rubbles, who are also
privy to the details of Fred's "illness", Wilma strives to prevent a weary Flintstone from falling asleep. Wilma, Barney,
and Betty relentlessly prod Fred into dancing at the Rockadero, Rolling 20s, and Rock and Bop night clubs, drinking 
gallons of black coffee, ice skating until the early hours of the next morning, and walking with Wilma and the Rubbles
back to his abode, where he is subjected to a cold shower, toothpicks in his eyes, and a New Year's eve horn in his ear.
When not even these methods are sufficient to arrest the onset of sleep, Wilma decides to share her knowledge of Fred's
"malady" with Fred in the hope that he will force himself to stay awake. After some panicky moments, Fred suspects a 
misunderstanding and demands to see the X-ray photograph evidence of dinopeptitus, identifies the stomach in the picture
to be that of Dino, and falls to floor and goes to sleep beside his slumbering pet dinosaur. 

"The Gambler"
"Betting Freddie" was Fred's childhood nickname. Whenever someone would utter, "bet," Fred would hear bells and whistles
and would quiver and roll his eyes and repeat the word over and over like a clucking chicken. In his first years of 
relationship with Wilma, compulsive gambler Fred bet on dinosaur-horses at various races, lost all of the money that he
had, and used his possessions as collateral for further wagers in a vain effort to restore his finances. After defeating
Fred in another of Fred's gambles, Wilma decreed that he visit a psychiatrist, who diagnosed Fred's condition and urged
Fred to summon the necessary will-power to quit betting. However, Fred was not really "cured" of his vice. When he 
announces to Arnold, the precocious journal-delivering juvenile, that he is cancelling his "newspaper" subscription due 
to chronic lateness on Arnold's part, Arnold is in the process of playing marbles and bets five cents that he can win 
against Fred in knocking a marble out of a circle. Fred hears those familiar bells and whistles and proposes a double-
or-nothing gamble on the $22.12 accumulated journal fees that Fred owes to Arnold. Fred loses the game and bets double-
or-nothing again and again with Arnold, and each time, Arnold is the victor. Fred is honour-bound not to "welsh" on his
woebegone wagers and allows Arnold to possess his television and living room furniture for Arnold's boys' clubhouse 
until Fred can pay Arnold the large sum of dollars specified in the final gamble; Wilma had "found" Fred's stashed 
savings inside of his bowling ball and used them to pay a man who was going to repossess the Flintstones' television.
Wilma eventually suspects that Fred has again succumbed to his inclination. Once informed by Fred that Fred loaned the
television and furniture to Arnold's boys' club, she is unable to demand the return to Flintstone house of the 
television and furniture because the boys all hail Fred as their hero. So, she and Betty use Barney's monetary cache
 in Barney's bowling ball, to buy new furniture and a new television to transform ultra-modern the abode of the 
Flintstones. Now in debt to the Rubbles for the new living room items, Fred vows to again abstain from betting.

"A Star is Almost Born"
The Showbiz Drug Store in downtown Bedrock is a place where aspiring actors and actress congregate in hope of being 
discovered by Hollyrock film and television producers. Wilma and Betty decide in fun to eat at Showbiz Drug Store but are
informed by an employee there that none of Showbiz' denizens actually order food and no dinners are served. The pair are
about to leave the bizarre establishment when Wilma collides with impresario Norman Rockbind, famous producer, director,
writer (also cameraman- "Rockbind trusts nobody."). Rockbind is instantly impressed by Wilma's beauty and implores Wilma
to come at 3 P.M. on the next Saturday to a rehearsal at the Bedrock television studio for Rockbind's latest television 
project. Wilma and Betty believe Rockbind's discovery of Wilma to be a certain route to fame and fortune because all of
Rockbind's productions- even the weather reports- win Emmys. Fred is ecstatic when told of Wilma's good fortune and 
envisions mansions, swimming pools, and a private chef. He entices the Rubbles into financing Wilma's costly ($200) 
training to be a charming entertainer, by promising to Barney 50% of Wilma's celebrity earnings. He quits his position at
the rock quarry and in the process insults Mr. Slate ("Who needs your two-bit job?"). Fred does not at this juncture know
what Rockbind's true interest in Wilma is. Come the highly anticipated rehearsal, Rockbind tells Wilma, Fred, and the 
Rubbles that he wants to use Wilma's hands for his sponsor's lotion advertisements. Fred furiously objects to this in that
he expected that "all" of Wilma would be seen in an extensive television programme and removes his wife from the 
television studio. Minutes later, in their car, Wilma educates Fred about the opportunities and monetary harvests (as much
as fifty thousand dollars per year) of commercial roles, and Fred hurries to telephone Rockbind to apologise for his 
outburst and ask for another chance for Wilma to serve as Rockbind's elegant palm-turner, only to learn that another woman
was selected to replace Wilma. That woman is Betty! Wilma visits Slate to successfully repair the damage of Fred's 
overzealous, short-sighted resignation.

"Wilma's Vanishing Money"
What a tangled web Fred weaves! One morning, Wilma and Betty are en route to a store to buy some clothes, and Wilma 
declares her intent to be thrifty on this occasion because she is saving dollars to buy a magnificent, new bowling ball 
for Fred's birthday. Meanwhile, Fred decides to attempt to fix a stubborn toaster with use of one of Wilma's hairpins, 
and while searching Wilma's dresser-drawer for a hairpin, he discovers the sum of money that Wilma has been accumulating,
believes Wilma guilty of hoarding the cash for selfish reasons, and decides to teach a lesson to Wilma by using the roll
of money "big enough to choke a brontosaurus" to himself purchase the desired bowling ball, with a money-back guarantee,
from a pompous, irreverent clerk at a sporting goods store. Fred and companion Barney return from the bowling ball 
acquisition to find Wilma at home and conferring with a police officer about the presumed robbed money. Arnold is also 
present at the "scene of the crime" and discovers a clue as to the culprit, a goat skin thread with coffee and scrambled
egg stains from Fred's breakfast. Fred contends that the suspicious piece of clothing indicates nothing, claims that the
bowling ball that he is holding in its bag is pumpernickel, and shows complete surprise at Wilma's woe after she says that
the missing money was intended for a bowling ball gift to Fred. Wilma's avowed wish that the thief be punished to the 
fullest extent of the law and Arnold's amateur gumshoe skills leave Fred with no alternative but to return the bowling 
ball to the sporting goods store for a full refund and to somehow return the dollars to where Wilma ensconced them. He 
pays a bona fide robber $10 to enter the Flintstone home by stealth, while Flintstones and Rubbles are at a movie theatre,
and put the money into Wilma's dresser-drawer, along with a soppy note apologising for having stolen it to fund his 
poverty-stricken family's meals. However, Arnold captures Fred's hire and ties and gags him to be found by Fred and Wilma
in their bedroom! Fred improvises by reading the "burglar's" scrawling and affirming his household's duty of helping the
needy by not prosecuting the wretched petty criminal. He is too successful, for Wilma insists that the poor man have all
of the money! 
"Feudin' and Fussin'"
Barney's attempt to learn to play golf disturbs Fred's sleep, during which Fred has been dreaming of championship in a 
golf tournament. Irate at Barney for ruining his sweet dream, Fred's patience is limited, and when he discovers that he is
ten minutes behind schedule to go to the Bedrock Golf Club for a game "on the green" with Charlie Pulmerstone, Fred 
collects his golf clubs and scurries to his car. Seconds after Fred's departure from his driveway, his telephone rings, 
and Barney receives the communication from Charlie, who wants to inform Fred that he cannot play golf with Fred on this
day. Barney, on foot, chases a hurrying-and-refusing-to-listen Fred all of the way to the golf course to relay Charlie's
disappointing news to his eager opponent, and Fred blames messenger Rubble for not revealing the unavailability of Charlie
before Fred's arrival at the golf tee. Brusquely dismissing Barney as stupid, Fred drives his car back to his home and
refuses to allow an again-running Barney to sit in the passenger seat. When Barney urges atonement from Fred for the 
abrasive remark, Fred says that he is sorry that Barney is stupid, which is insulting to Barney, and the Rubbles decline
to join Fred and Wilma for a weekly bridge game. Fred's pride prevents him from apologising to Barney "from his heart (and
not only) from his mouth." So, for 9 days, Fred lives without his best friend, playing gin and badminton with himself 
quite effectively, until Wilma shows to Fred an old photograph album containing childhood and wartime pictures of Fred 
and Barney, and Fred's sentimentality for his life-long pal conquers his insufferable pride. When he goes to Barney's 
door, however, he hears that Barney is in the process, through Quickstone Real Estate, of selling the Rubble home to a 
wealthy Texan, Yippy Ye O'Rock, for $20,000! Determined to prevent the transaction, Fred disguises himself in a moustache
and workman's hat as a Freeway Commission representative to falsely announce to the Texan that a road will be built
through the Rubbles' for-sale house, and O'Rock refuses to buy the property. After O'Rock and Mr. Quickstone have departed
the Flintstone-Rubble neighbourhood, Fred apologizes wholeheartedly to Barney with a humility that surprises even Fred!

"Impractical Joker"
Practical joker Fred targets his favourite victim, Barney, by stepping on and blocking Barney's water hose, creating a 
build-up of H20 that, when finally released, torrentially ruins Barney's day. Barney has had enough of his friend's 
unfunny foolery and plans the ultimate retaliation. After winning 500 newly minted dollar bills, "fresh from the 
government printing press", in the Sudsy-Wudsy Soap slogan contest ("If you scrub with Sudsy-Wudsy, you wash away the 
mudsy-wudsy."), Barney seizes upon the perfect practical joke to confound Fred. He requests Betty's cooperation, and Betty
obliges. She tells Wilma while Fred is within earshot that Barney is being secretive in his cellar with a new hobby. 
Fred's curiosity is piqued, and he investigates to find Barney's money- of which Fred does not know the real source- wet
and hanging on clothes lines, and more of it is beside a bizarre contraption that Barney ever-so-coyly confesses is a 
printer for counterfeit money. Barney proclaims his intent to spend and to spread his "counterfeit currency" in Bedrock,
and Fred pleads with Barney, to no avail, to cease the illegality before he is caught. Fred follows and stops Barney from
paying for items with the "phony money" by insisting that he himself pay for Barney's purchases. Despite Betty and Wilma's
urging for Barney to stop the practical joke, Barney persists, and they decide to teach a lesson to both men by arranging
for Joe Rockhead to mask himself as a thug and to pretend to escort at gunpoint Fred and Barney, with Barney's machine, to
a criminal mastermind, Max the Knife. Fred and Barney are forced by Rockhead to enter a room, lights are switched off, and
Fred and Barney beg on bended knees for mercy from Max. Then, lights come on, and Wilma, Betty, and several of Barney and
Fred's friends wish Barney a happy birthday in a surprise party. Barney and Fred both faint. They are cured of practical

"The Entertainer"
Wilma is visiting her mother, and during her absence from him, Fred has been working on evenings to try to impress Mr. 
Slate into raising his salary so that he can buy more household appliances for Wilma. Slate is expecting the arrival in
Bedrock of the buyer for Cave Construction Inc.'s largest account but is unavailable to entertain his very important 
client because of a prior commitment to attend his wife's charity theatre party. So, Slate delegates the duty to chaperon
his client for a night at Bedrock's most impressive night club, the Copa Cave, to Fred, with the promise of a pay increase
if Fred is a pleasing enough companion for the buyer. Fred is aghast when he learns that the buyer is a woman, Greta
Gravel, but is persuaded by Slate to proceed in his accompaniment of the unmarried Greta, in that it is only for one 
evening, and he is doing it for Wilma's benefit. Fred dresses in his new tie, pretends to be a free-spirited bachelor as 
per Slate's instructions, and brings Ms. Gravel to the Copa Cave as planned, but he does not know that Wilma has chosen to
return home early because she misses her dear husband and has been invited by Barney and Betty to the Copa Cave on the
same evening to celebrate Barney's two-dollar pay raise. Wilma and Greta, friends from their school days, inevitably meet
at the Copa Cave, and Fred scurries under his and Greta's dinner table as he listens to Wilma and Greta describing their
romantic conquest- him in both cases! He crawls out of the Copa Cave and retains the same style of movement until he is
"safely" in his own bed. However, fate remains unkind to Fred, for Wilma invites Greta to her home to meet her spouse!
Despite Fred's attempt to conceal himself under his bed sheet with the pretence of a sudden affliction of mumps, Ms. 
Gravel sees his face and instantly scolds him for deceiving her and for abandoning her at the Copa Cave, and Wilma accuses
Fred of infidelity. Greta then defends Fred's dedication to his boss, understands that Fred escorted her to the Copa Cave
as a favour to Slate, and shames Wilma into being a less suspecting and accusatory wife, because Wilma should consider
herself fortunate to have a husband who is willing to sacrifice his evenings to earn more money for Wilma.

"Operation Barney" 
"Spring fever", for Fred and Barney, involves an all-consuming urge to attend a baseball game on a work day. En route in
Fred's car to their daily jobs, Fred and Barney decide to call their respective employers and lie about being sick so that
they can go to the baseball game. Fred succeeds at hoodwinking Mr. Slate, but Barney's boss orders Barney to visit the 
company nurse for an examination. Barney has no option but to report to the nurse, and Fred, lurking outside the 
examination room's "window", uses a flint-lighter to raise the temperature on Barney's mouth thermometer after the nurse
temporarily leaves Barney. When the nurse returns with a bizarre "needle" to extract a blood sample, Barney faints. The
nurse looks at the reading on the thermometer- 312 degrees- and diagnoses Barney with an astronomical fever. Barney is put
on a stretcher and rushed by orderlies to an ambulance, before Fred's flustered eyes! Fred follows the ambulance to a 
hospital, whose cantankerous desk nurse refuses to allow Fred to join Barney. Betty and Wilma are summoned to the 
hospital, and Fred's efforts to find Barney and flee with him from the hospital are foiled by the arrival there of the
wives. Fred disguises himself as a cranky German doctor, Dr. Schliprock, and pretends to operate upon Barney, "curing" 
Rubble of the fevered affliction. He succeeds in fooling all of the nurses and other doctors, and Barney is released. By
this time, it is late afternoon, and Fred and Barney believe that they have missed the baseball game and must tell Wilma
and Betty about their woebegone scheme. They then learn that the desired baseball game is actually scheduled for the 
evening! Their "ill"-fated deception was unnecessary.

"The Happy Household"
Fred lives every husband's nightmare: his wife is not at home in the afternoons to cook his supper! In yet another 
argument about household finances, Fred lambastes Wilma for her spending habits on such frivolous items as clothing, and
she retorts that she wants to have pride in her appearance, to be as beautiful as possible for her husband- and that, if
necessary, she will find a job to earn her own money. Fred laughs at the idea of Wilma leaving her "cushy" housewife life
to trudge and toil as an employee, and he intensifies Wilma's resolve to enter the Stone Age labour force. Together with 
Betty, who also desires her own income, Wilma visits the Bedrock Employment Agency to apply for work. Betty demonstrates
her ability to type fast (but with many errors), and she and Wilma are sent to the Bedrock Radio and Television 
Corporation to audition for what they believe will be file clerk duties, and Wilma is confused but obliges when asked by a
typical Hollyrock television producer to sing. Her vocals immediately impress an affluent German (Hanna-Barbera's 
favourite ethnic group) named Rockinspiel, sponsor of daytime programming on the largest prehistoric television network, 
and, without reading the small print, she signs a contract and minutes later learns that she has obligated herself to 
appear on national television every day as The Happy Housewife for 39 weeks! Betty is not hired as a typist, and Wilma 
asks that she leave for Fred on the Flintstone dining room table a frozen dinner and a note saying that Wilma will explain
everything- later. Upon her return home from her first day as provider of music, songs, and helpful dinner preparation 
hints on her two-hour-long show, Wilma faces the wrath of her spouse, whose frozen dinner crumbled to ice crystals in his
mouth and who has been growling like a lion since discovering Wilma absent from her daily, dinner-serving position chez 
Flintstone. Wilma recounts the full story of her hiring by Rockinspiel, and Fred storms into the television studio to 
unsuccessfully demand dissolution of Wilma's contract. Betty agrees to feed to Fred his desired "home-cooked" meals, 
before Fred's tactless criticisms infuriate her, requiring Fred to patronise Mother's Restaurant- hairy, gravel-voiced
Sam Mother proprietor. Mother serves to Fred a hot brontosaurus sandwich (no gravy), the contents of which are like 
leather, and when Mother activates his television set and Fred hears Wilma singing and demonstrating tantalising suppers
on The Happy Housewife, Fred demolishes Mother's "eatery" and is jailed. His ordeal comes to an end when a rival 
television network propositions him to appear opposite The Happy Housewife as Neglected Husband and Rockinspiel and the
executives of the television network that employs Wilma quickly pull the proverbial plug on Wilma's television career.

"Fred Strikes Out"
Wilma volunteers to answer enquiries asked by Betty from a magazine quiz, "How Much Do You Know About Your Husband?", and
bristles at the quiz's concluding analysis of Fred's personality pattern: Mr. Flintstone is a cross between a sabretooth
tiger and Hela monster, an inconsiderate, unreliable, and selfish spouse. Fred exhibits some such demerits when he arrives
at home from work and demands the usual gastronomic bounty after forgetting to buy groceries and to mail a birthday card
to Wilma's mother. After Wilma confronts Fred about the findings of the magazine questionnaire and Fred is apologetic and
vowing to improve himself, Wilma shames Fred into agreeing to go with her to view a drive-in theatre movie on the eighth
anniversary of his marriage proposal to her, an anniversary that happens to be on the same evening as a Water Buffalo
Lodge bowling championship game that Fred is committed to play. Therefore, Fred tries to be in two places at once: at the
bowling alley with Barney and his other fellow Water Buffalos and at the drive-in theatre's performance of Pterodactyls
From Outer Space with Wilma. Each time that he is due to bowl, Fred excuses himself from Wilma on the pretence of going to
the drive-in theatre's concession stand for candy, peanuts, and popcorn. On one of Fred's hurried departures from his car,
Wilma accidentally closes the car door onto Fred's thumb. The thumb swells and becomes stuck within one of the holes of 
Fred's bowling ball, and although Fred's team wins the championship with Wilma not suspecting Fred's duplicity, Fred's
thumb cannot be dislodged from the bowling ball hole, and once Fred and Wilma are back at home and have been joined by the
Rubbles in a celebration of their special anniversary, Barney endeavours, out-of-doors, to assist Fred by using a tree 
branch as leverage for yanking the incriminating bowling ball free from Fred's swollen thumb. However, the bowling ball
will not budge from Fred's hand, and the tree acts as a slingshot, propelling Fred through the Flintstone house to collide
with a door. Wilma sees the bowling ball, and Fred's ruse has been exposed. Barney chisels the bowling ball off of Fred's
thumb, and Wilma forgives Fred's deception- because she quizzed herself with the same questions in the magazine and (quite
unbelievably) fared poorer than did Fred in the character analysis.

"This is Your Lifesaver"
Fred and Barney are in Fred's car, crossing the New George Washingstone Toll Bridge, when they encounter a hippie-like but
debonair, bespectacled man of the loafing profession with a rock strategically tied around his neck. The ingratiating 
tramp identifies himself as J. Montague Gypsum, asks that Fred apply a flint-lighter to his final cigarette before his 
pretended planned suicide, and reads a poetic last will and testament, bequeathing his meagre property to the needy people
of the world. Fred is disinclined to persuade Gypsum not to throw himself over the side of the bridge- until Gypsum 
proudly proclaims that in addition to being a former psychiatrist and medical doctor, he is a chef of unusual culinary 
delights. By extending an invitation to Gypsum to teach Wilma to prepare uncommon repasts, Fred "prevents" Gypsum from
drowning himself and is, Gypsum maintains, obligated to "confidence man" Gypsum for Gypsum's continued life- and must 
accommodate Gypsum indefinitely as a house-guest! The sundial turns, and Fred's ire mounts as Gypsum borrows Fred's 
magazines and newspapers (before Fred has had occasion to read them), razor, after-shaving lotion, bathrobe, and slippers;
sings in the bathroom shower like "a happy, steamed clam coming out of its shell"; commandeers Wilma's larder and kitchen
to cook his finicky meals only for himself; and, because Wilma feels sorry for him and offers that he sleep on both her
and Fred's beds when he complains of sacroiliac strain, requires Fred to sleep in a chair. Eventually, Wilma tires of 
Gypsum and is in agreement with Fred's wish to be rid of the obligating nuisance. Fred arranges for Gypsum to rescue him
from a "mishap" at the rock quarry and thereby "even the score". Gypsum accompanies Barney to the rock quarry to observe
his "meal ticket's" labours and diverts a large boulder barrelling down a hill from hitting Fred, a rock which Barney has
"accidentally" pushed off of the hilltop as per Fred's instructions. Injured after falling with the boulder into a ravine
and completely bandaged, Gypsum has won the respect of Mr. Slate by his deed of saving the life of Slate's valued 
employee, and Slate hires Gypsum to be rock quarry foreman and Fred's superior!

Wilma sprains her ankle in advance of her mother's arrival for a two-week-long stay with her and fretting Fred, who can
scarcely tolerate his mother-in-law's constant criticisms, demands, and terrible health food. Fred's suffering is 
prolonged when the battle-axe informs him that she has sold her house and has come to live permanently with the 
Flintstones. As Wilma's mother's furniture is delivered and loaded into the Flintstone home, Fred and mother-in-law agree
that the house is not large enough for 3 persons. So, after Fred has strained to install chairs, tables, sofas, and a bed
into the garage, his unloved in-law announces that she will join Wilma in the house, relegating Fred to the garage! While
commiserating with Barney at the Bedrock Golf Club, Fred is introduced by Joe Rockhead to Melville J. Muchrocks, who says
that he owns a 50,000 acre ranch in Gold Nugget, Texas, on which is situated a riverbed of gold nuggets and several oil
wells, and is now seeking a wife to "take charge and manage things" and cook health food. Fred is delighted to act as
matchmaker between his mother-in-law and Melville, and the two are immediately smitten with each other. Melville convinces
Wilma's mother to invest her assets in one of Melville's expected oil strikes, and Wilma suspects Melville of being a "con
man". Wilma and Betty then, at Andre's Beauty Salon, overhear gossip about a widow-swindling man now in Bedrock who poses
as a Texas millionaire to marry, "fleece", and then abandon his targeted victims, and Wilma is frantic that Melville, 
whom she suspects is the scoundrel, not be permitted to propose marriage to her mother. Disguised as an uncomely mother
with her son are Fred and Barney, who pursue mother-in-law and Melville to Rocky Island Amusement Park, and Barney sticks
a lollipop into Melville's mouth before Muchrocks can mention wedded bliss to mother-in-law. Next, as a cantankerous, 
moustached German chef at a restaurant, Fred challenges Melville to an outdoors fisticuffs concerning a bowl of soup 
thrown by waiter Barney into Melville's face. Fred and Barney tie Melville and throw him into the baggage car of a train 
departing Bedrock. Some time later, as her mother is sobbing at the loss of her suitor, Wilma learns from Bedrock's
journal that the notorious, widow-victimising "con artist" now captured by police was not Melville. Muchrocks was a 
legitimate magnate. Mother-in-law's investment in Melville's oil venture has reaped hearty dividends, and she decides to
travel the world with her earnings and attempt to find Melville. These plans are halted, however, after Fred twists a
ligament in his back and needs "tender, loving care"- of his insufferable in-law.

"The Mailman Cometh"
Fred writes a nasty letter to Mr. Slate when he thinks that he has not been given a deserved raise in salary. While Fred,
letter in hand, and Barney are walking to a mailbox, Slate visits the Flintstone home and informs Wilma that a bookkeeping
error was the cause of Fred's frustration and that Fred indeed qualifies for and will receive the increase in pay. After
Slate departs the home of Flintstone, Fred and Barney return from the letter-sending excursion. Wilma relays Slate's 
message about the pay raise, and Fred realises that he must intercept the vitriolic letter before Slate reads it! A 
policeman prevents Fred and Barney from raiding the mailbox to find the letter, and Fred cannot persuade the postman 
collecting all of the mail from the box to allow him to reclaim his diatribe. Resigning himself to the situation, Fred 
feigns illness on the next day to avoid going to work and facing Slate's wrath after Slate has read what Fred wrote, and 
Wilma suspects that Fred has done something wrong and demands to know what it is. Fred discloses the full story of the 
letter to Wilma, who hurries on Fred's behalf to State's office and learns upon arriving there that Slate has received but
not yet read Fred's letter. So, Wilma's improvised solution is to "accidentally" drop Slate's only office pair of eye-
glasses and to offer to read Fred's correspondence to Slate, changing all of Fred's invective to praise on the premise 
that the letter is really in thanks for the salary increase. Wilma then also "butter-fingers" the letter so that it 
crumbles to pieces on the floor to Slate's office. Fred is relieved to learn that Wilma has not only spared him from 
losing his job but has improved his relationship with a tenderly impressed Slate. 

"The Rock Vegas Story"
Fred and Barney eat at the Bedrock Rock-o-Mat (automated cafeteria), with Barney literally chipping at a slab of "marble 
cake" and Fred feasting on an elongated brontosaurus rib that hits the head of another Bedrock Rock-O-Mat customer and 
causes that person's face to drop into a bowl of soup. To his delight, Fred recognises the man to whom he is apologising 
to be an old friend, Sherman "Sherm" Carblehead. Sherm now owns a casino-hotel, the Golden Cactus, in Rock Vegas, and, 
saying that he would "treat (Fred) right", invites Fred to stay there whenever Fred and his wife are in the casino city. 
Fred assumes that Sherm will favour Fred in Fred's quest for lucky monetary gains. Flintstones and Rubbles are due for a 
vacation, and a leisurely two weeks in Rock Vegas is agreed and embarked upon (with Wilma and Betty not privy to Fred's 
gambling agenda) by way of the Flintstone car. Flintstones and Rubbles have problem-wrought travel, with freeway traffic 
jams, loss of direction, a bumpy short cut, necessity of manually pushing the car up a steep hill- and the vehicle then 
falling down a cliff so that Fred and Barney must build another car from a log, a hazardous crossing of Rock Canyon via a
footbridge, and an outdoor campsite on the back of a huge dinosaur mistaken by Fred for a mountain. In Rock Vegas, 
compulsive gambler Fred loses all of both couples' money in a slot machine, and Sherm offers to accommodate the 
Flintstones and Rubbles for the duration of their stay at the Golden Cactus in return for their help in attending to 
dinner tables, selling cigarettes, and performing in the Rock Vegas Revue, with Barney and Betty singing and dancing 
"When You're Smiling" to the music of a piano whose inner wires are struck by a bird. Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty 
finish their planned stay in Rock Vegas and bid a warm good-bye to Sherm, who admits that he envies their ordinary Stone
Age life.

"Divided We Sail"
Barney substitutes for a camera-shy Fred at a television game show, The Prize is Priced, and wins a houseboat, which the
Flintstones and Rubbles try, with immense difficulty, to share. The problem is the squabbling between Fred and Barney over
entitlement to the "captaincy" of the sea vessel, Fred arguing that the ticket to The Prize is Priced was in his name and 
Barney maintaining that he won the houseboat. Wilma and Betty insist that Barney and Fred both don Captain hats and split
among the two of them the Captain duties, and the name of the houseboat, Nau-Sea, is the product of a compromise between
the first three and last three letters of Barney and Fred's chosen designations (Barney's choice being Nautical Lady and
Fred's, Queen of the Sea). Once the houseboat is launched- by Wilma with a thermos containing Rocky Cola, and Flintstones
and Rubbles board it, Betty rushes to drop anchor to prevent a drift into a cluster of rocks while Fred and Barney bicker
about who should give the order to do so, and the couples' picnic basket becomes accidentally caught by the anchor and
falls into the water with it. A sea dinosaur smells the brontosaurus beef in the basket, bites into basket and Nau-Sea
anchor, and speedily moves far from shore, dragging the houseboat at 60 knots to a gutting collision with a large rock. As
the Nau-Sea sinks, Fred and Barney cannot decide about which Captain should "go down with the ship", while Wilma and Betty
use an inflatable lifeboat to escape the doomed Nau-Sea. The quarrel between Fred and Barney descends into the deep, blue
sea with the houseboat.

"Kleptomaniac Caper"
Without telling Fred, Wilma confiscates Fred's high school football shirt to add to a box of materials to be donated to a
ladies auxiliary rummage sale. She believes that Fred will never notice that the shirt is gone, but Fred, watching a 
televised football game, decides to pull his football attire from storage, discovers the shirt gone, suspects theft, and
calls the police. Officer O'Rockery of Car 34 theorises that the robber was very selective and is someone who knows Fred
and where Fred's possessions are located- and speculates that the culprit is a sick, compulsive, involuntary thief. A 
kleptomaniac. The policeman then discovers Fred's shirt in the box of rummaged articles that Betty and Wilma placed in 
Barney's car for transport to the sale. Though Fred, concerned for his pal, denies ownership of the shirt in the box to
protect Barney from criminal charges, he jumps to the conclusion that Barney is a kleptomaniac. On the pretence of himself
having a headache and needing to visit a "head doctor", Fred persuades Barney to accompany him so that Dr. Stonewall, an
addle-brained, hypochondriac psychiatrist, can observe Barney's behaviour. Watching Barney's holding of and admiration for
Stonewall's lighter, Fred and the doctor believe that Fred's suspicions are justified. While Barney is at the Bedrock 
Department Store to, "...pick up a few things," for Betty, has payed for the varied merchandise, and is about to leave the
store, Fred appears there and attempts to reshelve the items which he believes that Barney shoplifted, arousing the 
suspicion of a store detective, who chases Fred and Barney into the sporting goods and toy departments and eventually 
catches them. Wilma and Betty release their husbands from jail, and Wilma confesses to being the cause of the 

"Latin Lover"
Yet another one of those days on which Fred arrives home after a long day of work, expecting a greeting kiss and a hearty
meal from his wife and being frustrated by Wilma's preoccupation with something else, in this episode a television movie
starring debonair Casanova Roberto Rockalini. While Roberto with his curly hair, white teeth, filtered cigarette, and
adorable moustache nibbles the ears of his feminine conquests, Fred must gobble flowers as substitute for brontosaurus
fricassee. Wilma is so captivated by the suavity of her Latin-lover idol that she fantasises Fred with a moustache and 
mannerisms identical to those of Rockalini. Showering Fred with flattery about how his romantic appeal would be enhanced
by Rockalini-like facial hair and refined Latin vocabulary, Wilma succeeds in convincing Fred to change his look and 
behaviour to emulate the ravishing Roberto. Fred grows a moustache, grooms his hair into sophisticated waves and curls, 
dons an ascot and a carnation, smokes filtered cigarettes, and walks the walk and talks the talk of Wilma's heartthrob, 
and Wilma is for awhile pleased with her "make-over" of her spouse- until Betty wonders aloud to Wilma if Fred may have 
become irresistibly attractive to other women. A female representative of Caveman Cosmetics is at the Flintstones' door
when Dino darts past her so invisibly fast that she spins around like a top and faints into Fred's arms. Wilma sees only
the sales-lady's tumble into the tender hold of Romeo Fred and believes that it was Fred's sex appeal that induced the 
fainting. Later, while Fred is at a bus stop with three ladies and must run to meet the bus at another juncture, he leads
the procession of female public-transit customers in the rush to reach the speedy bus, and Wilma sees this and believes 
that Fred is being amorously pursued by the ladies. She dreams that Fred is in Italy in a gondola with one of his 
admirers of the opposite sex and desired and pursued by three more vivacious females on a "lolo brigeda" and on the 
following day misunderstands Fred's telephoned assignment by Mr. Slate to transport Mrs. Slate to Bedrock Airport for an
"aeroplane" flight to Rockapulco to be a tryst-excursion with a woman for whom Fred is abandoning her (Wilma). Wilma 
intercepts Fred and Mrs. Slate at the airport and is informed of her mistake by Fred and by Slate, who arrives at the
airport after important company business to join his wife on the "aeroplane" flight to Mexico. Fred decides to abandon 
his pretentious airs and be his plain self again.

"Take Me Out of the Ball Game"
Fred hears thumps, from his house's roof, of what he believes is hail- in July. Actually, impact of baseballs on the roof
is the source of the sound, baseballs batted from the street by practising youngsters of the Stone Age Pee-Wee League. 
Their coach: Barney. Their team name: the Giants, despite their minuscule size. Arnold the rock-newspaper delivery boy and
Mr. Slate's son, Eugene, are some of the Giants, and Fred is persuaded to umpire their practice game, proving with his 
"big mouth" and overbearing manner to be an excellent umpire prospect for the Bug Leagues. Barney introduces Fred to a
Major League Baseball representative, who will hire Fred to officiate in the Major Leagues pending Fred's performance as
umpire at a Pee-Wee League game upon which the fathers of Bedrock, including Mr. Slate, base their respect of their sons
and which Fred is urged to officiate with favouritism to the home team. The Major League representative pep-talks Fred to
be without bias, unwavering, abrasive, and eager to be hated if that is the result of his unquestionable honesty, and in
the Pee-Wee League game against the Gritsburgh Pirates, Fred's crucial decision in a runner/catcher "close call" at home
plate is honest and true- and contrary to the Giants, who lose the game. Fred is bombarded by soda pop bottles by the 
irate fathers of the Giants, and an anonymous person throws a note attached to a rock through a Flintstone home window,
saying, "Reverse your decision-- or else." The Giants march to Fred's door to apologise for their fathers' poor 
sportsmanship, and Fred joins the boys in appearing before the fathers of Bedrock and informing them that the Giants will
found their own, secret sandlot and play baseball entirely for fun- without adult interference.

In "The Buffalo Convention", Fred's birthday gift to Wilma is a talking Doosy Do-Do Bird that will be his and Barney's undoing when Fred and Barney connive to keep a Water Buffalo convention secret from their wives.
Season 3

"Fred's New Boss"
Barney loses his job, and Betty feels profoundly guilty for having unwittingly spent the Rubbles' last $20 on a hairstyle
lost through a gust of wind in the wake of a speeding truck. Fred offers $10 to Barney on the mistaken assumption that 
Barney is too proud to accept charity; Barney, however, is only too willing to accept Fred's donation to the Rubbles'
welfare, on the premise that Fred owes money to him for a double-or-nothing bet on the outcome of a bowling game that 
Barney won against Fred. Wilma and Betty persuade Fred to go to Mr. Slate's home to ask that Slate hire Barney for menial
tasks like sweeping floors or "running errands". Slate, however, pompously and enragedly throws Fred out of his home, and
Barney must himself petition Slate for employment. By mentioning that he was raised at 142 Boulder Avenue in Granitetown,
Barney endears himself to Slate in that Granitetown was Slate's home community, and he too lived on Boulder Avenue, at 
house number 140! Slate realises that not only were he and Barney once neighbours, but Barney is his sister's son! Barney
is Slate's nephew, and as nepotism is common practice in Stone Age corporate circles, Slate appoints Barney to be 
Executive Vice President in Charge of Production, and hence is Fred subordinate to Barney at the rock quarry! Not 
surprisingly, Fred resents Barney's sudden rise to executive status and bristles at Barney's commands as his taskmaster.
Fred growls like a lion upon arrival home in the evening, frightening Dino and arousing Wilma's curiosity about Barney's
position in Slate's company. Betty, not aware of Barney's kinship with Slate, informs Wilma of Barney's "qualified" 
success at attaining executive responsibility and salary, and the swift-to-develop snobbery of the Rubbles and resultant
feeling of alienation experienced by both Fred and Wilma results in the two couples socialising separately, the Rubbles
attending Slate's Executive Club, where tuxedos and stodgy, silent chess games are the norm, and Fred and Wilma bowling 
together, with some difficulty of adjustment for Fred, who loses a game to his novice bowler spouse. Barney quickly tires
of the hoity-toity demeanour of the executive class, and Betty learns of the cause of his patronage appointment by Slate 
and forbids him to work for a member of his family. Flintstones and Rubbles promptly reconcile, and Barney is rehired by
his former employer.

"Dino Goes Hollyrock"
Fred's patience with his pet is strained when Dino complicates Fred's plan to watch a televised fight so that Dino can 
enjoy his favourite television programme, The Adventures of Sassy, on another channel. Dino is infatuated with the title 
character, a female dinosaur, of the televised melodrama, and when the television show's sponsor promises an autographed 
picture of Sassy in exchange for six proofs of purchase of Dino Gro Pet Food, Dino grabs his leash, seizes hold of Fred,
and relentlessly drags his confounded master all of the way to a supermarket, where he loads a shopping cart with six 
cans of Dino Gro, obliging Fred to buy them to appease the supermarket cashier. Fred is furious with Dino and is about 
to disown his dinosaur best friend when he reads on one of the Dino Gro cans a request for a talented animal to audition 
for a lucrative part on the Sassy television series. Of course, Fred, anticipating a fortune in entertainment royalties, 
brings Dino to Screen Rocks Television Productions to perform in competition for the role, which is revealed to be that 
of Sassy's lover on The Adventures of Sassy. Dino dances vaudevillian-style and enacts a prolonged and appropriately 
overwrought death in his zealous and successful determination to be Sassy's consort. For Dino's "screen test", Fred and 
Dino meet the stars of The Adventures of Sassy, snobs all but utterly professional thespians, and with Sassy encumbered by
three broken legs and his young master and master's mother's legs in bear traps, Dino is entrusted to transport a sack of
money to a bank in sufficient time for Sassy's beleaguered family to retain their happy home and defeats a stereotypical
villain intent upon stopping him from completing the mission. Dino's brilliant portrayal of scripted heroism so impresses
the television show's director that he is hired for regular appearances on The Adventures of Sassy. A pushy agent 
contracts with Fred to act as Dino's guardian during the dinosaur's stardom and promises weekly $30 payments if Fred 
renounces responsibility for Dino and goes home. Within minutes of returning to his house, Fred's eyes fill with tears 
(in perhaps the most emotional moment on The Flintstones) as he realises that Dino may be lost to him forever. He 
puts his first payment from the agent into the flames in his fireplace, and one of his tears extinguishes a candle that 
he places on a window sill in lonely vigil for Dino's unlikely return. At the television studio, Dino hears the agent and
director discussing changes to his appearance, including a cutting of his overlong tail, and glimpses Sassy in her 
dressing room sans wig and false eyelashes. Sassy is repulsive, and Dino sneaks out of Screen Rocks Television 
Productions to reunite with Fred in a scene that must bring a lump to any viewer's throat.

"Barney the Invisible"
Fred has converted his garage into a laboratory, in which he is combining chemicals in an attempt to concoct a wealth-and-
fame-earning, new soft drink. Meanwhile, Barney, plagued with persistent hiccoughing, is urged by Betty to visit a Dr. 
Quartz in search for a hiccough cure. When Fred learns of Barney's affliction, he insists that Barney forgo a costly visit
to a doctor (Stone Age physicians are quacks anyway) and permit him to endeavour a cure. Conventional methods, involving a
paper bag over the head and sudden fright with a thrown hatchet, prove ineffective. So, Fred supplies his latest chemical
mixture for Barney to drink- and it halts the hiccoughs and turns Barney invisible. Fred is unable to reverse the 
vanishing process, and he escorts Barney to Dr. Quartz in the hope that Quartz can supply an antidote. First though, Fred
and Barney stop at the Bedrock Bowling Alley, where Fred uses Barney's unseen presence to foil a braggart named Blowhard
Sandstone, who challenges Fred to a bowling string. Barney tampers with Blowhard's bowling balls, causing them to go into 
gutters or stop before striking pins and reverse course back to a confounded Blowhard, and Fred's wild delivery is aided 
by Barney to garner strikes every time- even when Fred is blindfolded and releases the bowling ball from between his legs!
Blowhard bursts into tears when he loses to Fred. Fred and Barney resume their travel in Barney's car (with invisible 
Barney driving the vehicle and startling a policeman on duty at an intersection) and arrive at the office of Dr. Quartz.
Quartz is unable to restore Barney to visibility, but Fred's formula eventually "wears off", and Barney can be seen again. 
Still, all is not normal, for Dino has sampled some of Fred's draught and jumps unseen on top of Fred.

"The Bowling Ballet"
To use Barney's analysis of the situation, Fred is "temporarily out of rhythm". He is hitting his yard fence with his car,
dropping rock quarry boulders on and crushing Slate's expensive trucks, falling down stairs, and even being in the wrong
place at the wrong time- as Betty is swatting at a fly with a stone journal. Every day for two weeks, Fred has been 
practising his bowling technique with Barney during his lunch hour and is aghast and hysterical when his closest score to
"breaking 100" is a mere 64! Slate forgives Fred's chronic tardiness after Fred's lunch-hour bowling because the company
has wagered on Fred's Water Buffalo bowling team defeating the Rockland Rockets in an impending crucial game, and Fred's 
hulky, poor-loser co-workers have bet a month's wages on the same anticipated outcome of the game. Fred's gloomy mood 
brightens when he sees a television commercial for the Bedrock Dance Studio, stating that ballet can help in improving 
one's coordination at bowling. He decides to attempt the graceful dance. His instructor at the Bedrock Ballet School is a
portly Teutonic lady, Miss Carblehundt, and Wilma and Betty become suspicious when Fred secretly leaves home by night to
attend his ballet lessons. Barney is requested by Wilma and Betty to follow and spy- with fake moustache- upon Fred, and 
Barney discovers Fred at the ballet school and summons Wilma and Betty there to observe Fred in the process of dancing on
his tip-toes with Carblehundt's glamorous proteges. Fred confides his problem and its hoped-for, unorthodox solution to 
Wilma, who is dubious about the explanation but agrees to give the benefit of the doubt to Fred- pending Fred's 
performance at the bowling game in which Fred is expected to lead his team to victory. Fred's first thrown ball goes into
the gutter, and Barney offers to aid Fred by starting a recording of classical music on a jukebox, to which Fred bowls
"ballet style" and impresses everyone with his best bowling string. His team wins. 

"The Twitch"
Fred brags to Wilma that by means of a talent agent friend of his, name of Sam Stone, he will have no problem finding a 
first-rate performer for Wilma's ladies' auxiliary's charity benefit stage show, for "peanuts" (i.e. 35 dollars). The best
that Stone can provide to Fred for "peanuts" is a "method actor" chimpanzee called Mr. Chips, which Fred knows would never
satisfy Wilma. When Fred returns to Wilma without having procured the needed "star" talent, Wilma inflames Fred with a 
refrain of I-told-you-so, and in a frazzled moment Fred exclaims that Rock Roll, the rock-and-roll music singer at that 
point in time singing on the Ed Sullystone Show on Fred's television, was the celebrity obtained by Fred through Sam 
Stone. Unable to retract his hasty and false pronouncement, Fred must go with Barney to the hotel where Rock Roll is 
staying during a promotional tour including Bedrock (his song: "There's a town I know where the hipsters go, called 
Bedrock. Twitch! Twitch!"), and beg with tears and on bended knees for Rock Roll to appear and sing at Wilma's stage show
and spare Fred from being caught in a lie by Wilma. Rock Roll has a generous nature and agrees to Fred and Barney's teary-
eyed plea. Come show time, however, Rock Roll has eaten by accident pickled Do-Do eggs that cause an allergic reaction 
rendering him unable to speak or sing. He puts his hairpiece onto Fred's head, gives his garments, guitar, and a vinyl 
record of his popular "Twitch" song to Fred, and permits Fred to impersonate him on this emergency occasion. It requires a
needle in the buttocks administered by Barney for Fred to appear on stage in Rock Roll's "duds", and Fred pantomimes Rock
Roll's moves to the sound of the recording of "The Twitch". Not even a temporarily stuck vinyl-record player detracts from
Fred's completely convincing performance in Rock Roll's stead.

"Here's Snow in Your Eyes"
"Housewife's rut" has Wilma in a testy mood when Betty reads in the daily "newspaper" Wilma's Capricorn horoscope 
predicting a "dramatic adventure" for her and her partner and replies that she and Fred are partners to be sure, Fred 
having 50% of the fun, she doing 50% of the work. The horoscope is partly validated when Fred and Barney are appointed as
Water Buffalo Lodge representatives on an all-expenses-paid state convention weekend at Stone Mountain Ski Resort, a 
fabulous locale patronised by glamorous beauties and celebrities. The drawback is that the Water Buffalo Lodge's treasury
is without sufficient money for wives to accompany the male delegates on this occasion. Fred, however, promises to Wilma
that, household finances permitting in the future, he will go again to Stone Mountain, and in that event, Wilma will
certainly be with him there on the ski hills. Barney pledges same to Betty, and the Flintstone and Rubble wives resign
themselves to their weekend at home while their cavemen are at Stone Mountain, a "happening place" in more ways than one;
the culprits in the robbery of Mrs. Van Rockland's Rock, a large gem, are in the vicinity of the mountain hotel. The 
criminals are Mrs. Van Rockland's maid and butler, who plan to transfer the jewel to fence Chip Marble, a blond, little 
man who, the maid and butler are informed, will be posing at Stone Mountain as a delegate to a convention. He can be 
contacted through a password of slalom. Wilma and Betty meanwhile learn from television that Stone Mountain is also the
place of a beauty contest. Unnerved that their husbands will be surrounded by a voluptuous bevy, they disguise themselves
as respective blond and redhead and use their piggy-banked savings to venture to Stone Mountain to observe their spouses'
activities. Fred and Barney are endangered by a case of mistaken identity when the Van Rockland maid and butler think that
Barney is Marble, and, while riding a ski-lift, Barney innocently exchanges the utterance of slalom with the villains 
(also on the ski-lift, situated above Fred and Barney and moving in an opposite direction) on the belief that it is a 
simple alpine greeting of hello, and the maid drops the jewel into Barney's hand. Seconds later, the real Chip Marble 
enunciates slalom to the crooked Van Rockland servants, and the three nogoodniks decide to retrieve the gem from 
"impostor" Barney and eliminate Rubble. Barney overhears their evil plan and runs to Fred for help, bumping Flintstone off
of the edge of a hill with only one ski on Fred's foot, and, with Barney on his back, Fred careens down the steep slope.
The nefarious trio, using Fred's other ski, chase Fred and Barney, who use the branch of a tree to prevent themselves from
colliding with the face of a cliff, which is the fate of the three pursuers. Their ski end thrust inside the rock wall of
the cliff, the maid, butler, and fence are easily caught by police, and Fred and Barney are heroes. Wilma and Betty, while
all of this was unfolding, were inducted into the beauty contest, stood in bathing suits in the chilly air, and contracted
a cold. They hurry to return home in advance of Fred and Barney and do not reveal that they were present at Stone 
Mountain, and Fred and Barney announce plans to use the reward money received by them for their part in quashing the Van
Rockland Rock caper, to go again to Stone Mountain, for snowy fun, with their sneezing wives, who are decidedly 
unenthusiastic about this!

"The Buffalo Convention"
Fred surprises Wilma with a birthday gift bought at the last minute by a cheap five dollars from a stealthy vendor on a 
street: a talking Doosy Do-Do Bird. The surprise is unpleasant for Wilma, who expected something somewhat more lavish, and
worse still, the bird does not talk on cue for Wilma, who proclaims that she will keep the bird to show to her friends the
type of birthday gift that her husband sees fit to give to her. The Water Buffalo Lodge's annual raucous convention is 
planned for a weekend in Frantic City, and because all Lodge brothers' wives would never permit them to go to such an 
event, the Lodge's "doctor", who is really a plumber, diagnoses every Water Buffalo with "Dipsydoodleitus", a malady 
treatable by a leisurely weekend away from wife and home- in Frantic City. The Do-Do bird overhears Fred and Barney 
talking about this deception and reveals his mimicking ability- and Fred and Barney try to dispose of "Doosy" before the
bird "parrots" the Lodge's scheme to Wilma and Betty. They transport Doosy in Fred's car some 100 miles away from Bedrock
and strand him in the middle of nowhere. The wives grudgingly allow their cavemen to go to Frantic City as arranged. 
Shortly after Fred and Barney's departure thereto, an exhausted Doosy appears, having walked the 100 miles back to 
Bedrock, and Wilma and Betty's delight at learning that Doosy really can talk is short-lived when the bird "stool pigeons"
Fred and Barney's Frantic City frolic. Wilma and Betty lead the wives of all Water Buffalos on a furious journey to 
Frantic City to spring out of a cake in the place of a bevy of bikinied beauties and scare the living daylights out of 
their lying spouses. Fred and Barney flee beneath a boardwalk to leap into the Atlantic Ocean, where they hope to stay
submerged long enough to escape Wilma and Betty's wrath.

"The Little Stranger"
Fred is more irritable than usual, complaining about Wilma's prepared meals and bellowing to Wilma that he cannot locate 
his golf clubs in a cluttered closet when said gold clubs are there, in the precise closet being ransacked by Fred. Fred
has not uttered a kind word for several weeks, and Wilma refuses to suffer one more minute of Fred's invective and orders
Fred to forgo his planned golf game to visit a doctor for a medical examination to determine if Fred's crankiness is 
physical in origin. Accompanied by Barney, Fred walks to a doctor's office and en route encounters Arnold riding a scooter
and delivering "newspapers". Fred opts to cancel his subscription to the "newspaper" on the basis of it having reduced its
number of comic strips to a mere 15, and so does Arnold propose a special offer to his preferred customer Flintstone, that
Fred pay 6 cents instead of 5 cents for the weekday "newspaper" and 10 cents rather than 15 cents for the Sunday edition.
Never particularly adept at arithmetic, Fred believes that he gains from the new sales plan, until Barney informs him that
he is now being billed 46 cents-per-week, one cent more than the prior 45 cents-per-week. By this time, Arnold has 
scootered away from Fred, and Fred's fury is formidable! He and Barney arrive at the doctor's office, where the prattling
physician, who enjoys pun-interchanging the words of patients and patience, uses an X-ray with stray butterflies on its 
lens to no avail in determining the source of Fred's crabbiness and commands Fred to inhale and exhale, the force of 
Fred's breath intake pulling Barney to a collision with Fred and the doctor. Exasperated, Fred terminates his consultation
with the doctor and his foul mood continues until he overhears Wilma talking about a little stranger that she is 
expecting. Fred assumes that Wilma is pregnant, and suddenly, Fred is a mellow, considerate husband, serving breakfast-in-
bed to Wilma and attending to all of the household duties. Wilma is not really pregnant but is planning to accommodate 
Arnold for two weeks while Arnold's parents are away from Bedrock- and is reluctant to tell Fred about this until the very
last minute before Arnold's arrival at the Flintstone door, knowing as Wilma does that Fred is somewhat less than fond of
Arnold. Fred, meanwhile, is tight-lipped about what he ostensibly knows, and the misunderstanding proceeds, with Fred 
inviting Wilma's mother to visit indefinitely with Wilma, until Arnold appears at the door and Wilma's mother has already
established herself as Flintstone house-guest- for six months! Fred is so aghast that he mentally collapses and really 
needs a doctor!

"Baby Barney"
Fred's wealthy Texan uncle (Uncle Tex) wishes to have a nephew and pledges an inheritance to Fred's family if Fred has an
heir. So, Fred tells Tex that he and Wilma have a son, named Little Tex, to ingratiate Fred with "Big Tex" and assure the
Bedrock Flintstones a favourable bequest in Tex's will. A telegram announcement by Uncle Tex that he will come to Bedrock
to visit Fred, Wilma, and Little Tex complicates Fred's scheme, as Fred must find a baby to be Little Tex. Unable to adopt
an infant for the time period of Uncle Tex's stay, Fred seizes upon the ridiculous idea of dressing Barney in a baby 
bonnet and diapers so that Barney is a somehow passable Little Tex. Betty and Wilma urge Barney to cooperate and be Little
Tex, but when Uncle Tex arrives at the Flintstone home and plays rough with his baby-babbling namesake, Barney's tolerance
of the Texan's affection is short-lived, and he scrambles- still in his baby clothes- to his car to flee from Tex, who 
drives his elongated limousine in pursuit of the prodigious "infant", and Fred, Wilma, and Betty, in Fred's car, chase 
Tex. All are arrested by police for driving too fast, and at a police station, Fred is forced to confess his deception to
Tex, who is surprisingly understanding of Fred's motives and forgives Fred. After Uncle Tex leaves the Flintstones for his
return to Texarock, Fred finds some baby booties partly knitted by Wilma for Betty's sister's baby, assumes that Wilma is
expecting a child, and scurries onto Tex's trail to tell Tex the good news.

"The Hawaiian Escapade"
Wilma and Betty are so captivated by Larry Lava as television's Hawaiian Spy that they forget about a barbecuing 
brontosaurus steak, which has burned to an "old shoe" cinder once Fred and Barney arrive at cave Flintstone and extinguish
the barbecue blaze. The wives are later also engrossed by mention on television of a contest offered by the Hawaiian Spy
sponsor, the C. W. Crater Company and Rock Toasties, and a cactus berry pie a la mode burns in Wilma's oven while Wilma 
and Betty are entering their husbands in the contest, which involves the selection of the most athletic contestant for an
all-expenses-paid sojourn for two in Hawaii and a guest appearance on Hawaiian Spy. Wilma and Betty amalgamate their 
husbands into the fictitious person of Barney V. I. Flintstone, champion water skier, mountain-climber, alligator-
wrestler, and "all-round athlete", who wins the contest. Accompanied by Wilma and by Betty and Barney, who use saved money
to finance their Hawaiian jaunt, Fred goes to Hawaii as Barney V. I. Flintstone and is incensed when informed by the 
Hawaiian Spy director that his role is only that of a vacationing hick who says, "Pass the poi." When Fred insists upon
a more important part on the television show, the director, producer, and sponsor decide, on the belief that Fred is the
athlete described by Wilma and Betty in their contest-entry letter, to use Fred as stuntman for Larry Lava on a perilous,
tree-colliding surfboard and in a contretemps with a large dinosaur. As usual, Fred is not sufficiently endowed to be an
actor's "double", and Wilma, disgusted by Larry Lava and the television programme's crew for placing her husband in 
danger, punches the dinosaur chasing Fred and announces that Flintstones and Rubbles are going home. C.W. Crater is 
impressed by Wilma's angry strength in her dinosaur-combating heroism and telephones her once she is back in Bedrock and 
unsuccessfully invites her to appear extensively on Hawaiian Spy, distracting her long enough for another steak to be 
consumed in a barbecue inferno.

"Ladies' Day"
Another elaborate ploy by Fred to attend a mid-afternoon workday baseball game at the Bedrock Ballpark. This time, he
hopes to gain free admission to the game by posing as Barney's "date" on Ladies' Day, on which the female companions of 
male ticket-buyers to the game are not required to pay for their own access to the Bedrock Ballpark. Fred does not tell 
Wilma about this intrigue because he must dishonestly free himself in the afternoon from his job- something of which Wilma
would not approve. At noon hour, Fred's lunch pail is crushed by his rock-lifting dinosaur, requiring that Fred eat lunch
at home. While there, he is requested by Wilma to deliver a box of Wilma's forsaken clothing to a rummage sale, and with 
Barney- who has honestly excused himself from work to go to the baseball game, Fred schemes to use Wilma's "old duds" to
disguise himself as a woman! With the box of Wilma's refuse wardrobe, he returns to the rock quarry on the pretence of
resuming his duties there and covertly dons the feminine garments for his masquerade as an uncomely girl-friend to Barney.
To this purpose, Fred, "in drag", sneaks away from the rock quarry minutes after the afternoon work whistle is blown.
However, Wilma earlier kissed Fred on the cheek and left a lipstick stain thereon, Fred then using Barney's handkerchief 
to wipe away the lipstick. Barney brought the handkerchief to Betty to add to her daily laundry and did not mention the 
true source of the lipstick, but, in anticipation of the baseball game, he was laughing profusely. Betty did not notice 
the red on the handkerchief until after Barney departed the Rubble abode to meet Fred on a street outside of the Hotel 
Rockstone to go to the baseball game. When Betty does see the lipstick on the handkerchief, she believes with fury that 
Barney has a mistress and teams with Wilma to find her cheating husband. Meanwhile, Barney does not know in advance
exactly what woman's attire that Fred will be wearing and mistakenly approaches a bona fide, corpulent, rather touchy 
female, who assumes that Barney is a brazen "masher" and rushes to report the supposed "pick-up" attempt by Barney to a
patrolling policeman. Barney, eventually correctly connecting with Fred and rushing to the baseball game, has become a 
hunted womaniser of questionable taste for tall, fat, loudmouthed ladies in rummage sale clothes. In a taxicab, Betty and
Wilma pursue Barney (driving his own car) and his unlovely conquest to the Bedrock Ballpark, and a squadron of policemen
is assembled to apprehend the "debauched" Rubble. The ticket-man at the ballpark gate reports Barney and "dame" Fred's 
entry to the Bedrock Ballpark, enabling the police to ascertain Barney's presence there, and the ballpark is surrounded
by the minions of the law. Fleeing their wives and the police, Fred and Barney encounter Mr. Slate and Slate's client, a 
mustachioed, Spanish Casanova named Rocko, at the ballpark's hot dog vendor-stand, and Fred, determined not to be 
discovered at the baseball game by his boss, maintains his pretencion of being female, attracting the amorous attention of
Rocko. From a distance, Wilma and Betty see Fred and Barney at the hot dog vendor-stand and deduce what is really afoot.
Slate parts from Rocko, Rubble, and "Fredericka" in order to telephone his office, and, to teach a lesson to Fred, Wilma
acts as though she does not recognise her husband in his woman guise and returns the affections of Rocko to stir Fred to
jealousy. Fred reveals himself to Wilma and apologises for his job-shirking. Flintstones and Rubbles escape the police 
barricade of the ballpark, with Barney posing in Wilma's discarded dress as an old lady and two constables accidentally
hitting each other with their baton-clubs after Barney's facade is exposed by a dress-removing revolving gate.

"Nothing But the Tooth"
Barney, with an excruciating toothache, moans at night, and Betty appoints Barney with his dentist on "D-for-dentist-day",
the expected cost of tooth extraction being $10. Fred consents to use his nimble feet to chauffeur Barney by car to 
Barney's dentist's office, and while the pair are travelling there, they see a billboard announcing a Rocky Granite and 
Floyd Patterstone championship fight. Fred is without any funds, and all of the money that Barney has is the ten dollars
intended to pay his dentist for the tooth extraction procedure. Fred calculates that ten dollars would finance two ring-
side seat tickets to the fight. Therefore, despite Barney's objection, Fred endeavours to do the dentist's job and to 
relieve Barney gratis of the aching tooth. Attempts to do so by attaching the tooth to a string connected to Fred's car 
and to Dino while Dino is chasing a cat are painful for Fred, who careens into a street sign when his car abruptly stops 
at the maximum tension of the string- and Barney's stubborn tooth- and then is dragged by Dino through the humps of a 
large dinosaur after Barney unexpectedly passes the string to Fred. Fred next decides to bring Barney to a dinosaur 
dentist, whistle-voiced Dr. Smiley Molar, who only charges $5 to pull teeth, thus enabling Fred and Barney to purchase 
two generic tickets to the fight. Molar is willing to extract a human's tooth and pumps an anaesthetic gas into Barney 
that levitates Barney while Molar is distracted by a telephone call from Molar's wife. Fred sees the sleeping Barney's 
float out of Molar's clinic and pursues his friend, eventually gaining hold of Barney's foot and moving skyward with the 
now-awake Barney. The duo drift into the airspace of the Bedrock National Guard headquarters, and boulder and tree branch
"missiles" are launched in interception of the "UFO". Barney catches one of the rocks, and he and Fred plummet to ground,
with Barney's agonising tooth falling out of his mouth in the impact. Fred secures Barney inside of his car, which 
levitates with the two buddies therein, and Fred drops a fishing anchor to Earth so that he and Barney do not helplessly 
drift again. Betty and Wilma find their husbands in their "up in the air" predicament, and Betty contacts Molar by 
telephone to enquire about the duration of the gas' "light-weighted" effect, and the response is indeterminate, only that
the gas will later "wear off". Fred ties a plank to floating Barney so that he and Barney can enjoy a sky seat at the 
fight- for free!

"Flash Gun Freddie"
Vacationing-at-home Fred and Barney are required by their wives to shop for groceries at the Bedrock Drug Store, where 
Fred discovers a magazine, Profits in Pictures For Amateurs, and announces that he and Barney will buy a still-photograph
camera and be freelance photographers. Barney pays for Fred's purchase of an Instant Polarock, in which a bird uses its 
beak to etch pictures from slabs of rock, plus the magazine, from the pharmacist on duty. Wilma and Betty are supportive 
of their spouses' new endeavour provided that it means a trouble-free vacation for Flintstone and Rubble, and the 
aspiring photographers commence their quest for lucrative pictures- as per the magazine's recommendations- by pestering
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Millrock to allow them to photograph their newborn. The Millrocks place a quarantine sign on their 
door in a vain effort to repel Fred and Barney, and when Fred promises that the pictures will be free of charge, the 
Millrocks admit entry to their house to the camera-wielding duo. The Millrock baby punches and throws food at Fred at the
precise moment that Barney activates the camera, resulting in less-than-cute snapshots. Next, Fred and Barney try to 
capture a humorous moment by photographing a street workman asleep and leaning on a "men at work" sign, but the workman 
awakens and irately bashes Fred through the camera. When Barney attempts a picture of a pterodactyl nest on a cliff face,
the mother bird grabs and drops him atop Fred. However, Barney attains a spectacular action photograph of Fred while he 
is falling onto his camera cohort, and a reporter from The Bedrock Gazette, having witnessed this event, is so impressed
by Barney's yield that he invites Barney and Fred to meet the newspaper editor, who agrees to pay two dollars for every 
picture delivered by Fred and Barney to the Gazette. Fred and Barney must upgrade their equipment, however, and Barney
withdraws from the Rubbles' bank, money being saved by Betty to finance a dishwasher, to fund a largely frivolous 
assembly of camera gear- including a submersible lens for underwater photography. In a desperate effort to produce a
valuable picture so that they can replenish the Rubble bank account before Betty learns about Barney's withdrawal of the
saved money, Flintstone and Rubble happen to photograph a pair of bank robbers running away from the site of their latest
heist. Though the criminals chase the intrepid camera-masters and try to force the picture from Fred and Barney in a dead
end side street, police arrive there and arrest the crooks, and Fred and Barney are paid $40 by The Bedrock Gazette for 
their superb photograph. They deposit the money into the Rubble bank account and resolve to abandon freelance 
photography, only to later find that Betty and Wilma have spent the money on two new cameras for their husbands!

"Dial S For Suspicion"
Fred applies for an executive position at Stone Valley Inn, a mountain resort hotel where one can ski and swim in the same
day, and after stretching the truth somewhat about his knowledge of Spanish and his having graduated from college (two 
prerequisites for the job), Fred is granted an interview with hotel owner Conrad Hailstone and accepted for managerial
status at Stone Valley Inn, pending a free-of-charge physical examination by the "company" doctor. The promised increase 
in Fred's income prompts Wilma to recommend that Fred assent to a life insurance policy whereby Wilma will receive $40,000
should Fred, per chance, die. Fred signs the necessary "papers" to activate the life insurance policy before Barney 
discovers and reads to Fred textual passages from a book of Wilma's, Dial S For Suspicion, in which a wife insures her
husband for a fortune and then arranges his apparently unexpected death so that she and her extra-marital lover can 
collect and enjoy the monetary bounty. Fred rejects the idea that Wilma may be following the example of the female 
character in the book until Wilma, while in the process of using a hatchet to slice meat and not knowing that the hatchet
has a faulty handle, accidentally releases the hatchet blade for a free-flight across a room to cut into in the arch of a
doorway into which Fred is walking. To Barney, Fred shares his belief that the hatchet blade was hurled deliberately 
toward him by Wilma, i.e. that Wilma does plan to kill him. At night, Fred's pillow falls to the Flintstone bedroom floor,
and Wilma is restoring the pillow to Fred's bed when Fred awakens from troubled sleep to find Wilma standing above him 
with the pillow in her hand. He tacitly concludes that Wilma is attempting to suffocate him with the pillow, flees through
the bedroom wall, and does not return home until morning. The plot thickens when a friend from Wilma's past, Rodney 
Weststone, a knife-thrower with the Barnacle and Bailey Circus now in Bedrock, invites Flintstones and Rubbles to the 
circus to view his act- and Wilma "volunteers" Fred to stand against Rodney's target board as Weststone tosses his knives
in a perfect arc around Fred's tied, trembling, and terrified body. Weststone decides to perform this feat while 
blindfolded as per Wilma's suggestion, and Fred busts his bindings and bolts from the target board, convinced that Wilma
has conspired with Rodney to perforate him with the knives. Desperate to negate the life insurance, Fred feigns illness,
by using a false arm with no pulse and a slowly ticking clock to serve as an ailing heart, to fool what he thinks is the
life insurance physician into declaring him unfit to be insured, only to later learn that the doctor is really in the 
employ of Stone Valley Inn, and Fred has scuttled his opportunity for employment there. Wilma finally learns about Fred's
ridiculous suspicion of her and verbally scolds him.

"The Hero"
Fred and Barney are returning home from a Water Buffalo Lodge meeting when a mother leaves her baby in his carriage 
positioned at the top of a hill for a minute while she patronises a drug store. While alone, the infant plays with his 
yo-yo and accidentally loosens the carriage's brake, and carriage and innocent occupant careen down the hill. Fred and 
Barney see the freewheeling baby vehicle and run after it in determination to rescue the passenger thereof. After the baby
carriage rapidly rolls into an amusement park and onto a roller coaster's rails, Barney valiantly grabs a set of balloons,
ascends to free the infant from the carriage at the roller coaster's highest point, and descends to ground with the baby
in his arms. Barney then passes the baby to Fred and commences search for the diapered boy's lost yo-yo, and as Fred is 
comforting the tiny tot, he is surrounded by the grateful mother, bystanders, a policeman, and a reporter for The Bedrock
Gazette, all of whom believe that Fred was the baby's rescuer from the roller coasting baby carriage. Before Fred can 
correct the adulating crowd, he is informed by the reporter that his picture will be on the Gazette's front page, with a
headline saying, "Hero Flintstone Saves Baby". Fred's flattery supersedes his honesty, and Barney humbly bows to Fred's
popularity as town hero, even while Fred snubs him to bowl with the mayor, fish with the governor, and yacht with the 
president and speaks cornily at the Bedrock Women's Club, Arnold's Boy Scout Jamboree, and the Chamber of Commerce 
luncheon. Wilma notices that Fred is avoiding Barney, senses that Fred is hiding something, and demands to know the full
story about the baby rescue. Fred confides to Wilma about Barney being the real hero but refuses to repudiate his own
celebrated status for Barney's benefit, and Wilma scolds Fred, telling him that she cannot understand how he can live with
himself. On cue, an annoying Flintstone doppelganger steps out of Fred's body and challenges Fred to accommodate him 
indefinitely as house-guest, or else admit to Wilma that he is unable to live with himself and do the honourable thing and
cede to Barney as actual hero. Although he tries to do so, Fred cannot endure the presence outside of his own body of his
food-snatching, bed-space-grabbing, exploding cigar-providing self and at a Water Buffalo election of Grand Imperial 
Poobah, at which Fred is the favoured candidate, confesses that Barney saved the baby's life and that Fred just "took the
credit". Barney and the Water Buffalos are so inspired by Fred's courage in this admission that they unanimously elect 
Fred as the Poobah anyway!

"The Birthday Party"
Groundhog Day is also Fred's birthday! Every year, Fred says that he does not want for the day to be celebrated with a 
party in his honour but silently desires exactly this, Wilma complies with his unspoken wish, and there is a many-guest
surprise birthday party at the Flintstones' house, surprise in only a nominal sense because Fred expects the party and 
just pretends otherwise. Wilma and the Rubbles cooperate to organise the Yabba-Dabba-Doo-worthy annual festivity, but 
Wilma intends this year that Fred be genuinely surprised. So, the venue for the party is cave Rubble, while Wilma feigns
disinterest in a birthday celebration for her husband. To insure that Fred is away from the Flintstone-Rubble 
neighbourhood so that Wilma and Betty can arrange the particulars of the merriment and to bring Fred to the party when it
is fully attended and ready, Barney invites Fred to a leisurely afternoon on a golf green and in a spa. Fred, suspecting
that his best friend has an ulterior motive for this, perhaps because the birthday party is planned for a location other 
than the Flintstones' home, happily "plays along" with Barney's ruse. On the assumption that the clubhouse at the golf 
course is the designated place for the party, Fred bursts through its door, shouting, "Ah-ha! I'm here." Two blase cavemen
seated at a table and who are the only other occupants of the clubhouse, are perplexed by Fred's self-importance. At the
spa, where Fred is again disappointed to uncover no trace of his birthday party, Barney coaxes him to lift heavy weights 
and to submit himself to a blubber-reduction machine and unstoppable vigour on a treadmill, all of which exhaust fat 
Freddie. Fred and Barney both fall asleep in the spa's steam room and are soon overdue at the birthday party. When Barney
awakes from late-afternoon slumber and notices from his wristwatch that he and Fred are more than an hour late for the 
mirth, he carries a still-dozing Fred to his car for swift transport to the birthday party. However, Fred, scarcely any 
more awake when Barney escorts him to the Rubble house front door, refuses to wait there while Barney goes to the back 
door for the unstated purpose of alerting Wilma, Betty, and the other celebrants that their birthday man has arrived. Fred
is prevented from immediately retiring to bed in his empty house by a visit from new neighbour Stan Slag, who invites 
Flintstone to join him and Mrs. Slag in a bridge game. Fred's energy perks with his suspicion that Slag is hosting the 
birthday party, and he accepts Slag's hospitality so that he can ransack Slag's house in a futile search for the birthday
party, thus angering Slag's vicious guard-dog, which attacks Fred! Battered and fatigued beyond measure, Fred returns home
and finds Wilma crying on the living room sofa. She bemoans his birthday gone awry before the revellers appear at the 
Flintstones' door, birthday cake and all, to re-situate the festivity for Fred's glee and Wilma's relief.

"The Kissing Burglar"
Bedrock is victimised by a masked, nighttime bandit who kisses the sleeping women of the homes which he plunders and 
leaves a rose as his "calling card" at the scenes of the crimes. Wilma and Betty are both infatuated with the gentlemanly,
debonair manner of the tickly moustached, infamous Kissing Burglar and are exultant with anticipation when they use 
porcupine pins on a map to determine that Carblestone Lane on which Flintstone and Rubble couples live is next on the 
Kissing Burglar's path. When Wilma jests that she has nothing valuable for the amorous criminal to steal, Fred replies 
that a tacky Alaskan Tibbar stole which he bought for Wilma qualifies in this regard, and Wilma and Betty, while at a 
supermarket, scoff at Fred's cheapness and fantasise about Wilma being the recipient of furs and jewels from a suddenly
wealthy Fred. The Kissing Burglar's shrewish wife hears part of Wilma and Betty's supermarket conversation and 
misunderstands that the Flintstones are truly in possession of riches; so, she orders her thieving husband, of whom she is
the material motivation and "the brains"- albeit disapproving vehemently of his "romantic touches", to rob Mr. and Mrs.
Flintstone. Meanwhile, Fred is annoyed by Wilma's fascination with the Kissing Burglar and decides to teach a lesson to 
Wilma by pretending to be the puckering plucker of fortunes. As in "The Prowler", Wilma learns from Betty by telephone 
about Fred's planned masquerade (Betty has seen Fred conferring with Barney and carrying strange clothes and a rose) and
acts coy when Fred invades his own house in his bogus burglar guise. Mistaken identity then occurs when the bandit's 
"bitter half" furiously chases and attacks Fred with her purse after discovering him in the act of repeating her husband's
forbidden victim-kissing and rose-dropping (for Wilma) and when the real Kissing Burglar arrives at cave Flintstone. 
Wilma, believing the Kissing Burglar to be Fred and exasperated, removes his mask and recovers from initial fright at 
being confronted by the bona fide burglar, encourages him to confide his wretched life as slave to a domineering, 
demanding spouse, and persuades him to surrender himself to the police so that he can enjoy a private, quiet jail cell,
and Fred escapes the Kissing Burglar's "battle-axe", goes home to Wilma, and apologises for his deception.

"Wilma, the Maid"
In a desperate effort to convince Fred that she needs a maid to help her in household duties, Wilma carries wood logs 
while moaning and groaning, feigns lassitude, complains of brittle hair, and uses mascara to produce dark circles under 
her eyes as a symptom of Hemopoopalitis, of which the treatment is restful recuperation. Fred touches Wilma's eye
circles, finds thick mascara on his finger, and knows that Wilma is faking her misery. So, Wilma changes tactic by crying
loudly enough for Fred to relent and agree to hire a maid, though finding the necessary money to pay her salary will be
difficult without an increase in earnings from Slate at the rock quarry. The maid is a lively Italian named Lollobrickida,
who cooks a delectable menu. Unbeknown to Fred, Lollobrickida cannot abide bad singing, and after Fred's bombastic morning
aria ("Oh, Lollobrickida, your food I diggeda!") in the bathroom shower, she broaches the topic of dish-shattering and
ear-hurting song to Fred, but he forestalls her complaint with a promise to serenade her day and night in appreciation for
her cooking, then swiftly departs home to go to his job. Lollobrickida could not work for Fred under such torturous
conditions and, while Wilma is visiting Betty, quits her Flintstone maid position. She leaves a chiseled note to this 
effect for Wilma to read, then walks off of the Flintstone premises. However, Wilma has already promised to loan 
Lollobrickida to the Rubbles so that Barney and Betty can impress, with a delicious Italian dinner from "their" maid, the
Van De Rocks of the Bedrock Social Club and thus be granted coveted membership therein. Further, for the same evening and
without Wilma's knowledge, Fred has invited Mr. Slate to savour Lollobrickida's suppertime fare with him at home in hope 
that Slate will increase his pay so that he may continue employing the maid. Upon learning of Lollobrickida's resignation, 
Wilma offers to substitute for her as food provider for the Rubbles and Van De Rocks and at home prepares spaghetti and
brontosaurus meatballs. While Wilma is pretending to be maid to the Barney and Betty, who are "putting on airs" for the
Van De Rocks, Fred and Slate arrive at the Flintstone house, find Lollobrickida and Wilma both gone and the food simmering
on the kitchen stove, and "help themselves" to the pasta. A flustered Wilma then appears at the Flintstone dinner table
and, surprised by Fred's presence there with Slate but nevertheless committed to the Rubbles, grabs the dish of spaghetti
while Fred has a fork in it. Wilma races to carry the spaghetti to the Rubble home, but it unravels like a bundle of 
string, and the bowl is empty by the time that Wilma arrives at the Rubble dining room to serve the pasta to Barney, 
Betty, and the Van De Rocks. Fred and Slate eat the meatballs, leaving only two of them remaining for Wilma to serve to 
the Van De Rocks, and she covers two of Barney's golf balls with tomato sauce to serve to the Rubbles; however, the Van De
Rocks opt to eat the smaller golf ball meatballs, which bounce out of the Rubble "window" when the Van De Rocks try to 
insert their forks into them. Wilma decides to tell the truth to the Van De Rocks to spare her friends any further 
embarrassment, and the Van De Rocks are surprisingly pleased that Barney and Betty are not wealthy, maid-employing snobs
and invite the Rubbles to join the Bedrock Social Club. Wilma also apologises to Slate, who decides to augment Fred's 
salary to prevent Wilma from needing to anymore work as a maid.

"High School Fred" 
A retread of "Flintstone of Prinstone", with Fred not going to university but returning to high school to complete the two
weeks of study required for him to earn his high school diploma and ultimately finding himself on a football field. Mr. 
Slate's efficiency expert, Mr. Rockhard, has an expenses-cutting plan for Slate's company requiring that any worker 
lacking a high school diploma must accordingly upgrade his education or be terminated as a Slate employee. Because Fred is
best player on the Slate Construction bowling team, Slate offers to pay Fred's salary while Fred attends two weeks of high
school and will retain Fred as rock quarry labourer. Fred is so ashamed of this situation that he does not correct Wilma
when Wilma misunderstands Fred's statement about needing to go to school to improve his job qualifications and believes
that Fred has enrolled in "executive school" for promotion to a position of authority. Fred maintains the "executive 
school" facade to Wilma and the Rubbles while each day he sits at a desk in the classroom of Miss Stonewall and wows his
teenaged peers with his knowledge of the substrata beneath Bedrock, enjoys free periods with his youthful, new friends at
a malt shop, where he indulges in marathon milk shake drinking and brontosaurus burger eating, and plays a variety of 
sports including pole vaulting and pass-the-baton racing. Consequently, Fred arrives home completely exhausted on each 
evening and goes directly to bed, and Wilma is worried about the physically draining regimen of "executive school" and 
asks Barney to follow and observe Fred while Fred is occupied in his schoolwork. Bemused Barney watches as "overaged 
teenager" Fred chug-a-lugs milk shakes and dances his potbelly to jukebox music to the cheers of his cherub chums. When 
Barney reveals himself and surprises Fred at the malt shop, Fred confides his predicament to Barney, who agrees not to 
tell Wilma about it until after Fred receives his diploma. However, as fate would have it, Fred, with his "weight and 
power", is inducted into the high school football team, and Barney unwittingly brings Betty and Wilma to the football 
team's championship game, where the wives discover Fred on the football field as a key player. Barney explains Fred's 
deception to Wilma and Betty, and they join him in cheering Fred's game-winning performance. Fred's graduation speech: 
"High school is only for the young- because only the young can take it. Ooooh, my aching back."

"The Surprise"
Most of this episode establishes the mood in Fred and in the audience for the concluding scenes wherein Wilma announces to
Fred that she is pregnant and Fred runs into the streets of Bedrock, shouting his joy to his cohabitants of the town. 
Unfortunately, most of the episode is rather lame, with Barney entertaining Betty's baby nephew, Marblehead Sandstone, who
is temporarily residing with the Rubbles. He entertains Marblehead by acting like a complete idiot, bouncing in a seated
position on his living room floor, doing animal imitations, goo-goo-ing and ga-ga-ing, and snubbing his planned 
participation on Fred's bowling team in a championship game, so that Fred's team loses to its opponent and Fred is furious
with Barney. To Betty, he bellows, "You are married to a nut! Nut! Nut! Nut! Nut!" Not a really inaccurate appraisal 
judging from Barney's ridiculous behaviour. Barney's preoccupation with Marblehead further vexes Fred when Barney gives 
away baseball game tickets that he and Fred had been planning to use. Fred resents and hates little Marblehead, until the
infant, without Barney's awareness, crawls out of a hatch on the underside of his baby carriage and moves on top of the 
stomach of a hammock-reclining Fred, and Marblehead's evident affection warms Fred's heart to the baby. Fred allows 
Marblehead to remain with him on the hammock while Barney discovers Marblehead missing from the baby carriage and summons
police assistance in his search for the infant. Fred is, of course, accused of baby-napping by the Bedrock Police 
Department before Barney vouches for his angry friend's integrity. After this harrowing experience with Marblehead, Fred
is shown by Wilma the baby bootie which Wilma is knitting, and Wilma says that she is going to have a baby.

"Mother-in-Law's Visit"
Expectant mother Wilma needs womanly help in doing the household chores, and for this her loud, overbearing mother insists
on coming to Bedrock to stay with the Flintstones. Fred dreads this, but Wilma implores him to "settle" his feud with his
mother-in-law by telling himself that rather than hating his coming house-guest, he loves her. Fred strains to maintain
this disposition, to the extent of kissing mother-in-law when meeting her at the Bedrock Airport (and she responds by 
whacking him with her purse and accusing him of sousing on cactus juice!), sitting on a box at a dinner table while she 
rests her posterior on Fred's usual chair, and not watching the fights on television in deference to her. Taxicab driver
Charlie Boulder agrees to loan his business to Fred by night so that Fred can earn extra wages to buy a $25 baby crib, and
so that Fred will not be recognised in this capacity- and safe from rumours that he is "moonlighting", he dons a false 
moustache and black jacket. Determined to keep the baby crib a secret to Wilma, Fred is vague to her and to mother-in-law
when he leaves home on his first night of taxicab duty, saying that he will be "cruising around" Bedrock. Mother-in-law 
suspects Fred of illicit conduct and decides to locate her good-for-nothing son-in-law, and Fred is astounded to discover
that his first fare is none other than his in-law nemesis, who wants for him to chauffeur her to wherever Fred is "goofing
off". Fred chooses a bumpy road to rattle the nerves of the battle-axe and as the mysterious taxicab driver challenges her
to double-or-nothing games of pool and bowling against the taxicab meter tally that she has accumulated- and wins- after
they fail to find Fred at the Bedrock Pool Hall and Bowling Alley. He then states that a conscientious man like Fred 
Flintstone would be at the Bedrock Library, reading about how to be a good father, and when mother-in-law refuses to for
one minute believe such a prospect, he bets double-or-nothing on the money which she now owes to him that Fred will be 
there, and after removing his disguise is in that precise location to his mother-in-law's complete befuddlement. She 
concludes that Fred is really a worthy and decent son-in-law and is glad to pay her I-told-you-so taxicab driver the 
total $25 from her evening tour of Bedrock and lost bets. Fred not only succeeds in hoodwinking his mother-in-law into 
becoming loving and respectful to him but also after just one fare in the form of a "fat pigeon", he can buy the baby
crib. Unfortunately, he brags about the latter success to Barney, who, after dressing himself in Fred's taxicab guise to
himself earn some money with Charlie's taxicab, unwittingly divulges Fred's deception to mother-in-law, and furious 
mother-in-law "lowers the broom" repeatedly on Fred's head!

"Foxy Grandma"
Grandma Dynamite, a TNT-stick-throwing, masked, sexagenarian bank robber, and her burly grandson-accomplice, Sonny, have
plundered the First, Second, and Third National Banks and require a place to craftily hide themselves while police are
cordoning and probing Bedrock for them. They are in a park, ruminating about this situation, when they overhear fellow 
park-visitors Fred and Barney's talk about Fred needing a competent housekeeper while Wilma is pregnant. All of the 
Bedrock Employment Agency's housekeepers have proven unsuitable in service to the Flintstones (Peaches was a glutton who
selfishly depletes Fred's icebox food supply; Bubbles was too tightly self-scheduled, and Fred and Wilma were not 
permitted the time that they require to eat Bubbles' cooking), and Wilma will summon the aid of her mother, whom Fred 
detests, unless Fred can find acceptable housewife's help. Grandma Dynamite decides to pose as Flintstone housekeeper 
"Dinah" and, in the park, approaches and effortlessly convinces Fred to hire her. "Dinah" uses her supply of dynamite to
explosively open the stubborn door of the Flintstone icebox, and Wilma questions the sanity of "Dinah" and Fred's 
judgement in housekeeper selection. "Dinah" and Sonny have planned an excursion to downtown Bedrock to obtain some items,
including "lettuce", but Sonny's driver's licence is suspended, and Fred offers to transport "Dinah" and her grandson to
what he thinks will be the Bedrock Market. However, "Dinah" and Sonny direct Fred to the parking space outside of the 
Fourth National Bank, where Grandma Dynamite "strikes again", and Fred discovers that his is the getaway vehicle for the
notorious criminals, with him as their hostage. The three return to the home of Flintstone, where Wilma's mother, 
contacted and invited by Wilma to house-keep after Wilma observed "Dinah"'s bizarre behaviour with the icebox door 
dynamite blast, single-handedly "throw(s) out the trash" (i.e. the explosive elderly larcenist and her kin), but her 
suitcase is identical to and is confused with that of Grandma Dynamite, and when the police quest for the still-at-large
Grandma Dynamite extends to Fred's house, two dedicated constables witness mother-in-law opening what she thinks is her 
suitcase and finding the bank robbery booty inside. They promptly arrest her, much to Fred's amusement!

"Fred's New Job"
On Fred's instructions, because Fred and Wilma will soon have a child and need of additional income, Barney poses as rock
quarry tycoon Rockafeather to rival Mr. Slate for the services of dinosaur-lift operator Fred, proposing a higher salary
to Fred, with the mistaken expectation that Slate will top "Rockafeather" with a superior Flintstone salary. Slate elects
to release Fred from his position at Slate Construction so that "Rockafeather" may hire him- and as a result of this
failed pay-raise ploy, Fred is jobless! He dares not to tell Wilma in her delicate, expectant condition about his 
predicament as he covertly reads the "help wanted" classified advertisements of the Bedrock Gazette. Fred begins a series
of short-lived labours with his hiring as a flustered short-order cook at the overly popular Brown Turban Drive-in 
adjacent to a factory. Next, he is an on-probation "service station man", failing to collect payment from a customer 
despite an otherwise faultless execution of his gas station duties. Finally, Fred joins a circus and is offered by the
Southern Colonel who owns the circus a celebrity opportunity as Bird-man of Razzmatazz, swooping from the sky to cheering
crowds, his flight propelled by a catapult and maintained by the feathered wings of his bird suit. While airborne, Fred 
is met by the Slate Company helicopter and informed by pilot Slate- who believes that Fred's Bird-man portrayal is a 
"Rockafeather" publicity gimmick- that nobody at the Slate rock quarry is capable of replacing Fred as dinosaur-lift 
operator. Slate offers a pay raise to Fred as more than sufficient persuasion for Fred to resign from his "Rockafeather
engagement" and to again work for Slate Construction, and Fred literally flies home to relay the good news to Wilma.

"The Blessed Event"
Fred and Barney are exercising at Brick Boulder's Gymnasium, whose owner is secretly an anaemic weakling beneath a muscle 
suit inflated by mastodon's breath, when Fred strains a tendon and requests a bottle of soothing alcohol lineament from 
Boulder. Fred then meets Wilma at the office of Dr. Rockpile- baby doctor, to bring her home after her routine examination
by the doctor, but is told by Rockpile that a blood sample is required from the proud father of the soon-to-be-born "chip
off the old Flintstone". Fred is terrified of syringe needles and hides under a canvass. So, Rockpile's no-nonsense nurse
extracts the blood from what she thinks is Fred's buttocks but what is really the bottle of lineament in Fred's rear 
pocket. Fred is pleased that the removal of his "blood" was painless, but after he departs Rockpile's office, Rockpile 
and the nurse discover Fred's "blood" to be strangely coloured and scented! Wilma is due to begin feeling the pains of
labour, and Fred is so nervous that transport of Wilma to hospital when the exact time comes to do so will be a fiasco 
that despite an admirable "dress rehearsal" of this procedure (with Barney substituting for Wilma), Fred's worry becomes 
self-fulfilling prophecy when Wilma announces for real that she is ready to go to hospital. Fred and Barney both panic and
pull Wilma's sealed suitcase open, Fred confuses his words when he telephones the doctor to say that he will be rushing 
Wilma to the Bedrock Hospital maternity ward, and Flintstone and Rubble scramble to carry Wilma to Fred's car with neither
succeeding in installing her therein. Dino is confused under the sheet of Wilma's bed for Wilma by flustered Fred, who 
does not look inside of the bed sheet to swiftly determine that its occupant is not Wilma. Fred has at high speed 
chauffeured his pet dinosaur part of the way to the hospital before he is ordered to stop his car by a motorcycle 
policeman and the confounded constable gazes at the uncomely content of the bed sheet, flabbergasted by Fred's claim that
the "dog" is Fred's pregnant wife. When Fred at last discovers that his passenger is Dino, he does a 180 degree turn
toward cave Flintstone. Back at the "home front", Wilma has become impatient and arisen from bed to calmly search for 
frantic Fred, and Barney, still at the Flintstones' harried abode, is met by Wilma in the den and offers to drive Wilma
in his car to the hospital. Barney arrives there with Wilma in advance of Fred, and there is confusion by a desk nurse 
about whether Wilma is Mrs. Flintstone or Mrs. Rubble. In any case, she is wheel chaired into the maternity ward, where 
she gives birth to a beautiful red-haired girl, and Fred is delighted when shown his daughter by a nurse. The Flintstone
baby is named Pebbles by the proud parents and godfather Barney.

"Carry On, Nurse Fred"
Fred's troubles with fatherhood have only just begun. Wilma's mother has contracted with a nurse named Miss Frightenshale,
who is equally as loud and insufferably dictatorial to Fred as mother-in-law, to tend to Pebbles' needs while the newborn
is adjusting to life at home. Frightenshale confiscates and disposes of Fred's cigar and a floral arrangement presented to
Fred and Wilma by Barney in celebration of Pebbles' birth, on the pretext that they contaminate the air and are harmful to
the baby. Frightenshale next declares that Fred is "not antiseptic" and forbids him contact with Pebbles unless he wears
rubber gloves and a germs-blocking mask, which Fred grudgingly agrees to administer to his person and which frighten the 
baby. Pebbles cries, and Frightenshale accuses Fred of deliberately scaring his daughter. Fred's limited patience is hence
exhausted, and he terminates the vexing nurse's employment, after supposedly learning from a Dr. Rock baby book how to 
feed and diaper-change his infant. Wilma is angry at Fred's arbitrary dismissal of frightful Frightenshale and says that
she will hold Fred responsible for the decision, despite Fred's confident plan to attain a leave of absence from work and
assume the nurse's duties. He claims to have a foolproof daily schedule for this, but fails to include thereon time for
the washing of dishes and the laundry. Fred also did not expect 2 A.M. feedings for Pebbles. Drained of energy during his
daily household travails, Fred leaves Pebbles atop a hamper of laundry while he puts cleaned bed sheets on the Flintstone
clothesline and falls asleep. Wilma removes Pebbles from the laundry hamper before handing the hamper to the man assigned
to transport its contents to the Bedrock Laundromat, and Fred awakes from his nap, notices that the laundry have been 
collected, panics with the belief that Pebbles was unknowingly mixed with the bundle of fabric, and scurries to the
Laundromat to jump into the washing machines in a futile search for his daughter in the soapy water. Wilma learns about
the misunderstanding and telephones the Laundromat to convey the message that Pebbles is safe in her crib. Wet and weary,
Fred concedes defeat and admits that he cannot cope with the rigours of baby-caretaking, and Frightenshale reappears, 
banishing Fred to garage after Fred sneezes from his exposure to the Laundromat water.

"Ventriloquist Barney"
Barney throws his disguised voice so that Pebbles appears to talk, and Fred is fooled by this trick long enough to 
embarrass himself by standing on his head and spinning like a top on "Pebbles'" request, until he notices that Pebbles,
though still ostensibly articulating, is asleep. Fred is enraged now that he knows what Barney is doing and orders 
visitor Barney out of cave Flintstone. Barney later waves a white flag of truce inside of the Flintstone door and shows
to Fred two admission tickets to a wrestling contest between Bronto Crushrock and the Masked Mauler. Fred is eager to
join Barney in this fun evening excursion but has promised to Wilma that he will baby-sit Pebbles while Wilma is playing
bridge at a friend's house. Wilma has already gone to the bridge game, and Pebbles' usual baby-sitter, Mrs. Millrock, is
unavailable on this particular evening. So, with some urging from Barney, Fred decides not to be a male chauvinist and to
allow Pebbles an early look at what being a man is all about- by bringing her with him and Barney to view the wrestling! A
lady in the wrestling audience is appalled that Fred would deign to subject a baby to the sight of two brawns in hand-to-
hand combat, before Barney uses ventriloquism to bestow to Pebbles the offended voice of a midget wrestling champion. 
While Fred and Barney are exuberantly cheering the contestants, Pebbles crawls into the wrestling ring and is seen on live
television- including the television where Wilma is playing bridge after Wilma's friend, wishing to watch a fashion 
television show, unwittingly activates the wrong channel! Before Fred can remove his daughter from the dangerous centre of
wrestling action, Crushrock and the Mauler have pounded each other unconscious, with Pebbles jumping on top of them and 
being declared the winner of the wrestling contest. No harm was done to Pebbles, who enjoyed her "evening out", and 
although Wilma is furious with Fred for his chaperoning of Pebbles to observe wrestling, she is pleased that Fred opted to
promptly tell to her the truth about Pebbles' debutante wrestling.  

"The Big Move"
Aghast that Pebbles is mimicking such "uncouth" Barney Rubble-isms as "scooby-dooby-doo" and "shoot pool", Fred insists
that Pebbles deserves classy surroundings and influences- and hereby decrees that the family Flintstone will move "up" in
the Stone Age world, to a Snob Hill mansion having a swimming pool, a tennis court, a steam room, breakable antique vases,
and small-dinosaur-powered elevators. Fred plans to finance this upward mobility by renting the Flintstones' former abode
to a blue-collar worker and working overtime at the rock quarry. Without reading all of the terms, Fred signs a lease 
agreement presented to him by his slick, new landlord and next-door neighbour, Reginald Van Slaten, pompous egoist
extraordinary, who easily defeats Fred in a game of snooker, the stakes being double-or-nothing Fred's first Snob Hill 
rent payment. Pebbles accidentally breaks a vase, and Fred is obligated to pay for the damage; "It's in the lease, you 
know," says Van Slaten. The lease agreement also prohibits pets, and Dino must therefore reside with the Rubbles, who do 
not begrudge Fred for his decision to move his family away from them. Wilma misses Betty and Barney, and without admitting
to it, Fred shares her sentiment. The Snob Hill neighbourhood consists mainly of suavely idle "freeloaders" who day by day
impose themselves upon Wilma with expectation of constant feed as they luxuriate around the Flintstone swimming pool, 
straining Wilma's patience and Fred's income. Exhausted after his long, long days of work and without time to enjoy the 
recreational activities in which he had for many years indulged himself, Fred is miserable. He must also lie about the 
particulars of his job, on the pretence of being a powerful man in the rocks and gravel industry, hence further 
infuriating Wilma. A friendly visit by Barney at the rock quarry heightens Fred's awareness of how much he misses his 
friend, and the man renting the Flintstones' prior house has transferred to another town. Thus, Fred and Wilma decide with
no reservation to leave Snob Hill and return to easygoing livelihood in the "riffraff district" of Bedrock. First, though,
they must compel Van Slaten to abolish their Snob Hill lease agreement, and to assist in this task, Barney, Betty, and 
Dino dress and act as hillbilly kin of and permanent house-guests to the Flintstones, and a revolted Van Slaten acts 
quickly to void the Flintstones' lease.
"Swedish Visitors"
When Fred elects to enjoy his week's vacation by relaxing at home, Wilma uses Fred's saved eighty dollars of vacation 
travel money to indulge herself with purchase of a fur stole, without mention thereof to Fred. The arrival in Bedrock of a
week-long musicians' convention meaning scarce quiet at home for Fred results in a change of plan: the Flintstones will 
camp at Jellyrock Park, and for expenses, Fred will need the eighty dollars, after all. Thus, Wilma is in a bind. She must
replace the eighty dollars in the Flintstone bank account, i.e. the eighty dollars withdrawn by her unbeknown to Fred, and
wants to do so quickly before Fred learns from the bank manager that eighty "clams" had been removed from the account by 
Mrs. Flintstone. Enter three Swedish musicians, Ingar, Ole, and tall dimwit Svend. They approach Wilma to ask for lodging
during the convention, and Wilma rents the Flintstone abode to them for a week for eighty dollars while she, Fred, and 
Pebbles are at Jellyrock Park- and succeeds in depositing the eighty-dollars-in-advance rental payment from the Swedes 
into the bank before Fred can arrive there for an eighty-dollar withdrawal. Seconds after the Flintstones depart their 
home for Jellyrock Park, the three musicians arrive to begin their week's stay, about which Fred knows nothing, at the 
vacant Flintstone house. Jellyrock Park is a disaster, with dynamiting and felling of trees by workmen building a new road 
through the wilderness, thunder storms, and Yogi Bear and Boo Boo stealing the Flintstones' picnic basket behind Fred and
Wilma's backs. As a result, Fred is eager to return home days early. While Wilma and Pebbles are sleeping in the camper-
trailer rented by Fred for the Jellyrock lark, he car-drives it back to Bedrock and finds the three musicians in his 
house! Wilma must now confess her boarder agreement and its reason to Fred, and Fred is anything but happy accommodating
Ingar, Ole, and Svend in the house while he, Wilma, and Pebbles must live in the camper-trailer in the driveway. Fred 
orders Dino to enter the house and scare the musicians, but they charm Dino with a meal of Swedish meatballs. Fred next 
tries to repel the boarders through loud music performed outdoors at night by himself and Barney, but the three Swedes 
join the "jam session", and Fred and Barney retreat to the Rubbles' house, where Barney, at Fred's urging, telephones the
police to arrest the three musicians for disturbing the peace. At the police station, Ingar, Ole, and Svend sing a song 
that they have written in honour of Fred, whom they believe to be a kind and generous man who lent to them his house and 
his pet, and Fred is as inspired as the duty Sergeant by the talent of the Swedish threesome. He is pleased to vouch for
their good conduct, and no criminal charges are laid against the trio. Fred, however, is responsible for Barney's 
telephoned complaint and must pay fifty dollars to the irate desk Sergeant to prevent him from jailing Barney for the 
misdemeanour of objecting to the excellent musical sense of Ingar, Ole, and Svend.

In "Reel Trouble", Wilma is aghast to discover that Fred has acquired a home-movie camera with which Fred plans to capture excessive film footage of Pebbles to show to invited audiences.

Season 4 

"Ann Margrock Presents"
Hollyrock Singer Ann Margrock is intended to perform in her television show on location at the Bedrock Bowl, which Slate
Construction is contracted to build, with Fred as dinosaur lift operator for purposes of excavation and the aligning of a
clamshell roof for the outdoor theatre. Fred learns from his friend, Loudmouth Harry, that amateur talent from Bedrock is
going to be included in Margrock's Bedrock Bowl television engagement. Naturally, Fred would like to be one of the 
fortunate few to qualify for appearance on television with Ms. Margrock, and he and Barney commence practice of less-than-
melodious vocals. Margrock's agent, Mr. Rocklay, recommends that she sneak out of Bedrock's Hillstone Hotel, besieged by 
her legions of adoring fans, for a stay at some sedate place so that she can rest for the few days prior to the television
show. As fate would have it, her car develops a flat tire outside of the Flintstones' humble home, and when she knocks at
the door to ask if she could use the Flintstones' telephone, Fred grants to her the permission to do so, and she proves 
her ability to calm Pebbles' crying (crying because Fred and Barney's atrocious singing is agony on her infant ears) and 
to lull Pebbles to sleep with her pleasing singing voice. Neither Fred nor Wilma- nor Barney nor Betty- recognise her as
the popular Margrock, and when she says that she is seeking a temporary residence, Fred invites "Annie" to stay with his
family. Because she and Pebbles have immediate rapport, Annie gladly agrees to Fred's hospitality, and she returns the 
favour by baby-sitting Pebbles and diplomatically and coyly helping Fred and Barney to improve their act by dispensing 
with their awful singing and instead donning hat and cane and dancing the soft shoe. Flintstone and Rubble are still 
unaware of "Annie"'s identity and believe her to be an amateur performer, as are they. They ask her to join them in their
bid to be on The Ann Margrock Show, and she responds tenderly and affirmatively but without telling them that she is 
Margrock. At the eleventh hour, Margrock's sponsor opts not to use local talent and desires a Margrock-only show. Fred and
Barney are therefore denied audition, and the pair apologise to "Annie" for the lost opportunity. To their stunned 
surprise, she dashes onto stage on cue and begins a lively song-and-dance. Now they know who she is! And she alters her 
sponsor's ruling to permit them to accompany her in the televised limelight.

"Dino Disappears"
Pebbles monopolises Fred's attention and affection. Already thus feeling neglected, Dino is teary-eyed when his master 
forgets to acknowledge the first anniversary of Dino being the Flintstones' pet and instead buys gifts for Pebbles, the
string tied around Fred's finger to remind him to purchase a doggie toy having been mistaken by proud father Freddie as
indicating necessary presents for Pebbles. Fred then notes Dino's apparent jealousy of Pebbles when Dino inserts his face
into an instant photograph of Pebbles with her new playthings- a Pebbles doll that says, "Yabba-dabba-doo," and a doll 
house. That evening, after Wilma has scolded Fred for his mistake, Dino, always the loyal protector of Pebbles, grabs the
baby's diaper by his mouth as she is in the process of falling from her tipping crib, but Fred does not see the accident,
only his dinosaur's teeth grasping the infant's garment, and assumes that Dino was enviously attacking Pebbles. Despite
Wilma's assertion that Dino would never harm Pebbles, Fred banishes Dino to outdoors, and Dino gathers his belongings
into a hobo stick and by night runs away from the Flintstones. When on the following morning Fred has mellowed and is in
a forgiving mood, he cannot find Dino in the Flintstone yard and deduces that Dino is now itinerant. Endeared by Dino,
Pebbles cries incessantly and refuses to eat, and for her sake in addition to that of Wilma, the Rubbles, and himself- all
of whom are sobbing, Fred embarks with Barney upon a fevered search for Dino- and stubbornly alleges that the movie-
performing Dino look-alike, Rocky, belonging to a red-haired, moustached man in sandals and found by Fred and Barney 
attached to a stake on the man's lawn, is Dino, despite the dinosaur's clear disliking (with growls and bites) of Fred and
the belligerent dinosaur's ability to dance at his real owner's bidding. Come nightfall, Fred, with Barney's protesting
cooperation, uses a sack to "dino-nap" Rocky and is chased and apprehended by police after Rocky's owner sees Fred and 
Barney in the act of escaping in Fred's car with their unwilling passenger. Meanwhile, Dino is pursued by dog catchers and
runs into the same police station where Fred is pleading his cause to the desk Sergeant that Rocky is Dino. Bona fide 
Dino affectionately licks Fred's face, and Fred must concede that he was mistaken about Rocky. The Sergeant dismisses 
Rocky's master's accusation against Fred of dog-napping but fines Fred fifty dollars for a night of mischief.

"Fred's Monkey Shiners"
Fred is a prehistoric Mr. Magoo, while breakfasting passing pepper to Wilma in lieu of the requested salt, colliding with
doors, and kissing and giving flowers to Dino while inserting a bone into Wilma's mouth. No doubt about it. Fred needs to
consult an eye doctor. Dr. Boulder Dome tests Fred's vision and diagnoses an astigmatism, with temporary corrective 
eyeglasses as the cure. While cleaning the eyeglasses that he has prescribed for Fred, Dr. Dome receives a telephone call
from Mrs. Dome and places his own eyeglasses on a table next to those intended for Fred as he chats with the Mrs.. 
Anticipating a long conversation with his spouse, Dome dismisses his patient, and Fred inadvertently selects the wrong 
pair of lenses from the table. Without knowing that Dome's eyeglasses are aggravating his faulty sight, Fred drives his 
car atop and over a huge dinosaur and through a tree trunk, only acknowledging a bumpy "road". He intends to enjoy with
Pebbles the events at a circus, but one of Rocco's Marvellous Monkeys, a small ape named Chipsee, has escaped captivity at
the circus, meandered into Bedrock, and leaped into a blanket on the front seat of Fred's car parked on the road outside 
of cave Flintstone. Fred, having arrived at home to refresh himself before chaperoning his baby daughter to the circus 
and having asked that Wilma ready Pebbles for the circus excursion, finds the blanketed monkey in the car and assumes it 
to be Pebbles. Naturally, his deficient vision does not permit him to distinguish Chipsee from Pebbles, who is still at
home. Dr. Dome telephones Wilma to report the eyeglasses mix-up, and Wilma, with Pebbles and the Rubbles, follows Fred to
the circus. There, Fred is offended when other patrons are repulsed by the physiognomy and peanut-snatching manners of 
"Pebbles", confuses a gorilla with an elderly lady and a live baby alligator in an alligator pen for the "lady's" handbag,
and chases "Pebbles" onto the circus stage when Chipsee jumps out of Fred's arms to join his fellow simian performers. 
Fred catapults himself into the trapeze and high wire acts and, believing a unicycle on the high wire to be a boy's 
bicycle, rides it with unwitting success on the wire while he chases the errant "Pebbles". Wilma arrives at the circus 
with her infant and best friends and shouts to Fred that Pebbles is really with her. Barney continues the unfogging 
revelation by yelling that Fred has the wrong pair of lenses. After Fred removes them, he sees Pebbles safely in Wilma's
care and the circus ring dozens of feet below him. He is afraid of height and begins to fall from the wire, but Chipsee 
grabs and prevents "clown" Flintstone from falling to his doom. Fred survives his harrowing experience and is an 
unexpected success as a circus entertainer.

"The Flintstone Canaries"
Bedrock television's highly popular Hum-Along With Herman Show announces a barbershop quartet contest. The coveted first-
place prize is a tropical vacation at Boulder Beach for each member of the tuneful foursome to successfully audition, 
appear on the next week's Hum-Along With Herman, and be selected by the judges as best quartet. Desirous, of course, of 
being victor in the contest, in that a stay at Boulder Beach would enable him to relax beneath the sun and fish from atop
large boulders on said beach, Fred organises a "barbershop" quartet with his co-workers at the rock quarry, with noon hour
practice on each workday. Fred's colleagues are capable hummers despite never learning to read music and bring advised by
Fred to "fake it". However, Fred as the quartet's lead singer is ear-achingly tortuous for every man and dinosaur at the
quarry- and triggers a boulder avalanche, with Flintstone continuing his untalented aria after huge rocks bury him! Fred's
musical group has no hope of auditioning successfully without a truly sweet-sounding centre vocalist, and to Fred's 
delight, he hears Barney singing brilliantly in the Rubble bathtub and shanghais his closest friend into joining the 
Flintstone Canaries in the required capacity, but Barney is only "in good voice" while in soapsuds and bath water. 
Improvisation being the brother of invention, Fred modifies the act of the Canaries to include a naked, singing Barney 
paddling as though he were in a boat, in a bathtub amply filled with H2O and pulled on a rope by the informally dressed
supporting hummers, i.e. Fred and two rock quarry employees. As fate decrees, the sponsor of Hum-Along With Herman is the
goopy Soft Soap, and the Canaries, after innovatively topping the auditions, appear on the relevant Hum-Along With Herman
in the final minute of the show as performers in a Soft Soap commercial announcement, all four of them naked in sudsy 
water in a bathtub extolling the virtues of the product.

"Glue For Two"
Fred's chemistry hobby again, with the Flintstone garage converted into a laboratory as Fred aspires to invent a 
lucrative, new soft drink. For his concoction 778, Fred has unknowingly added Rockbaum's Steel Grip Glue to the mix. Add 
to it Barney's bowling ball, accidentally flying from Barney's hand during Rubble's practice bowling moves outside of "mad
scientist" Fred's chemical workshop, and a decidedly irate Fred after the unauthorised sport sphere's intrusion into his 
work causes calamity, namely a spill of his sticky soda, and the combination is an unfortunate male bonding between Fred
and Barney after residues of the powerful glue on the bowling ball attach it to Fred's hand while Fred is furiously 
retrieving the ball to place it on Barney's hand, to which the ball also fastens. Like Siamese twins, Fred and Barney must
dine and sleep together, sharing the Flintstones' house while Wilma and Betty are necessarily obliged to share the 
domicile of the Rubbles, and as one expects by this time, Barney's inconsiderate actions and offbeat habits infuriate 
Fred. Barney crushes a walnut shell with the bowling ball while Fred's hand is between ball and walnut. Ouch! He exercises
excessively at bedtime and then requires a lullaby from Fred before he slumbers loudly and then sleepwalks, dragging a
sleep-deprived Fred behind him to the Rubble icebox from which Barney, now bogusly somnambulant, builds a hero sandwich.
Betty and Wilma forbid a tempted Fred from punching his overindulgent cohort in cohesion. The tenacious tie between the
increasingly estranged buddies defeats the mechanical know-how of service station attendant Mr. Quartz, whose attempt to
pull Fred and Barney free of the glue-gummed bowling ball by the use of two mastodons connected to the hapless Flintstone
and Rubble and prodded to move in opposite directions, only flattens the hapless pair of cavemen when the adhesive pulls
the mastodons back toward one another at high speed! Eventually, Fred decides that the only way to separate him and Barney
from the bowling ball is to use a hammer and chisel to eliminate the ball. Barney protests, not wanting to lose his prized
possession, but Fred bullies and overrules him. Obliteration of the bowling ball frees Flintstone and Rubble from each 
other, and Fred, undaunted, resumes his chemist work, thinking that the revolutionary, super-strength glue was his 
creation, only to discover that one of its ingredients is the Rockbaum manufacture.

"Big League Freddie"
For the Cave Construction Company Championship baseball game between Slate Construction and Petrie's Petrified Lumber 
Yard, number one Major League Baseball scout Leo Ferocious and Boulder City Giants manager Casey Strangle will be in the 
audience, seeking new talent for the revered baseball team. Quite unrealistically, Fred hopes that he will play so 
superbly as third baseman for Slate Construction that Ferocious and Strangle will recruit him for the Big League with a 
contract for a hefty salary and advertisements for hair tonic and shaving cream! In actual fact, Fred is such a disaster 
on the Candlestone Park baseball diamond that he strikes out when the Petrie's pitcher throws a retracting yo-yo ball and
does not survive the bottom of the first inning after a baseball batted down the third base line hits him in the head. 
Fred's trusty, young rock quarry assistant, Roger Marble, must substitute for him in the game but lacks a uniform; so, Mr.
Slate orders Roger to don that of Fred- number 7, as Fred is being carried from the field on a stretcher. Roger is a 
dynamo, with leaping baseball catches and three home runs in three times at bat, and Ferocious and Strangle, having 
arrived at the game after the substitution has occurred, wish to add Slate Construction's number 7 to their Major League
roster. The man designated as number 7 in the game's programme pamphlet is Fred, who, recovering at home from his baseball
ordeal, is honoured to receive a visit from the two men of the Big League. Though remarking that rotund Fred does not look
at all like the heroic number 7 at Candlestone Park, Ferocious and Strangle assume that Fred was the man with the 
outstanding Cave Construction Company Championship performance and propose a "rock-clad" contract for him to join the 
Boulder City Giants. Bedazzled at this prospect for fame and fortune (the Giants are obligated to pay him whether he plays
effectively or not), Fred "throws honesty to the wind" and signs the contract. However, Wilma, the Rubbles, Dino, and 
Pebbles all disapprove of Fred's action and shun him. Pebbles' statement of, "Da-da bad," is enough to force Fred to 
reconsider his expedient cheat and to visit Ferocious and Strangle and tell the truth to them that Roger is the man whom
they want for the Giants. With their agreement, Fred "breaks" his signed contract- and is commended by everyone for his 
courage and conviction in doing the right thing.

"Old Lady Betty"
Betty wishes to earn some money to fund a rocking chair for Barney, and because she wants to surprise her beloved caveman
with this present, she intends that her part-time job be in the daytime while Barney is at work, so that she can do her 
paid travails without Barney's- or Fred's- knowledge. A classified advertisement in the Bedrock journal requests a kindly,
elderly lady, no experience necessary, for daytime duties, and Wilma assists Betty in the transformation of Mrs. Rubble 
to Mrs. Ol' Lady, with application of Wilma's never-before-used Halloween costume's grey wig, some spectacles, and a 
violet shall, and Betty's convincing rendition of a sexagenarian's voice. Betty reports for an interview at the house of 
Greta Gravel, a seemingly wheelchair-bound woman of age approximating that being faked by Betty and eyes concealed by 
opaque eyeglasses. Gravel's alleged butler is a ruffian, name of Stony Mahoney. Because apparent invalid Gravel requires 
her "butler" to be with her at all times, "old lady Betty" is needed for unusual shopping errands, Gravel allocating 100
dollar bills for Betty to expend on whole rock bread, toothpaste, and letter postage- on 3 separate downtown excursions,
and return the approximately $280 of "change". Betty and Wilma are both bewildered by Gravel's strange spending habit, but
neither suspects the truth, that Gravel is really a voluptuous, red-haired, counterfeit money-producer, that Mahoney is 
Gravel's accomplice, and that Betty is being used by them to pass 100- and then 500 and 1,000- phony dollars to Bedrock
businesses by means of trifling purchases and return the substantial difference, in proper money, to their greedy 
clutches. Before long, though, police are issuing bulletins to television and radio stations about the elderly lady 
suspect in the distribution of bogus currency, and Wilma and Betty both see the news story on television to this effect.
Thus, the two women reveal Betty's employment, in the nefarious Greta Gravel scheme, to their spouses. With Betty still 
acting as Gravel's unwitting stooge, the Flintstones and Rubbles obtain further "illegal tender" to submit to the police 
in order to prove that they know the location of the counterfeiters. However, because Gravel wanted to, "...throw the cops
off (her) trail," she gave genuine currency to Betty on this occasion, and the desk Sergeant at the Bedrock Police Station
dismisses the Flintstones and Rubbles' claim of knowledge of the fake-money printers' whereabouts. Fred steals a 
policeman's "motor"-bicycle to lead the police to the house of the criminals, where Gravel and Mahoney are in the process
of gathering their "funny money" prior to their planned escape from Bedrock. The devious pair are caught and jailed by
Bedrock law enforcement, which does not penalise Fred for police "motor"-bicycle theft but allows Betty to attain the 
rocking chair with bona fide twenty dollars provided to her by Gravel.

"Sleep On, Sweet Fred"
Wilma bemoans Fred's appalling lack of consideration when the man of the Flintstone household returns to home from 
Saturday P.M. bowling and declines to wipe the mud from his feet before traversing the living room. On this particular 
evening, Wilma and Betty watch the television programme, Open Mouth, with cigarette-puffing Peter Rockbind interviewing 
Dr. Terratso Firma, an authority on mental conditioning, who claims that by repeating a directive to a sleeping person 
whose subconscious is highly receptive to suggestion during slumber, one can impel that person to act accordingly when he 
awakes. Wives Flintstone and Rubble are intrigued by the possibility that they can "sleep-teach" their spouses to be more
forthcoming in material and manner, and this they do come bedtime, while Fred and Barney are dozing, by urging both men to
clean their feet before entry into their respective caves and to act like tigers in pursuit of a raise in salary so that 
they may shower their lovely women with gifts galore. All of this comes to fruition, Mr. Slate and Barney's boss being 
startled and impressed by the labourers' chutzpah. Wilma and Betty continue the sneaky "brainwashing" method to foster 
love of Kirsten Flagstone opera concerts, shopping for dresses, college lectures, and yard work to replace that for poker 
games, bowling, et cetera in their doting husbands, until Fred and Barney overhear their talk of their scheme and decide
to teach a lesson to the erstwhile "brainwashers". Pretending to be acting upon Wilma and Betty's commandment that they
procure for them mink coats, Fred and Barney plan, within earshot of the wives, a nocturnal robbery of Basset's Fur 
Salon, certain that Wilma and Betty will prevent them from perpetrating the heist. At the moment that Fred and Barney are
outside of the fur store, brick in hand, loudly proclaiming their intent to shatter the display window of the store in 
order to gain illegal entry thereto, Wilma and Betty, with Pebbles, intervene, with the wives confessing to the mental 
manipulation and asking for forgiveness, which Fred and Barney gladly grant, after admitting to their own ruse. Pebbles 
grabs the brick and playfully throws it into the store window, and police speedily arrive at the fur salon and surround 
the Flintstones and Rubbles, who must explain their presence outside of Basset's Fur Salon to a precinct desk Sergeant.

"Groom Gloom"
Fred detests Arnold, the newspaper delivery boy. Not only is the lad smug and condescending to elder Fred; not only does
he repeatedly hit Fred in the face with the stone-forged journal and sell it to him at full price in a chipped condition;
not only does he defeat Fred at virtually every game, including table tennis, with Fred wagering and losing money; but
also he has attentions toward Pebbles, or so Fred perceives. And when Arnold quips about someday marrying Pebbles, Fred 
retorts that it will be a cold day in Bedrock before such an event will happen. Fred promptly has a highly surreal 
nightmare about this precise scenario. On a bitterly cold, snowy day, fully grown Arnold and Leonard Bernstone music-
loving Pebbles are scheduled for noontime marriage at "the Little Church". An aged Fred struggles to prevent the nuptials,
although Wilma is in favour of the ceremony- and Fred is ultimately powerless to stop his beloved daughter from wedding 
Satan's spawn, who, in addition to replacing Fred in every capacity from dinosaur lift operator to bowling and snooker
champion and being elected as Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalos, continues to deliver newspapers to his
stalwart customers. Pebbles throws her bouquet to her fretting father, and it transforms into one of Arnold's kamikaze 
journals, Fred's head incurring its impact. As Arnold and Pebbles depart for their honeymoon on the back of a flying 
mastodon, Fred, at the climax of frustration, awakens. He implores Pebbles never to "grow up" and vows never to allow
Arnold to enamour her.

"Daddy's Little Beauty"
While "riding" on a bus, Fred and Barney overhear talk, by other male "passengers", of a beauty contest in which one of 
said "passengers" has entered his "baby". The prize: $500. Fred assumes that the man is referring to a baby contest and to
contending that his infant is Bedrock's comeliest under-age-2 person. Only after Fred has decided that Pebbles deserves to
win the competition and has, with Barney, departed from the two men without sufficiently discussing the details of the 
contest with them do the men describe the contest to really be between fully grown females- and that the entrant's "baby"
is his adult daughter. Fred had procured from his opponent father in the contest a spare application ticket therefor. 
Wilma, however, forbids Fred to flaunt Pebbles' pulchritude by admitting her in a beauty contest, prima donna vanity not
being Wilma's wish for her daughter, but Fred does so anyway, unbeknown to Wilma. Fred bathes Pebbles and garbs her in a
lampshade bathing suit as he readies his pretty baby for appearance on stage at the contest. Wilma and Betty suspect Fred
and Barney of being secretive, and Wilma, mistakenly supposing of Fred to be unfaithful in marriage, so much as orders 
Fred and Barney to bring Pebbles with them on the evening of the contest, during which they are parting from the wives for
a mysterious purpose. The contest organiser, a balding, bespectacled man named Goldbrick, objects to Fred's attempt to 
include a baby in the parade of Stone Age belles, and during the resultant argument between Fred and Goldbrick, Pebbles 
crawls onto the stage and garners approving applause from the audience and judges. Pebbles wins honourable mention as 
Miss Beauty of the Future in the final decision of the contest judges, and although furious with Fred's defiance of her 
wishes, Wilma is pleased that Pebbles' normal self-perception appears not to have been affected by her moment of glory.
"Kleptomaniac Pebbles"
During a day in downtown Bedrock with Pebbles, Fred discovers that his baby girl is too liberal a shopper, when she fills
his cart in the Bedrock Supermarket with candy, crackers, and cookies. While Fred is at Hotrock Jewellers to buy a 
birthday gift for Wilma- a burlap strap for Wilma's non-existent wrist-watch, said jewelry shop is targeted by Baffles 
Gravel, a.k.a. Light-Fingers Leo, a suave, moustached, international jewel thief, who, while the store proprietor is 
occupied with Fred's $1.99 purchase, snatches a multi-diamond necklace from its display case and, knowing himself to be 
followed by a tenacious pair of detectives, drops the "hot" item into Pebbles' baby carriage for collection at a later 
time. Fred and Wilma find the necklace in Pebbles' hand after Fred and Pebbles have returned to cave Flintstone with 
their acquisitions and assume that Pebbles is a compulsive thief now guilty of grand larceny! At night, Fred and Barney
endeavour to reinstall the necklace inside of the Hotrock establishment of business, only to be followed by Gravel, who 
is constantly under observation by the detectives. Gravel impersonates a Scotland Rock inspector and demands that Fred 
and Barney, still possessing the necklace and outside of the store, surrender the ring of gems to him. The true 
detectives then emerge from hiding and surprise Flintstone, Rubble, and Gravel, assuming the trio to be partners in 
crime. Fred and Barney plead innocent, and Gravel agrees, as they lack the sophistication to be "in cahoots" with him.
Gravel confesses all, and Fred is relieved that his daughter is not a jewel kleptomaniac.

"Little Bamm-Bamm"
Again the jealous, possessive father, Fred is becoming a bore! In one of his irritable moods, Fred proclaims exasperated
weariness with the Rubbles' daily visits in adulation of Pebbles and especially with Barney's habitual bird, horse, and
upside down cake imitations, all of which delight Pebbles but cause Fred's stomach to somersault, particularly because 
Fred is unable to amuse Pebbles to the same extent. Fred angrily expels the Rubbles from the Flintstones' house, is 
promptly scolded by Wilma for his rude and inconsiderate attitude, and visits the Rubbles to apologise. Barney and Betty
express their desire to have a child of their own, and when the Rubbles notice a falling star in the nighttime sky, they
wish for an infant addition to their family. Thus, on the next morning, Barney discovers in a turtle shell basket on the
Rubble doorstep a giggling bundle of joy, a blond-haired, brawny male toddler porting and slamming to floor a wooden club.
The note enclosed in the basket says that the orphan boy, Bamm-Bamm, requires a good home, and theirs is the one of 
choice. Barney insists that this wonderful development is a direct result of his and Betty's wish on the falling star, but
proud parenthood is not going to be theirs without complication. The Rubbles must report their finding of Bamm-Bamm to the
Child Welfare Authority and file a petition for permission to adopt the tough toddler. However, there is a prior 
application by a well-to-do man named Stonyfeller for custody of Bamm-Bamm. Since Barney and Betty are immediately fond
of little Bamm-Bamm and feel that their home is equally- if not more- valid as a place for raising a child as/than that of
the monied Stonyfeller, they enter into litigation with their lawyer, Bronto Berger, against the urbane tycoon, whose 
attorney is invincible Perry Masonry. Fred and Wilma accompany the Rubbles to Bedrock Courthouse for the custody trial.
Although the judge is Masonry's estranged brother and thought by Barney and Betty to be therefore favourable to them, 
Masonry skillfully berates Barney's memory with a question of Rubble's whereabouts on a non-event day which nervous Barney
cannot recollect and literally reduces Mr. Rubble on the witness stand to monkey-like conduct unbecoming of a Stone Age
father. So, custody of Bamm-Bamm is granted by the judge to Stonyfeller, but Stonyfeller minutes later learns that his 
wife has given birth and that he now has blood offspring. Stonyfeller cedes Bamm-Bamm to the Rubbles. Without hearing 
this excellent news, Barney has tearfully and alone walked out of the courthouse. He despondently declares his life not
worth living without Bamm-Bamm and prepares to drown himself in a rock-tied-to-leg jump from a bridge. Fred, Wilma, and 
Betty arrive, with Bamm-Bamm in Betty's arms, at the bridge, and when they inform Barney that Bamm-Bamm is officially his
son, Barney gladly aborts the suicide.

"Daddies Anonymous"
Fred refuses to stroll the streets and parks of Bedrock with Pebbles because doing so would invite his fellow cavemen to
label him as a "henpecked husband". Therefore, Wilma obliges Fred to mow the Flintstone lawn, a chore which in itself 
prompts such ridicule from a friend of Fred's, name of Elmo Rockbottom, who suggests to Fred that Fred walk with Pebbles-
to the back door of Boulder's Garage, at which the fathers of Bedrock congregate each weekend for friendly games, like 
cards, while their infants are parked in baby carriages in a vast lot behind Boulder's Garage. At Saturday and Sunday
dusk, the men all return to their homes for supper and are "legitimately" unable to toil at yard work or household 
cleaning because they have been ostensibly performing all day their duties as dedicated fathers. Fred informs Barney of
this ingenious responsibility-shirking scheme, and Flintstone and Rubble become D.A. members, while Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
join the other cherubs in the baby carriage parking lot. This is the Fred and Barney procedure for several days as Wilma
and Betty share their suspicions about their husbands' true weekend activities. Neither Fred nor Barney could possibly be
as selflessly committed to their offspring as they claim to be, and Wilma investigates by telephoning other Bedrock women
and enquiring what their spouses are doing on Saturdays and Sundays. In every case, she hears about an identical situation
to that of the Flintstones and Rubbles. Thoughtless mention by a D.A. brother to a policeman that a couple of hundred men
are enjoying marathon poker games every weekend at Boulder's Garage results in a raid thereof, after which Bedrock's
mothers- Wilma and Betty included- come to police headquarters to retrieve their children, and leave their lying husbands
to rot in jail for six months!

"Peek-A-Boo Camera"
Another "little, white lie" causes no end of trouble for Fred and Barney. The original, after-supper plan on Fred and 
Wilma's wedding anniversary is for Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty to excite themselves in the Bedrock theatres and night
clubs. However, the Water Buffalo Lodge's Grand Poobah orders a special Water Buffalo meeting on that precise evening, to
celebrate the impending marriage of brother Buffalo Shelly Shale with the standard bachelor party. Fred and Barney mention
with deliberate obliqueness that Shelly has "reached the end of the line" and that his Water Buffalo brethren will be
"paying their last respects", and Wilma and Betty, of course assuming that Shelly is dying, graciously permit their
husbands to cancel the Flintstone and Rubble couples' intended evening of fun so that Fred and Barney can attend to their
"expiring" friend. At the bachelor party, located at the Copacaboulder Club, Fred and Barney's shenanigans are most 
outrageous, with Fred pretending to be a matador and Barney, in his horned Water Buffalo hat, playing bull, and Fred and
Barney both donning wigs to dance alongside a string of can-can girls. All of this is captured on film by Rocky Genial of
television's Peek-A-Boo Camera, the popular show that, "...catches people unaware," every week in a new hiding place 
(this time in a Copacaboulder floral arrangement). Fred and Barney are overwhelmed with Genial's revelation that they will
be seen on national television in the next Peek-A-Boo Camera episode and eagerly sign the "paper" granting to Genial 
permission to use his footage of them, minutes later comprehending the disaster that they have wilfully wrought, for Peek-
A-Boo Camera is Wilma and Betty's favourite television attraction, and they are sure to be watching the next episode 
wherein Fred and Barney's deception will be exposed! So, Fred and Barney engineer convenient accidents to both the 
Flintstone and Rubble televisions, and Fred wields a lasso to "round up" antennae from atop every Bedrock home- in order
to prevent any of Wilma and Betty's friends from viewing the dreaded Peek-A-Boo Camera episode. But a police officer
discovers Fred's "cowboy" antennae-gathering tactic and demands that Fred, with Barney's aid, restore all of the antennae
to their owners' roofs, but the laborious procedure is slow enough for the forbidden revels on Peek-A-Boo Camera to be 
unseen in most of Bedrock, and Fred and Barney breathe easy- until the following Peek-A-Boo Camera broadcast, on which,
while Flintstones and Rubbles are watching, Genial announces that national audience response to the prior episode was so
enthusiastic that the episode will now be repeated! Wilma and Betty behold their husbands' bachelor party antics, and Fred
and Barney run for dear life, into a tree's pterodactyl nest.

"Once Upon a Coward"
Arriving at the fence to their yard after an evening of bowling, Fred and Wilma are robbed at gunpoint from behind them by
a gravel-voiced, masked hoodlum who orders Fred, hands holding one bowling ball each and already reaching skyward, not to
turn around and to count to 1000, "Nice and slow, see. 'Dat's the way to do it." Frightened of the menacing miscreant
behind his back, Fred complies with the bandit's commands as the mysterious man grabs Fred's wallet and flees. Later, 
while Fred and Wilma are waiting to report the incident to the Bedrock P.D., Fred thinks that Wilma is inferring that he
was a coward not to have resisted, fought, and subdued the culprit. In defence, Fred endeavours to prove to everybody who
will listen, that with the criminal behind him and a gun trained at his back, he would not have had any advantage in a 
life-or-death struggle. Yet, when Fred reenacts the crime in the role of the robber, every person whom he casts in the 
role of the victim (himself), succeeds in reaching behind them, grabbing Fred's arm, and throwing him in various 
directions, demonstrating that Fred could have citizen's-arrested the thug. Flintstone's self-esteem therefore hinges on
showing bravery to Wilma- in a challenge to boxing champion Sonny Dempstone that never happens due to a police raid of
Bedrock's only boxing ring because Dempstone lacks a licence to fight in Bedrock. One night, at the Bedrock Bowling Alley,
while Fred and Barney are practising bowling ball delivery, gravel-voice, loitering at the bowling lanes and unaware that
Fred is one of his prior heist targets, offers advice on bowling, "Nice and slow, see. 'Dat's the way to do it." 
Recognising the intonation and words of the "hold-up man", Fred chases him out of the building and, with Barney and a 
couple of bystanders as witnesses, throws his bowling ball to trip and foil the bandit, upon whose prone back Fred sits.
Man of Valour is Fred's designation in the Bedrock newspaper.

"Ten Little Flintstones"
A pre-Gazoo non-terrestrial encounter for Fred, with echoes of Season 1's "The Tycoon". While Fred is disposing of trash
outside of his house, he is observed by the pointy-eared, whir-voiced, shadowy occupant of a flying saucer. The "little,
green man"'s mission to invade prehistoric Earth. As part of his mission's first phase, infiltration and examination of
Stone Age society, the otherworldly scout copies the structure of Fred's body and garments- behind Fred's back, and 
creates ten duplicates of Fred, all of them powerfully strong but possessing the limited vocabulary of a monotone "Yabba-
Dabba-Doo", and releases them to disperse into Bedrock, stepping into and out of Fred's life without Fred's immediate 
awareness and causing some trouble (nocturnal ransacking of the Rubbles' icebox and clobbering of Barney with a sandwich
after Barney demands an end to "Fred's" midnight feast) and some benefit (helping Slate to impress potential business 
client Rockwell in a display of fierce golf prowess, which Rockwell interprets as indicative that Slate's employees are 
all in prime physical condition) for Fred, who suspects that something strange is afoot but does not in his wildest 
imaginings consider the existence of multiple doppelgangers of alien manufacture. When he finally learns that Flintstone
impostors are ambulating in Bedrock, Fred infers a practical joke by his Water Buffalo pals and, seeing his replicas on a
street, chases them into their headquarters, the flying saucer, in which pointy-ears declares his subterfuge thwarted and
exposed by the formidable Earthlings and aborts the planetary conquest plan, expelling Fred from the flying saucer before
it launches into space. Now fully cognisant of the alien factor, Fred tells to Wilma and the Rubbles his account of by 
himself ridding Earth of malevolent space creatures, and they, of course, do not believe it.

"El Terrifico"
Another Flintstone and Rubble vacation, this time in Rockapulco, means more misadventures for Fred, who fancies himself to
be a seasoned world-traveller with athletic prowess unexcelled. Sporting a moustache that everyone thinks is dirt on his 
upper lip, Fred calls himself "El Terrifico". After leaving Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm in the care of Wilma's mother, 
Flintstones and Rubbles fly to Mexico via a carriage on the back of a pterodactyl "fuelled" by bird seed and piloted by 
TransWorld-TransPterodactyl Airlines personnel. During the flight, Fred brags to other passengers about his untrue brave
exploits in foreign lands and annoys Wilma, who pays a Mexican customs clerk to detain El Terrifico on suspicion of 
criminal activity in several states. Fred is later released by the Mexican customs officials and is displeased to learn 
about Wilma's deception. At a sombrero shop, Fred buys a matador's hat and cape as a lark and is separated from Wilma and
the Rubbles while the four are going to see a "bull"-fight (prehistoric style, with the "bull" being a squat but powerful
horned dinosaur) and tries to bypass a long line of paying spectators by entering the arena through another door, not 
noticing the "toreros" sign there above. With his matador hat and cape, Fred is thought by bullfight organisers to be the
scheduled bullfighter and given access to the bullfight ring where, to the dismay of Wilma, Barney, and Betty, he luckily
defeats his foe by tricking it to collide with a wall. Suddenly, a rose is tossed into Fred's mouth by a ravishing, 
redheaded admirer named Shayla, who has been overhearing Fred's phony claims to globetrotting derring-do and plans to 
smuggle stolen diamonds across the American border with the intrepid El Terrifico as her unwitting stooge. She schemes to
give a present, a large stick-rattle containing the gems, to Fred at a party sponsored by her and by her accomplice, 
Rockoff. Wilma's jealousy of Shayla's flattering adulation of Fred leads to a confrontation during which Wilma angrily 
snatches the stick-rattle from Shayla's hand and hits Shayla on the head with it. The gems roll out of the shattered 
musical instrument. Mexican police apprehend Shayla and Rockoff and are convinced of Fred's innocence in the plot- and 
Fred receives a monetary reward from the Mexican officials. However, before leaving Rockapulco for Bedrock, Fred is 
detained again by customs officials, this time on a true criminal charge, of not declaring his reward money for taxation.

"Bedrock Hillbillies"
Zeke, the last of the Arkanstone Flintstones, dies, leaving the same state's Hatrock clan, which has been feuding joyously
for generations with Zeke's family, desperate for more Flintstones to shoot at with their stone-firing rifles. Zeke's only
known surviving relations are the Flintstones of Bedrock, and Fred is contacted by an Arkanstone lawyer and informed that
he has inherited Zeke's "estate", San Cemente, which Fred believes to be the lavish bequest of wealthy kin. Flintstones 
and Rubbles go to Arkanstone to view Zeke's legacy and are staggered to discover that San Cemente is a one-room, 
dilapidated house adorned only with a picture of the late Zeke. The Hatrocks commence rifle fire upon the confused 
Flintstones and Rubbles, and Fred and Barney are forced to defend their loved ones by combating the Hatrocks (with the 
stone-firing rifles that they have brought with them for hunting purposes), and the Hatrock-Flintstone feud continues, 
until Pebbles and Slab, the Hatrock baby, wander away from their respective folk and Fred risks his life to prevent the 
two toddlers from plummeting on a log down a waterfall, by dangling by his legs upside down from a branch directly above 
the top of the waterfall and grabbing the babies from the log. A resultant truce between the Hatrocks and Flintstones is 
short-lived. Fred repeats the faux-pas of Rory Flintstone that first started the feud, by commenting that the artist of a
portrait of Mona, the Hatrock matriarch, "...should have got life," in prison that is, for the unsightly painting. 
Hatrocks re-declare hostilities upon Flintstones, who scramble with the Rubbles to board their car and flee Arkanstone.

"Flintstone and the Lion"
What starts as a fishing expedition for Fred and Barney in a prehistoric wilderness becomes the start of a complicated 
friendship between Fred and one of the hinterland's native occupants, a male mountain lion. As a growing and very hungry
kitten, the Stone Age cat snatches Fred's catch in the fishing endeavour, and Fred chases the mackerel-filching feline 
into a cave, from which Fred is himself pursued by a disturbed and ill-tempered bear that is repelled in fear after the 
kitten bites its leg. Grateful for the little, leg-rubbing, and purring cat's assistance in this regard, Fred adopts him 
as the Flintstones' second pet. Pet number one, Dino, is anything but pleased by the new arrival to the Flintstone 
residence, but Pebbles adores the orange-furred feline, and Wilma agrees to Fred's wish to accommodate the cat, for the
time being. Soon, however, the cat is fully grown and, though still quite amiable, sitting upright next to Fred in a 
living room chair in front of the television, is a lion with a healthy appetite; he accesses the Flintstone icebox for 
steak snack after mere mention of food. Wilma reasons with Fred that the Flintstone family income is insufficient to 
support the lion's largess of feed, and Fred reluctantly opts to donate the chummy cat to the Bedrock Zoo, whose 
officials come to the Flintstone home and use a female lion to entice Fred's feline friend into their custody. Some days
later, a knock is heard at the Flintstones' door, and into the house prances the lion, his mate, and their litter of 

"Cave Scout Jamboree"
Fred unknowingly dinosaur-lifts a boulder from atop a geyser in Slate Construction's rock quarry. Result: flooding of the
quarry and a layoff with pay of Fred for a week to ten days while water is being drained from the quarry. Fred's idle 
period coincides with Barney's vacation, and the Flintstones and Rubbles opt to camp in a peace-and-quiet mountain 
woodland and on the advice of the Bedrock Auto Club select Shangri-La-De-Da Valley, supposedly a secluded retreat, for a
relaxing, week-long stay. However, the man at the Auto Club who recommended Shangri-La-De-Da Valley to Fred and Barney was
not then privy to information that the same valley is to be the location of a huge Boy Scout meeting while the Flintstones
and Rubbles will be there! During the two families' first night in Shangri-La-De-Da, Boy Scouts from throughout the Stone
Age world converge on the campsite, surrounding the Flintstone and Rubble tents with hundreds of their own fabric 
shelters! A Boy Scout bugles reveille into Fred's ear come morning, shattering the peace and quiet for which the 
Flintstones and Rubbles yearned. Scoutmaster Jones explains to protesting fellow campers Flintstone and Rubble that 
Shangri-La-De-Da had been designated place of the Boy Scout Jamboree long before the Flintstones and Rubbles selected it
as their campground. But Fred and Barney are invited by Jones to be honorary Scoutmasters provided that Wilma and Betty
permit the eager-to-please boys to cook meals (brontosaurus burgers, beans, and hot dogs) for them and escort them back
and forth through the campsite. Such is the agreement, and Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm join in the fun as Fred and Barney teach
Indian rain dances to the children and conduct a Boy Scout chorus in a rendition of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", with each
of the Boy Scout international contingents providing song words in their native language. Fred enjoys the company of the
Boy Scouts so much that he extends an invitation to the boys to visit him in Bedrock whenever they feel so-inclined, and
this they promptly do, surrounding the Flintstone residence as Fred and Barney repeat the "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" sing-

"Room For Two"
Barney's decisive vote against Fred in the Water Buffalo of the Year campaign (after Fred's "may-the-best-man-win" dictate
resulted in Barney selecting Joe Rockhead for the honorary title) results in a bitter squabble over a new room-adjunct to
cave Flintstone built earlier in cooperation by Fred and Barney across the Flintstone-Rubble property line. After 
pencilling a division of the room in proportions dictated by Flintstone and Rubble yard ownership, Barney proceeds with 
his television at full volume to noisily disturb Fred's attempt at leisurely reading. Irritated and enraged by Barney's 
wilfully disruptive conduct, Fred constructs a wooden fence over the room boundary, and hostility escalates rapidly. Bamm-
Bamm resolves the conflict by dislodging a crucial beam from its foundation to cause the room of contention to collapse,
and Fred and Barney reconcile, the initial reason for their feud forgotten.

"Ladies' Night at the Lodge"
Irked that Fred and Barney both squandered family finances on new Water Buffalo hats- when there was nothing wrong with 
prior such identical head adornments- and doubly exasperated by the increasing Fred and Barney habit of attending Water 
Buffalo Lodge assemblies instead of going to movie theatres and other pleasureful places with their work-weary women,
Wilma and Betty insist that Fred suggest a change in Water Buffalo bylaw to permit wives to accompany Lodge brothers to
the nightly meetings. However, Fred is "beaten to the punch" in this task by fellow Water Buffalo Quartz, who is violently
expelled from the Loyal Order of Water Buffalos for proposing so insidious a bylaw amendment! Fearing the same outcome for
himself, Fred refrains from echoing Quartz's ill-fated recommendation and reports Quartz's painful experience and its 
cause to Wilma. Wives are not and will never be allowed at the Water Buffalo Lodge. Curiosity about Water Buffalo 
procedures compels Wilma and Betty to dress in Fred's discarded clothing and in Fred and Barney's former Water Buffalo 
hats and to don false moustaches- without either Fred or Barney's knowledge, of course. Leaving Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm in 
the care of the regular Rubble babysitter, Wilma and Betty, as a pair of rather thin Water Buffalos named Smithstone and
Jonesstone, gain access to the Water Buffalo Lodge to spy upon the foolery there, on an evening in which many seldom-seen
out-of-towners are expected to congregate with the Bedrock regulars. Presumed by the Grand Poobah to be Water Buffalo
neophytes, Wilma and Betty must endure initiation rituals: whacks on the backside by paddles wielded by all brother 
Buffalos, a tug-of-war ending with their submersion in tar, blasts by hosed water, and a wheelbarrow race, wherein Wilma
and Betty dash out of the Lodge doors and scurry for home! Fred and Barney never suspected that their spouses were in 
disguise at the Water Buffalo meeting and are thereafter gratified to hear Wilma and Betty finally concede that the Water
Buffalo "herd" is quite rightfully a domain of men only.

"Reel Trouble"
Fred becomes an obsessive-compulsive home-movie-maker. His subject: Pebbles. Although Pebbles is an adorable baby, she is
boring as a celluloid "leading lady", and before long, Barney and Betty avoid socialising with Fred and Wilma, certain as
they are that Fred will "shanghai" them into being a "captive audience" for his Pebbles' hello-good-bye-hello-good-bye 
hand-waving spectacles. Fred has the audacity to bring a feature-film-length home-movie, 'A Day in the Life of Pebbles
Flintstone', to the Water Buffalo Lodge, his lustful Lodge brothers' hopes to behold a "bathing beauty" film being quashed
with insipid infant footage. The Water Buffalo brethren have angrily vacated the Lodge, all except for a sleeping Barney,
by the time that the movie finishes and Fred exits the projection room to receive his wrongly anticipated accolades. The
Poobah's note to Fred: "Dear Former Lodge Member, We'll get you for this!" In response to this debacle, Fred modifies his
approach to the filmic art, by positioning Pebbles in locales of interest to people in general, i.e. the Bedrock Park,
Zoo, and Art Museum. At the last of these places, Fred inadvertently captures an art robbery in Cromagnonoscope 
Technicolour, in particular the snatching by diminutive Boss and dimwit lummox Fingers of a Whistlerock's Mother portrait.
Boss and Fingers smile at Fred's camera as they are rushing past it, the stolen painting clearly in their possession. 
Seconds later, Boss is fully cognisant of the implications of two art bandits being on film and in the guise of a doting,
elderly lady befriends Fred and Pebbles and learns Fred's name and address. Come evening, after Wilma and the Rubbles have
all gracefully excused themselves from further torture by Fred's filmic fanaticism and Fred is alone at home with Dino and
a sleeping Pebbles, Boss and Fingers, claiming to be representatives of 20 Millionth Century Fox, visit Fred to request a
five-dollar purchase of a certain desirable roll of Fred's film. Fred declines their overture, and thence do Boss and 
Knuckles reveal their real identities and purpose whilst they tie Dino to a chair with film as binding material. Dino 
sneezes and frees himself; so, Boss and Fingers prepare to dispose of Dino in a closet, from which Fred's bowling ball 
falls from a shelf on onto the heads of both criminals, whose resultant unconscious state facilitates a citizen's arrest 
by Fred. Police arrive at the Flintstone house as summoned by a telephone call from Fred and find Boss and Fingers 
fastened by rope to two chairs and suffering the cruel punishment of watching Fred's home-movies. The devious duo are only
too happy to submit themselves to police custody. Although his fascination with moving images was instrumental in solving
a crime, Fred agrees to Wilma's insistence that he "kick" the home-movie habit, and replaces his movie camera with a tape 
recorder to audio-record Pebbles' baby babble! 

"Son of Rockzilla"
"The Monster From the Tar Pits" strikes again! Uninspired episode, rehashing Fred's unfulfilled desire to be a Hollyrock
celebrity while he is used by an entertainment mogul for his size and bellowing manner. Fiendish Films' chief executive,
Mr. Fiendish, wants to sensationalise the upcoming release of his latest production of the prehistoric horror genre, The
Son of Rockzilla, and his publicity manager, Bunkley, suggests the scare-'em-stunt of dressing a man in a rubber Rockzilla
suit, "unleashing" him onto the streets of Bedrock, and announcing to the news media that a monster is "at large". As fate
would have it, Fiendish and Bunkley witness Fred's tantrum after Barney drops his bowling ball onto Fred's foot as 
Flintstone and Rubble are walking to their favourite bowling alley haunt- and, of course, decide that Fred is the man whom
they require to wear the Rockzilla costume. Promising $50 for one night's work and prospect of fame and a movie career,
Fiendish and Bunkley easily convince Fred to become Rockzilla for their somewhat less than community-responsible plan of
scaring Bedrock into becoming Rockzilla-conscious. Although Wilma and Betty are both sceptical of Fred's starry-eyed
Hollyrock dreams and deem Fred to be ridiculous in his monster garb, Fred/Rockzilla embarks with Barney on the evening of
his Fiendish Films assignment to the Bedrock Zoo to learn from an animal there how to act horrifying. Said animal is Doris
the Finkasaurus, a female reflection of Fred's uncomely vestment, who, after Fred attempts to emulate her fits of rage and
Fred and Barney walk away from her, breaks free of her cage- and now, a real monster is "on the loose". Police, responding
to the media reports, incited by a "tip" from Fiendish Films, that Rockzilla now stalks Bedrock, have increased their 
patrols and inevitably encounter and pursue Fred/Rockzilla and Barney, firing stone-projecting pistols at them. Fred and
Barney hide behind a park bush from the policemen. Fred is desperate to evacuate his troublesome guise, but Fred and 
Barney are unable to open Fred's Rockzilla attire due to its faulty neck-latch. While Barney hurries to a hardware store
to procure the needed costume-removal tools, Fred is beset by the amorous advances of Doris and thus flees both Doris and
the minions of the law, finally arriving at the door to the house where Wilma is playing bridge with her friends and 
elicits Wilma's aid in shedding his beast "skin", which Wilma does- with one of her woman's implements. Doris arrives at
this place, as soon do Barney and the police. Doris proves to be fickle in her affections, almost drowning Barney with her
salivating licks. For the time being, Fred forsakes his "movie star" ambitions, authorities do not prosecute Fred for his
involvement with Fiendish Films' antics, and Barney helps to return Doris to her zoo cage.

"Bachelor Daze"
Flintstone and Rubble husbands and wives recount their first meeting as courting couples at the soon-to-be-demolished 
Honeyrock Hotel. In the recollected scenario, as seen in flashback, of course, Fred and Barney are low-paid summer 
bellhops, Wilma and Betty equally minimum-wage waitresses and cigarette providers, all in the employ of snobby fussbudget
hotel manager Mr. Stoneyface. While Fred and Barney are on duty, parking the fancy car of hotel guest, millionaire Reggie
Rocks-On-Rocks, for a fifty dollar payment by said millionaire, they see Wilma and Betty reclining as a lark in another 
wealthy man's automobile. Fred and Barney believe Wilma and Betty to be affluent cave-girls, and vice versa when the "guys
and gals" meet, none of them wanting to "own up" to being paupers for fear that they will be dismissed as unsuitable 
martial partners. So, the mutual Fred/Barney, Wilma/Betty facade as lavishly propertied bachelors and maidens continues 
while they ride a bus (with Fred using the $50 remuneration from Rocks-on-Rocks for bus fare payment), as they partake in
viewing a movie at the Cinderama, while Wilma's mother examines her prospective son-in-law, and during a masquerade party
at Hotel Honeyrock, at which Wilma and Betty presume Fred and Barney's bellhop uniforms to be costumes for the occasion,
and so do Fred and Barney think thus of Wilma and Betty's cigarette-girl "trappings". Fred and Wilma are smitten with each
other, and likewise is the case for Barney and Betty, such that when they are discovered by Stoneyface to be dancing when
they are supposed to be working and are all together terminated from employment at the Honeyrock and exposed to be 
counterfeit millionaires, the two couples declare poverty to be inconsequential in bona fide mutual romantic feeling. 
Weddings soon follow- although Wilma's mother is displeased with Wilma's non-monied fiance!

"Operation Switch-Over"
Fred remarks that Wilma's household duties are nowhere near as exerting as his travails at the rock quarry and do not 
constitute a job. So, he is challenged by Wilma to exchange places with her for a day. She goes to the quarry in Fred's 
stead, while Fred stays at home and attends to Wilma's chores, which Fred maintains will be so easy that he will 
practically have a labour-free day. Calamity results on both fronts. Wilma is a klutz at operating a dinosaur-lift, with 
boulders falling on top of Mr. Slate, who orders Wilma to go home. Meanwhile, between feeding Pebbles and Dino, doing
laundry, and preparing dinner (with boiled rice overflowing and flooding the Flintstone house), Fred cannot adhere to 
Wilma's assigned schedule. Wilma telephones Fred, lies about doing such an efficient job for Slate that he granted to her
an early quitting time, and says that she will be going to a movie with Betty, while Fred is too proud to admit that he is
unable to handle Wilma's housework. Some time after Wilma's telephone call, Fred is contacted by Hedda Rocker, a 
representative of Good Cave-keeping Magazine, which has declared Wilma as Housewife of the Year and will be visiting cave
Flintstone with a photographer to survey Wilma's spit-and-polished residence and snapshoot her picture. The prize is an 
all-expenses-paid week-long stay for two in Rock Vegas and $500. With insufficient time to find movie-viewing
Wilma, Fred pleads with Barney and a group of friends- who have come as previously arranged to play poker in the 
Flintstone living room- to help to render the Flintstone home presentable and to prepare hors d'ouvres. For the hors 
d'ouvres, Barney uses crackers and Dino's food, and Fred hides dirty dishes underneath coach and chair cushions, before 
dressing in Wilma's stretch-fabric clothes, donning a wig, and applying lipstick to become Mrs. Fred Flintstone and greet
Rocker, who is entirely impressed with "Wilma" and "her" work. Fred rejoices when informed of winning the Rock Vegas 
vacation but shudders when he realises that Wilma will be anything but pleased to see her name under the "dressed-in-
drag" Fred's picture in the magazine. Though embarrassed by the unflattering photograph, Wilma is happy to have won the
Good Cave-keeping contest, and she and Fred both concede that neither is really capable of doing the other's job.

Fred enjoys his opportunity to perform as Superstone, before a pair of criminals hijack the costume to use in a box office heist, in "Superstone".
Season 5

"Hop Happy"
Barney buys a kangaroo-like pet Hopparoo for Bamm-Bamm, and Dino and Fred mistake the Hopparoo for a giant mouse. After
being introduced by Barney to the Hopparoo, Fred challenges "Hoppy" to a boxing duel, which "Hoppy" wins, leaving Fred 
furious with Barney. However, Fred suspends his anger when informed by Wilma of a picnic to which the Rubbles have invited
the Flintstones. At the picnic, Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty are endangered when Barney's out-of-control car careens 
toward a cliff, with all four persons struggling to stop it, falling over the precipice with it, and dangling on a 
precarious limb. Dino stays with Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm at the campground while Hopparoo runs to find police help, and the
Flintstone and Rubble couples are rescued.

"Monster Fred"
Accompanied by Dino, Fred and Barney go bowling one night, and superstitious Barney cannot help but notice the omens in 
the black cat that crosses their path, in Fred's walk beneath a ladder, and in the thirteenth lane allocated to them at 
the Bedrock Bowling Alley. Sure enough, misfortune "strikes" when Fred is hit on the head by an out-of-control bowling
ball. Barney brings the semi-conscious and baby-babbling Fred to Dr. Len Frankenstone, a mad scientist attended by a 
constantly chastising, Sam Jaffe-like elder doctor. Wilma and Betty arrive at Frankenstone's clinic at Barney's summons,
and Frankenstone uses a mind-transfer machine to attempt to cure Fred's amnesiac stupor. A series of personality transfers
occur, with Fred and Dino swapping psyches, then Fred and Barney, then Fred and Wilma and Barney and Betty. Frankenstone
finally puts everyone's mind into proper body, and Fred, fully recovered, urges his companions to flee the mad scientist.
They also evade the overtures of a vampire who offers to treat Fred's foot that was run over by the wheel of the vampire's
car. Bad luck persists for Fred. While chasing Barney, whose ventriloquism has again enraged Fred, Fred throws his bowling
ball, which ricochets onto his head, rendering him delirious again- and Barney suggests a visit to a Dr. Jekyllrock.

"Itty Bitty Fred"
Fred is "on an inventor kick" again, this time attempting to perfect a revolutionary weight-reducing formula. When he 
samples some of the compound (Fred-O-Cal) that he has mixed and stands on a weight-scale, he is pleased to note a modest
loss of pounds and decides to drink a larger dose, which diminishes him not horizontally but vertically, to a finger-
sized Flintstone who frightens Dino, amuses Pebbles, and shocks Wilma, who must resign herself to the fact of her 
husband's "little problem". Fred has a big enough mouth to eat and brush his teeth, and he bathes in the kitchen sink and
sleeps in Pebbles' doll crib. Fred expects that his chemical concoction will "wear off" eventually, but in the meantime,
he is tempted to appear on The Ed Sullystone Show as a "dummy puppet" with Barney as his "puppeteer". Tiny Fred speaks 
while Barney drinks water- and walks of his own volition away from Barney, who impresses Sullystone with his apparent 
ability to imperceptibly throw voice and move his "puppet" without use of hand or wire. However, in the middle of their 
"puppet" act on live, national television, Fred, seated on Barney's knee, grows back to normal, collapsing the chair on
which Barney is seated- and Fred and Barney are violently expelled from the Ed Sullystone studio. Fred vows never again
to experiment with chemicals and pours his Fred-O-Cal out of a window and accidentally into Dino's water bowl, with the
result that Fred's pet (now wearing lenses because the sight of a diminutive master caused him to question his vision)
becomes a miniature dinosaur.

"Pebbles' Birthday Party" 
A bumbling caterer hired by Fred to provide same-night entertainment at Pebbles' birthday party and at the Water Buffalo
Lodge incorrectly sends soda pop and Rocko the Clown to the Lodge and cactus juice and dancing girls (the ravishing 
Boulderettes) to Pebbles' party at the Flintstone residence. The scapegoat is, of course, Fred, for Wilma and Fred's 
brother Buffalos. Wilma is furious with Fred, who strives to prevent illicit juvenile revels at home and to stop a riot at
the Lodge. While at the Lodge, Fred is attacked by his irritable Lodge brothers, who have already humiliated Rocko by 
pinning a donkey's tail on his rear. After one of the Flintstones' neighbours telephones the Bedrock P.D., everyone at 
both parties is arrested, and the caterer is summoned to account for his disastrous confusion. He readily admits to his 
mistake, for he is the only caterer in town and thus apparently in no danger of losing clientele.

"Bedrock Rodeo Roundup"
Fred has a rival for his daughter's affections when one of Wilma's hunky and virile childhood sweethearts visits Bedrock
(why she married fat Freddy instead of any of them defies reason). This man who dines at cave Flintstone as Wilma's guest
is charismatic, raucous rodeo celebrity Bony Hurdle, who will be performing at the Bedrock Rodeo Roundup at Bedrock 
Stadium. Wilma first met Bony while staying as a little girl at her uncle's ranch. Hurdle is a charmer with young 
children, as he repeatedly throws Pebbles upward and catches her when she falls, lets her ride him horseback-style, 
guitars and sings campfire songs, and croons bedtime lullabies. Pebbles is so enamoured with Bony that she hugs him and 
calls him da-da, which of course provokes bitter jealousy in Fred, who is already annoyed by the cowboyish "mush" that
Bony is exuding in his machismo and loud mannerisms. Worse still, Pebbles cries when Fred holds her and tries to lull her
to sleep- and Wilma sees nothing wrong with Pebbles' adulation of Bony. In a desperate measure to transfer Pebbles' hero-
worship from Bony to him, Fred enters the rodeo (to which the Flintstone and Rubble clans have been invited by Bony) as a
masked, bareback "mystery rider" atop a stegosaurus. Fred's excited "Yabba-Dabba-Doo" alerts his family and friends to 
his presence in the rodeo ring, and the usual unintended acrobatics ensue as Fred is twice "thrown" by the stegosaurus,
lands on its head and on its tail, and then hits a wooden beam, spins wildly, and finds himself staring into the furious 
eyes of an unbridled, wild triceratops, which Fred struggles to restrain from impaling him with its horn. The beast 
thrusts Fred skyward to tumble head-first into a barrel, which is then shot like a missile by Fred's fearsome dinosaur 
foe out of the rodeo ring. Bony congratulates the dazed Fred for his outstanding deed of prehistoric "bronco busting", and
Pebbles now rightly idolises her father Flintstone. 

A dejected and outraged Fred retires early to bed on the evening of the Slate Company ball, for which every employee 
received an invitation except Fred. Fred's fairy godmother grants to him a night at the ball as a debonair guest, with a
luxurious car transformed from a pumpkin and chauffeured by Barney. At the ball, Fred introduces himself as a wealthy and
influential investment broker, a Mr. Blu-ba-bla-bla, impresses everyone present, and suggests to Slate that Fred 
Flintstone be promoted. With the last chime of midnight, Fred's night of glory fizzles, and he finds himself back in his
bedroom. He presumes that his experience at the ball was only a dream, until the next morning when Slate invites him into
Slate's office, tells him about Mr. Blu-ba-bla-bla, and bestows to him a promotion to rock quarry foreman!

"A Haunted House is Not a Home"
Fred receives a letter from a lawyer reporting the death of Fred's "kooky" uncle, J. Giggles Flintstone, bachelor-recluse
occupant of a Nightmare Hill mansion. Fred's presence at the reading at said mansion of Giggles' last will and testament
is required by the lawyer, and naturally, Fred, believing that Giggles has bequeathed an extravagant inheritance to him,
eagerly journeys to the Manor of Giggles with Wilma, Barney, and Betty on the prescribed thunder-stormy, Halloween-like
evening to listen to the lawyer's reading of Giggles' final wishes. Fred will inherit Giggles' entire estate, but a 
codicil "to wit" of Giggles' will stipulates that Fred must stay for one night at Giggles' mansion, lest the bequest be
null and void. In the event that Fred dies or does not fulfil the requirement of the codicil, Giggles' wealth will be 
divided equally among his three morbid servants: Creepers the butler, who carries a long and sharp knife; Potrock the 
cook, diminutive but wielding a huge cleaver; and gardener Wormstone, whose clippers can snip through stone. Thus is the
stage set for a paranoiac night of terror for Fred, who believes that the three servants want him dead. Nonetheless, he is
determined to qualify for Giggles' legacy and obliges Barney to join him in the none-too-pleasant task of nightly 
habitation in the creepy mansion. As though the servants are not daunting enough, an ear-piercing laugh reverberates 
through the mansion chambers and causes Fred and Barney's hair to stand on end, the eyes move on Giggles' portrait above
the dinner table, and a phantom figure animates a knight costume and slings an arrow from a statue directly into Fred's 
buttocks. Alphabet soup served to Fred and Barney by Potrock spells "beware", and the frightened pair forgo their meal,
thinking that the soup is poisoned. Neither Fred nor Barney can sleep on a large bed, and when Barney says that he desires
twin beds, Potrock appears behind them from an opening in the wall and uses his cleaver to slice the bed in two. Fred and
Barney flee the bedroom down the handrail of a stairwell and are attacked at the base of the stairs by the clippers 
operated by Wormstone. And so it goes. Fred and Barney survive the night by hiding respectively in a stuffed animal wall 
ornament and large cuckoo clock, but when Fred rejoices at now being a worthy heir to Giggles' property, Giggles steps out
of the portrait, very much alive, the source of the laughing through the night. He says that he, with the help of 
Creepers, Potrock, and Wormstone, was testing Fred by the nocturnal frenzy of fright to determine if Fred has a sense of
humour- a bona fide condition of his inheritance. Fred loses composure and in a demented, chuckling rage chases with a 
cleaver his familial teaser and the servants out of the mansion.

"Dr. Sinister"
Fred and Barney are en route to a supermarket for ten pounds of brontosaurus-burgers and some buns when they are stopped 
in Fred's car on the road by a desperate and fearful man who believes them to be couriers of spy materials, gives to them 
an envelope, and commands them to deliver the envelope to a clandestine address, 1717 Stony Lane- before he is forced into 
another car by phantom, battering arms and spirited away from Fred and Barney! Always the Good Samaritans, Fred and Barney
"do a favour" for the unfortunate man and comply with his directive. They arrive at 1717 Stony Lane, where Barney slips 
the envelope under a house's door and is grabbed and pulled inside of the mysterious structure by the ravishing arms of 
femme fatale Madame Yes. Fred follows his friend inside of the Stony Lane edifice and, like Barney, is enamoured by the 
mysterious woman smoking a filtered cigarette, speaking with an affected French accent, and urging them after they have
handed the envelope to her not to say anything to her espionage foes who have followed Fred and Barney to 1717 Stony Lane
and who are in the process of invading the premises. Madame Yes disappears through a mechanically opening and closing hole
in the wall, and Fred and Barney are surrounded by Yes' austere adversaries. When they fail to provide to the brutal 
agents any information as to the present whereabouts of the "plans" in the envelope, the unwitting pair, now caught in the
machinations of an evil scientist- Dr. Sinister- based inside an island volcano, are transported by pterodactyl-aeroplane 
to Sinister's headquarters by Sinister's henchmen. Fred and Barney are sealed by mechanical portals in a luxurious room as
a temptation of the opulence that they will enjoy if they cooperate with green-skinned, pointy-headed, red-haired Sinister
by revealing the location of the "plans". But they do not know where those documents are and cannot divulge unpossessed 
information. Naturally, Sinister disbelieves their claim of ignorance and orders his minions to tie Flintstone and Rubble
to a cot beneath a slowly descending, swinging pendulum blade, which Barney ingeniously uses to cut the rope binding his
strategically raised arms, to enable him to liberate himself and Fred from the cot, of course after all of Sinister's men
have departed the room. Fred and Barney's effort to escape Sinister headquarters through a convenient special passageway
is forestalled by their discovery that Madame Yes has also been captured by Sinister and is chained to a wall. Barney 
succeeds in snatching the key to Yes' chain shackles from a lone, dozing Sinister guard, and he and Fred free Yes from her
predicament. However, the troublesome woman's dropping to floor of one of the shackles awakens the guard. Madame Yes 
succeeds in eluding the guard, but Fred and Barney are not quite as fortunate as she! The guard carries them to Sinister,
who, impressed by what he thinks is their courageous resolve to thwart his devious aims, tries to convince them to join 
him in world conquest. Fred and Barney refuse the offer of shared megalomania, and Sinister tries to extract information
from the two "spies" by threatening to drop them into a bottomless pit. With judo-chop-chops learned from watching Jay
Bondrock movies, Fred and Barney overcome all of Sinister's men and, again "on the run", are reunited with Madame Yes and
guided by her to a self-destruct lever for obliterating Sinister's lair and to an escape route. Fred and Barney must swim
for dear life away from the island, while Yes flees the impending explosion by holding the feet of a flying pterodactyl.
Wilma and Betty disbelieve the returned-to-home Fred and Barney's account of the Sinister Affair, until Madame Yes, with
car trouble, calls at the Flintstone door to ask for help- and Fred and Barney barricade the door!

"The Gruesomes"
The Flintstones' new, green-complexioned neighbours are a prehistoric Addams Family. Diminutive Weirdly Gruesome, his tall
and delightfully repulsive wife, Creepella, and the Gruesome boy, Goblin (Gobby, for short), with his pet, the huge 
Schneider the spider, begin their occupancy of beautifully dilapidated Tombstone Manor, and the bemused Flintstones and 
Rubbles observe the offload from a moving van of the Gruesome furniture, appliances, and pets: electric chair of early 
torture chamber period, guillotine cheese slicer, and giant bird; and the Gruesomes' arrival in their hearse station wagon
at their new home, a portable storm cloud shifting position from above the hearse to atop Tombstone Manor. Weirdly comes 
to the Flintstone front door to request a cup of red ants, and Fred laughs hysterically at what he believes is Gruesome's
sense of humour (Gruesome is serious, however, for his anteater has not had its lunch yet). On Wilma's invitation, Weirdly
and Creepella luncheon on sandwiches with her and Fred, culminating in Creepella dining on Wilma's tea cup and saucer! 
Despite his aversion to Gruesome tastes, Fred agrees to act as caretaker for Gobby whilst Weirdly and Creepella are away
from home and Wilma, Betty, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm are in downtown Bedrock. Barney joins Fred in the task, and the two 
cavemen quickly experience the frights within the Gruesome abode as they strive to protect precocious Gobby, who really
needs no protection, from the Gruesome Hela monster, iguana, man-eating plant, basement alligators, octopus, and shadowy,
giant ghoul (Gobby's "uncle"). Gobby is completely "at home" amid such grotesque phenomena, but his caretakers are 
terrified and endeavour without success to flee Tombstone Manor. Weirdly and Creepella return to their house of horrors 
from their excursion to find Fred and Barney imprisoned by the octopus' tentacles and command Gobby to order Ocky to 
release Flintstone and Rubble. Fred's indignation at his neighbours' disgusting way of life disintegrates when he learns 
that Mr. and Mrs. Gruesome are television celebrities in search of Bedrock talent for their variety show and auditions his
bombastic song and dance in their living room, only to be rejected by Weirdly and Creepella and dropped through a trap 
door to outside join Barney, who earlier and also without avail performed his own act for the strange impresarios.

"Dino and Juliet"
Quite possibly the most irritating episode of The Flintstones, consisting mostly of Fred's verbal and physical sparring
with a new, obnoxious backyard neighbour, Mr. Loudrock, a Ralph Kramden-accented bully who is taller and a hundred times 
more swaggering than Fred. Hostilities begin with Fred responding to Loudrock's edict that Fred be quiet on Fred's own 
property while Loudrock is enjoying a backyard sunbath, by activating his lawn sprinkler and spraying water over the fence
separating Flintstone and Loudrock premises and onto Loudrock's face. Loudrock retaliates first by knotting the mastodon-
sprinkler's trunk, then by throwing a lawn weed onto Fred's head. Fred protests; so, Loudrock lifts and drops the stone 
fence onto Fred's feet and tickles them! When Fred later learns that Loudrock has acquired a guard dog (dinosaur) that 
bites Fred's hand, Fred prepares Dino for a confrontation with the enemy's pet, but it is love at first sight when Dino 
finds that Loudrock's dinosaur is female. The predictable outcome: Dino and Loudrock's girl dinosaur mate and beget 15 
babies, which "in-laws" Fred and Loudrock form an uneasy alliance to give away to the people of Bedrock.

"King For a Night"
The Prisoner of Zenda, caveman style- and a lame retread of Season 1's "The Tycoon". Impetuous aristocrat who is Fred's
double, despairing of the demands of his position, sneaks away from his tiresome responsibilities to live like a "peasant"
in Bedrock. His aides, fearing loss of affluence because of the disappearance of their "meal ticket", strive to locate him
or a suitable facsimile, discover Fred, and convince Fred with promise of substantial remuneration to substitute for the 
missing power-broker. Barney encounters Fred's pompous and offensive doppelganger in downtown Bedrock, believes him to be
Fred, and is infuriated by his insults and seeming wilful refusal of friendly recognition. And so on. The King of 
Stonesylvania is visiting Bedrock and residing at the Rock Towers Hotel to entertain a delegation of wealthy investors and
procure a ten million dollar loan for his country- and for payment on personal possessions (yacht, royal furniture, et
cetera) purchased on credit. Weary of the near misses of his person of daggers, knives, and arrows hurled by his envious
subjects and of repetitive, monarchical duties and ceremonies, the King, alone in early evening in his hotel room, shaves away
his beard, descends through a window on bed sheets to the streets of Bedrock, and drives his limousine to a drive-in 
restaurant and then to a go-go dance club and to a roller skating rink. The King's servants overpower what they think is
their errant monarch by removing him from a "peasant's" car and "pacifying" him with a strike to the head. After Fred 
asserts his identity as commoner Flintstone, the King's aides promise to him $3,000 if he impersonates the King. 
Naturally, Fred cannot decline such a proposal! Barney, waiting for Fred at the Bedrock Bowling Alley, sees Fred's double
in the limousine en route to the drive-in restaurant and unsuccessfully attempts to restrain Fred, whom Barney supposes 
to have stolen the limousine in a delirious, strangely accented flight of fancy. The King drops a bowl of soup on Barney's
head and later clobbers Barney with a stop sign, but Rubble refuses to relent in his pursuit of the man believed by him to
be his buddy. Finally, the King opts to return to his throne and thence be free from Barney's pestering. At the hotel, 
Wilma and Betty, having come to this location for a glimpse of foreign royalty, instantly discover Fred in his guise as 
the King- and Wilma is displeased to see her husband charming and dancing with investors' wives (on the directive of the 
King's aides to impress the King's prospective monetary benefactors). Fred runs away from Wilma, from the dance floor, 
and therefore also from the King's men. It is only when the true King reappears at the hotel, pursued by Barney, and 
eventually collides with his look-alike in full view of everyone concerned, that the problem is completely resolved. Fred
confesses to his masquerade but says to Wilma that he did it for her and Pebbles. The King, grateful to Fred for his help
in what ultimately is the accomplishment of his aim (securing the ten million dollar loan), rewards Fred with $3,000 in 
Stonesylvanian currency. A mere $3.95 in Bedrock money, however!

"Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock"
Relations between the Flintstones and Rubbles deteriorate rapidly when Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are both entered in the Water
Buffalo Lodge's baby beauty contest. Not only are Fred and Barney squabbling, but Wilma and Betty angrily diverge too. 
Fred and Barney both strive to secure votes for their respective child among the Bedrock public, and the competition 
escalates to rival ice cream vending trucks, giant billboards, and picnics with free food for all. When Fred and Barney 
begin physically fighting, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm wander away from the picnic site, and Flintstones and Rubbles reconcile 
in their successful search for their missing babies.

"Indianrockolis 500"
Barney's latest hobby is automobile mechanics, and he has perfected what may be the Stone Age's most potent engine and 
what Fred is certain will enable him to be the victor at the Indianrockolis 500. Fred and Barney intend for the 5,000 
dollar prize money to fund college education for Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. So, their motive for entering the 500 is honest
enough. Nevertheless, Wilma forbids Fred to attempt the race, for not only is there risk of serious injury, but the speedy
automotive competition is also on a work day for Fred. Undaunted, Fred has Barney impersonate Wilma on a pay telephone 
with a message to Mr. Slate that Fred is ill and cannot come to work. Barney learns from the ensuing telephone 
conversation that Slate will be attending the 500 as a spectator, but Fred is confident that Slate will not recognise him
from a distance provided that Fred not remove his racer's goggles and that Fred use an alias (Goggles Pisano) when 
entering the race. Sure enough, Barney's engine outperforms all others in the contest, but the structure of the car cannot
withstand the strain of the speed, and Fred must utilise foot power for his final inches past the finish line. Though 
first past the line, "Goggles Pisano" is disqualified because the car did not cross the winner's threshold on its own 
power. Wilma and Betty, having watched the race on television and seen their husbands while the two were shown, albeit
rapidly, on camera, rushed to Indianrockolis in advance of the race's conclusion. Fred's "cover" is "blown" when Slate 
beholds Wilma with "Goggles" and is sufficiently furious to terminate Fred's employment, before an impromptu appearance in
a television commercial for automotive tires enables Slate to promote his own company by "hogging" the camera. Fred is not
only retained as Mr. Slate's employee but has been paid $500 for doing the televised advertisement, thereby providing 
investment capital for the scholastic future of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm.

"Adobe Dick"
Fred and Barney embark upon the Water Buffalo Lodge fishing expedition aboard the H.M.S. Bountystone, commanded, of 
course, by tyrannical Captain Blah. There is a $10 prize from the Water Buffalo Lodge treasury for the largest catch, 
which Fred intends to achieve. After three hours of casting their fishing lines with not a single hook nibble from the
creatures of the deep, Fred and Barney opt to part company from their brother Water Buffalos. While Blah is preoccupied
romancing a mermaid, Flintstone and Rubble borrow a Bountystone lifeboat and row it to a secluded spot in hope of better
luck in their fishing enterprise. They encounter what they believe is an island and park their boat there. But their 
chosen place for a quick lunch and further fly casting is alive. It is the back of the legendary whaleasaurus, Adobe Dick!
Irked by the two cavemen positioned on his hulky body, Dick goes into attack mode and swallows alive Fred and Barney, who,
while rowing in panic their boat away from the fearsome Adobe's prior location, unwittingly choose to hide in a cave that 
is really the fully opened maw of the monster of the deep! In Dick's stomach, Fred and Barney read a message on one of
Dick's molars from a long-dead fellow victim of the notorious whaleasaurus, a certain Jonah, and conclude correctly that 
they are Adobe Dick fodder. They manage to escape the whaleasaurus' stomach and mouth by tickling Dick's tonsil. Dick 
pursues them as they row their boat in haste toward bona fide land, becomes tired, and slumbers on a beach. With his
Polarock camera, Barney attempts to photograph Fred standing beside the huge beast of the sea, but while stepping backward
to frame his snapshot, Barney falls off of the top of a cliff. His cry in the fall awakens Dick, who darts into the water
and into the horizon, never to be seen again. Fred is heartbroken to have lost yet another opportunity for fame. Happily,
Barney discovers after he and Fred return to their homes that he did in fact photograph Fred with Adobe before his tumble
from the cliff. Fred's rapt anticipation that his ostensibly incredible "fish story" will be verified to Wilma and to the
world is dashed as Barney is shocked to discover that his thumb obstructed the camera frame!

"Christmas Flintstone"
Working as a department store Santa Claus to earn some additional spending money for Christmas, Fred is recruited by two 
mirthful elves, Twinky and Blinky- in the employ of the real Saint Nick, for a most important task. Twinky and Blinky 
pilot Santa's sleigh with Fred as their guest to the North Pole so that Fred can meet the jolly man in the red suit. 
However, Santa is not as jovial as usual, for he is afflicted with flu. The ailing bearer of Christmas presents to the 
peoples of the world, requires a replacement of similar body proportions to do his "appointed rounds" on 24 December and 
has selected Fred for this honoured job. Fred is happy to be of assistance to Saint Nick and, accompanied by Twinky and 
Blinky, delivers gifts via Santa's sleigh to the entire world in a matter of hours. However, Fred neglects to bring 
Christmas presents to his own family and believes that it is going to be a less-than-merry holiday for the Flintstones. To
his relief and delight, Fred finds that the real Santa was able to perform one delivery of gifts- to a certain home in 
Bedrock. "Merry Christmas," shouts Santa from his airborne sleigh to Fred, with Twinky and Blinky repeating the Season's 

"Fred's Flying Lesson"
Fred wins a free flying lesson from the Water Buffalo Lodge and decides to enrol in the complete five-lesson piloting 
course after meeting alluring instructor Kitty Rockhawk, who calls him "Wings". Wanting to surprise Wilma by attaining a 
flying licence and being apprehensive about his teacher's gender and attractiveness, Fred keeps his pursuit of a pilot 
licence and possible employment at Prehistoric Airlines a secret from his wife (by receiving all 5 lessons in one day 
while he is believed by Wilma and Betty to be at bowling practice with Barney). On the day of his pilot's test which, if 
a success, will earn for Fred the desired licence to pilot Stone Age aeroplanes, Fred invites his family and the Rubbles 
to the site of the piloting test, the Bedrock Flying School at Idlerock Airport, for a picnic. On Fred's testing flight,
for which he is supposed to be alone in the aeroplane, Barney stows away in the passenger seat and surprises Fred by his 
presence therein once the aeroplane is airborne. A do-do bird seats itself on the aeroplane's wings, causing the 
aeroplane's altitude to plummet. When Barney throws a huge stone (from inside the aeroplane) at the troublesome fowl, the
rock falls atop a military base on the airport grounds. Believing Fred's aeroplane to be an enemy attacker, the military 
base's commander, General Stonewall, opens fire (with rocks and a pterodactyl-missile) at Fred's beleaguered flier. Fred
accidentally ejects himself from the aeroplane and parachutes to Earth, leaving Barney alone in besieged flight. With 
Fred's guidance from the control tower, Barney lands the aeroplane, albeit at a 90 degree angle, and "Wings" is a hero. 
However, this harrowing experience has "grounded" Fred's enthusiasm for piloting. Kitty explains Fred's honourable 
intentions for the flying lessons to an edified Wilma.

"Fred's Second Car"
When Fred reads from an elderly man's journal on a bus that confiscated or impounded-and-unclaimed cars are being 
auctioned by the Bedrock Police, he believes this to be his and Barney's opportunity to inexpensively purchase an 
additional car for recreational purposes. Fred and Barney attend the auction, with Barney bringing thereto some supplies
(including glue) for repairing minor damage to a possible successfully-bidden-upon Stone Age transporter, and a bi-stone-
log-wheeled car with a blue wooden carriage captures Fred and Barney's fancy. It also happens to be the car of the 
infamous Slimyrock Gang of now-jailed jewel thieves whose unrecovered booty is rumoured to be somewhere in its body. A 
ruthless, bespectacled kingpin of crime, Big Sparkle, who enjoys non-precision stone-firing gun target-practising with 
cans placed upon the heads of his henchmen (and when accidentally killing his stooges says, "Tsk, tsk, tsk."), intends to
acquire this particular car and sends two thugs, Herman (tall but not nimble-minded) and Linko (diminutive but incisively
tongued), to the auction to bid highest on it. Linko bids while Herman confers with Big Sparkle in front of the police 
auction house. When bidding between Fred and Linko escalates and Linko threatens physical harm to Fred and Barney if his
bidding does not prevail, Barney, behind Linko's back, pours some of his glue into the bag of caramel-coated popcorn being
eaten during the auction by the hoodlum, whose mouth is therefore sealed closed, rendering him incapable of outbidding 
Fred and Barney, who triumphantly buy the car. After Fred and Barney conduct the car to Fred's home to show it to their 
squeamish wives (who quite rightly comment that the car looks like the property of gangsters), Fred drives the car, 
accompanied by Barney and Dino, for a pleasure excursion, and Big Sparkle and his minions pursue Fred, Barney, and Dino,
rapid-firing stones at them, knocking Dino out of the beleaguered vehicle and forcing Fred and Barney to seek shelter in a
building that Fred and Barney too late learn is the crime syndicate's headquarters. Fred and Barney are locked in a room
while Big Sparkle and his lackeys search the car for the gems- and do not find them. Dino, outside of the building and 
unseen by the criminals, is, through a barred "window", entrusted by Fred to run to Wilma and Betty for help, which he
does, and Wilma and Betty, following Dino's directions to Fred and Barney's place of confinement, hurry, past the car-
driving speed limit, to their spouses' rescue, and are followed by police. Fred and Barney trick Big Sparkle into letting
them sit within the car, on the pretence that they know where in the car the jewels are concealed, and Fred suddenly 
reverse-drives the car up a steep hill to a collision with a tree. The front wheel dislodges from the car and rolls down
the hill, "crushes" Big Sparkle and Herman, and fractures to reveal its content Slimyrock gems. Wilma, Betty, Dino, and 
the police arrive at Big Sparkle headquarters to congratulate Fred and Barney for finding the jewelry and vanquishing the
villains. With money rewarded to them by the police, Fred and Barney agree to Wilma and Betty's urging that they buy 
another, less troublesome car.

"The Time Machine"
Fred, Wilma, Betty, and Barney are visiting a World's Fair when they are persuaded by a dotty scientist to be test 
subjects for the scientist's time machine. The incredulous four are projected into the future to the times of the Roman
Empire, the Knights of the Roundtable, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, and a post-twentieth century Jet Age. Fred
and Barney are placed in the Roman Colosseum and are almost lion victims for the amusement of a Jack Benny-esque, fiddling
Nero. Then, Fred is obliged to fight in a jousting duel in the stead of Sir Lancelot and accidentally prevails in the
contest, winning but of course spurning marriage to the King's daughter. Next, the two couples are caught in the middle of
a mutiny aboard the Santa Maria and then electrified by Franklin's lightning-struck kite. Authorities of the Jet Age 
pursue Flintstones and Rubbles into a Stone Age exhibit at a futuristic World's Fair. Finally, the four are transported
back to prehistory, where Fred berates the scientist's troublesome invention and accuses the scientist of nuttiness, 
before Flintstones and Rubbles depart their time's World's Fair for home.

"The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes"
The Hatrocks have declared a truce with the Flintstones and come to Bedrock and Flintstone home territory to visit, and 
Fred does not dare to offend his irritating guests, whose extended stay is crowding the Flintstones out of their own 
house, not to mention skyrocketing Fred's food bill. Fred asks the Gruesomes to scare the irritating Hatrocks into leaving
his property, but the Hatrocks are anything but frightened by the Gruesomes. Fred's last hope involves bombarding the 
Hatrocks' ears with detested "bug music". The backwoods Hatrocks cannot abide the Beatles-like singing of Flintstones,
Rubbles, and Gruesomes, and depart Fred's abode in haste to attend Bedrock's World's Fair.

"Moonlight Maintenance"
Fred becomes janitor at the highly "automated" Bedrock Towers with the reward of an apartment in the building- in the 
basement. "Welcome to the black hole of Calcutta," Wilma laments upon viewing the windowless cellar dwelling, which, 
naturally, requires a complete cleaning job. Expecting his janitorial duties to be few and easy, Fred retains his rock
quarry job at Slate Construction and "moonlights" as Bedrock Towers' custodian without Slate's knowledge. Fred also rents
the original Flintstone residence to a Mr. and Mrs. Raffrock for additional profit. However, while Fred is working by day
at the rock quarry, Wilma is pestered constantly by snobby Bedrock Towers tenants with various equipment problems, and the
tasks do not ease when Fred arrives at the apartment building after his long day of work at the rock quarry. He must climb
a ladder, with Barney's help, to re-light a candle that illuminates one of the letters in the building's sign. Matters are
worse when Slate relocates his home into Bedrock Towers and sees Fred in the act of mowing the grass surrounding the 
edifice. Speedily donning a wig and false moustache and speaking with an affected English accent, Fred tries to fool Slate
into thinking that he, Bedrock Towers' resident stationary engineer, is another man with Flintstone physique, but the ruse
does not last for long, for Fred is obliged, by his unhappy family, by Mr. Rockroll- his dissatisfied Bedrock Towers 
employer, by Slate, and by his tired body to quit the janitor job and return to the first and humble Flintstone abode.

"Sheriff For a Day"
Flintstone and Rubble couples are travelling in car and camper in search of valuable uranium in a frontier region when 
they exhaust their supply of gasoline (why gasoline, when Fred's feet are supposed to be the source of his car's "engine" 
power?) and, looking for a settlement at which to replenish their "automotive fuel", encounter the town of Rocky Gulch,
which is the target of the notorious Slatery Brothers, three outlaw gunslingers who have been paroled from Alcarock Prison
and have vowed revenge upon whoever is the current sheriff of the frontier town. Joe Crag, yet another childhood chum of
Fred's, now "wears the badge". Afraid of the certain coming to Rocky Gulch of the Slaterys, Crag contrives to pass the
sheriff's badge and white hat to Fred by offering to Flintstones and Rubbles a free tour of Rocky Gulch and appointing 
Fred as Sheriff-For-a-Day. Fred unwittingly accepts the appointment, Barney volunteers to be Fred's deputy, and both men
are sneakily measured by Digger Stone, the town's undertaker. When Fred and Barney finally learn of the impending arrival
in the town of the murderous brothers Slatery, they are honour-bound to defend Rocky Gulch in a gun duel with the killers.
At the crucial moment in their confrontation with the Slaterys, Fred and Barney are aided by the intrepid Cartrock family
of television's Bonanza, who lasso the menacing trio, and Fred and Barney are Rocky Gulch heroes.

"Deep in the Heart of Texarock"
Flintstones and Rubbles, with babies and pets, arrive in a cramped taxi car at the Bedrock airport for a flight to 
Texarock to visit with Fred's Uncle Tex. Fred and Barney ride economy class on the TransWorld TransPterodactyl airliner,
that is outside of the passenger carriage, and they shiver with cold before being invited by stewardess Ms. Brickhouse to
enter the carriage to watch a Bridget Bardoozy movie. As the feathered "aeroplane" commences descent to Texarock, Fred 
fastens his crab seat belt too tightly and faints, later awakened by Barney and by Wilma once the Flintstones and Rubbles
have disembarked the landed "jet". Tex uses his elongated car to collect his visitors and transport them to his impressive
ranch homestead, the Rockadollar, on the shore to the Gulf of Mexico. While the wives, children, and pets luxuriate in 
Tex's lavish house, Tex, in the process of showing to Fred and Barney his "spread", is informed by his hired help, a 
cowboy named Blister (so-called because he has a splinter in his foot and is afraid to remove it), that Billy the Kidder,
notorious cattle rustler, has swiped some of Tex's cowasauruses. Tex obliges his Bedrock guests (i.e. Fred and Barney) to
assist in protecting the remainder of the Rockadollar cattle herd from Billy by disguising themselves as a bull cowasaurus
and signalling Tex and Blister with a particular "mooing" sound when Billy acts on another raid of Tex's livestock. Fred
occupies the front of the bull cowasaurus costume, and Barney is the rear. Billy ambushes Tex's beefy herd while Fred and
Barney are preoccupied with avoiding the attentions of an amorous cowasaurus named Carmen, and before Fred and Barney are
able to summon Tex, one of Billy's men brands the Fred-and-Barney bull cowasaurus (with considerable pain to Barney's 
buttocks), and the frightened Bedrockers unsuccessfully try to fool Billy into believing that they are a bona fide bull
cowasaurus. Carmen rescues them from Billy's wrath by stampeding through the Kidder's outlaw group. Tex and Blister, with
a posse, then surround Billy and company. Tex promises to reward Fred and Barney for their help in thwarting Billy, and 
to Fred's utter dismay, the reward- arriving in a crate at Fred's Bedrock home, is Carmen!

"The Rolls Rock Caper"
Returning to their homes from a jaunt to a store to obtain Gravel Pistachio ice cream, Fred and Barney are intercepted and
honoured to be deputised by suave television detective Aaron Boulder. Travelling in the "millionaire cop"'s Rolls Rocks,
which is chauffeured by an Oriental named Gus, Fred and Barney, on Boulder's behalf, investigate the murder of the owner
of the Stone Dust Night Club- while television's star sleuth spends all of his time romancing beautiful ladies. Fred's 
physique comes repeatedly under attack from people who bristle at police questioning. Poor Fred is fist-beaten by thugs in
the apartment of Cookie Quartz, the murder victim's lady friend whom Fred and Barney wish to interrogate, repeatedly 
pummelled in a boxing ring by Rocky Gravelano, another reluctant provider of information, and tossed by apish hoodlums out
of a high rise window of the Waldorf Estonia dwelling of "bad girl" Tootsie Slabstone, and when he and Barney, disguised
as waiters, finally corner the murder mystery's prime suspect, heiress Mrs. Mortimer Mortar, a cantankerous lady, in a 
shipboard night club, they are caught in a yacht-obliterating explosion caused by a volatile cigarette filter used by the
self-destructing evil-doer, who admits her guilt. Boulder releases the battered but resilient deputies from gumshoe 
service, and Fred and Barney return home with the melted ice cream to Wilma and Betty, who watched the whole epic 
investigation on television (Boulder's new show, Smile- You're On My Favourite Crime, with Gus as the secret camera 
operator) and are immensely proud of their husbands.

With the inducement of forty dollars for two days of work, Fred assumes the identity of a television super-hero, 
Superstone, when the beloved personage's original player, an actor named George, vacates the role in favour of a lead part
in a lucrative film. For the two days, Fred acts as Superstone for crowds of children at the Bedrock Theatre. Prior to his
second Superstone performance, Fred is alone in his dressing room. There, he is approached on the pretence of desired 
autograph and knocked unconscious by two criminals, one of whom, Bugsy, a bucktoothed man who says, "Yeah, yeah. I'm hip.
I'm hip," dons Fred's Superstone costume and in this guise robs the theatre cash box in front of the entire theatre 
audience. He then dresses the prone figure of Fred in the costume before he and his accomplice escape the theatre. Fred is
falsely implicated in the box-office heist, and to restore his and Superstone's reputation, Fred acts, with Barney's help,
after audience member Barney has joined and revived Fred in the dressing room and informed Fred of what has happened, to 
bring the robbers to justice. Dressed as Superstone, Fred trails the goony malefactors to their hideout and distracts them
with his dive into their lair through a skylight, while Barney moves toward them from behind their backs and pretends with
his index fingers to double-gunpoint. With bravado, Fred persuades the pair of thugs to surrender into police custody 
without a fight.

"Fred Meets Hercurock"
Go Go Ravine, director of a film production of Hercurock and the Maidens, decides to look in Bedrock for someone fit to
star as Hercurock. He finds what seems to be the perfect man for the part, a ditch-digger, who is really a midget with a 
muscular upper body. Ravine then notices Fred at work on a Saturday afternoon at Slate's rock quarry and watches as Fred
saves Barney's life from a boulder accidentally dropped from Fred's dinosaur-lift while Barney, awaiting the end of Fred's
labour shift, is practising his golf swing. Edified by Fred's heroism, Ravine offers the part of Hercurock to Flintstone,
who is naturally delighted to play the starring role. What Fred does not realise, however, is that Ravine expects him to
do all of his own stunts, among them standing in the midst of an avalanche of boulders, retaining a stone wall against a
stampede of mastodon-elephants, and riding an uncontrollable, dinosaur-pulled chariot. Wilma is outraged at the 
exploitation of her husband and demands that Fred be released from his contract- and Barney is hired by Ravine to
substitute for Fred in the final scene, in which Hercurock is surrounded by beautiful women.

"Surfin' Fred"
Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty are vacationing at Rock Island, which is targeted by hundreds of teenagers free from school
for the start of their summer vacation, and the hotel at which Fred and company hope to enjoy peace and quiet is, hitherto
unbeknown to them, the site of a widely publicised surfing contest. Fred, however, is anything but annoyed by the "flood"
of youths on Rock Island's shores, for he hopes, with the assumed name of "Troy", to relive his carefree teenage years 
with them, dancing to "hip" music and delighting in their adulation of his athletic "experience". Jimmy Darrock, singer 
and teenage heartthrob, is present at the hotel to award a trophy to the most capable surfer and to sing. To avoid the 
stifling attention of legions of autograph-seeking admirers, Darrock dons sunglasses and assumes the plebeian duty of 
beach lifeguard, thinking it to be problem-free during a competition between expert surfers. He had not expected Fred to
ineptly attempt surfing. Repeatedly, Fred is blasted by exceptionally high surf while endeavouring to impress the young
crowd, and because he cannot swim, he requires aid from Darrock, who retrieves him from the water and performs needed
resuscitation on him. Wilma surfboards to approach her husband on the water when he persists in his aquatic hi-jinks, and 
a huge wave strikes Fred, throwing him onto the shoulders of Wilma, who navigates around the pillars of a boardwalk and 
brings her surfboard to a gradual halt along the beach sands and inside the revolving door of the hotel. Fred and Wilma 
win the trophy for most adept use of a surfboard, and Darrock performs in the hotel restaurant, singing about the surfing

"Gold fever" afflicts Fred and Barney in "The Treasure of Sierra Madrock".
Season 6

"No Biz Like Show Biz"
Fred and Barney are frustrated to find that popular, modern music has either postponed or preempted their favourite sports
programming on television. Barney departs Fred's house, and Fred decides to nap. He then hears more music, and the source
is Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, who have somehow gained the ability to sing. Psychiatrist Dr. Freudstone, consulted by the 
Flintstones and Rubbles, believes that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm learned the tuneful art by watching musical performers on
television. Their song of choice: "Let the Sunshine in". In almost no time, the babies are international celebrities,
under the binding-contractual guidance of suave impresario Eppy Bryanstone, and Fred and Barney are left at home while
Wilma and Betty accompany Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm on tours to New Rock and Eurorock. Fred decides upon drastic action to 
reclaim his family, and Barney reluctantly concurs. With beatnik glasses and a fake moustache, Fred enters the Hollyrock
Palace where Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are singing and pretends to be an education official apprehending the babies for 
truancy, but Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, in Fred's arms, remove his disguise, and Fred flees with Barney and the babies from
the theatre. They are pursued by police and by Wilma, Betty, and Bryanstone onto a freeway cloverleaf and into a dark
tunnel, outside of which they are surrounded by their pursuers. Fred awakens from this nightmare, at first relieved that
Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are not really capable of song. However, the prospect of fame and fortune quickly provokes Fred to
attempt to foster prodigious vocals from the two tots.

"The House That Fred Built"
News of Wilma's mother coming to Bedrock in rather a permanent way has Fred desperate to find a home for his foul-tempered
mother-in-law, as far from him as possible. While en route with Barney to Bedrock's golf course, Fred discovers an unkempt
but adaptable house for sale and "bargains" with the real estate agent responsible for the site so that Fred buys building
and property for $100, which includes water right purchase. Fred expects to have no difficulty at renovating the 
dilapidated domicile, but the hired carpenter and plumber, both unionised and non-working at a $20-per-hour rate, 
unjustifiably ascend Fred's expense account. So, Fred and Barney themselves toil in improvements to the house. Wilma and
Betty assume the worst (i.e. infidelity) when their mates constantly leave home to secretly labour on the problematic 
abode. After their wives follow them to the site, Fred and Barney have no choice but to tell about Fred's plan to 
accommodate Wilma's mother in the rendered-presentable house. Wilma and Betty assist in the task. No sooner is the work
completed then the artesian well on top of which the house is situated deluges it with water. The house must be 
transported to a better location, and while in the act of wheeling it to the Flintstones' yard, Fred and Barney lose 
control of the structure, which tumbles down a ravine. Fred is in tears when he calculates his sum loss in Operation 
Mother-in-Law's House to be $1000- and Wilma's mother decides not to reside with the Flintstones after all!

"Return of Stoney Curtis"
Hollyrock actor Stoney Curtis is the star of a production of Slave Boy, to be filmed in Bedrock, and Wilma is the lucky 
winner of a contest in which Curtis is to be slave for a day to the person selected. Fred is contacted by the movie studio
involved with the contest and informed of Wilma's good fortune. Bringing Curtis home to meet Wilma, Fred is annoyed at 
Wilma's pretencions at being wealthy, with Betty acting as a maid. Unimpressed by the "Hollyrock phony", Fred orders 
Curtis as slave to move heavy boulders in the Flintstone yard, and Curtis patronises Fred with compliments that Fred could
be a movie actor, with the expectation that Fred would find such employment to be anything but lax. He then invites Fred 
to double for him in the Slave Boy film, and Fred obliges, learning yet again that performing in film is not his forte.

"Disorder in the Court"
Fred is a reluctant jury foreman who must deliver a guilty verdict in the criminal trial of the hulky Elroy Sandstone, 
a.k.a. the Mangler. Mangler's offence(s) against society: assault and battery, aggravated assault upon a police officer, 
and driving a stolen car without rear licence plate away from his robbery of jewels. Vowing deadly revenge upon Fred, the
Mangler promptly escapes jail and terrorises the Flintstones and Rubbles. Fred is especially fearful, of course, and when
police detective Shale, secretly observing the two families at Barney's Echorock Lake retreat to insure their safety, is
mistaken by Fred for the murderous malefactor, he is stricken unconscious by Fred and Barney, who are horrified to find 
that they have incapacitated the wrong man. The Mangler arrives for real at the Echorock Lake Flintstone/Rubble hideaway
and steps by accident on Bamm-Bamm's miniature choo-choo, which sends the brawny desperado reeling into a wall. Fred is 
deemed a hero for facilitating the recapture of the menacing Mangler.

"Circus Business"
Having received a $35 tax refund check from the government, a jovial Fred treats Wilma and the Rubbles to leisurely frolic
at the Rollem and Clippem Carnival, where they ride a prehistoric roller coaster (a carriage wheeled along the multi-
humped back of a large dinosaur) and watch in amazement the feats of the Great Herculo, who can lift a piano on which five
men are seated. Mr. Rollem, the carnival owner, is struggling with stagnant cash flow and wants to sell his property and 
its attractions. When he succeeds at swindling Fred into paying extra for admission to the carnival, Rollem decides that 
Fred is the ideal "pushover" buyer of the beleaguered circus and arranges to have people on his payroll form lines at the 
ticket booths of all of the rides and acts which Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney desire to experience, to give the 
impression to Fred that the Rollem and Clippem Carnival is a popular and viable operation, and Fred is only too eager to
purchase it with the remainder of his money from the government. Rollem hastens to depart the site. To Fred's shock, the
circus performers and side-show oddities (fortune-teller Madame Roxane, Gummo the Rubber Man, midget, eight-feet-tall 
giant, fat lady, skinny man, and a man-woman two-face), all disgruntled with low pay, quit. And circus owner Fred is 
ordered by a policeman to provide a performance, or go to jail for false advertising. "The show must go on," with Wilma
selling admission and ride tickets and cooking brontosaurus burgers; Betty acting as usher; Dino, Hopparoo, Pebbles, and
Bamm-Bamm supplying sprightly music; helmeted Barney doing the Human Cannonball stunt; and blindfolded Fred riding a 
bicycle on a high wire, losing his balance, and being spared from a fall by mighty Bamm-Bamm. Performances and attendance
figures are admirable, and the former "stars" of the carnival are so impressed by the pluck of new owner Flintstone that
they agree to return to work. Rollem asks Fred to sell the carnival back to him, and Fred agrees, not one to enjoy the 
constant pressures of circus showmanship.

Samantha Stevens, the nose-wiggling, white-witch of television's Bewitched, which was even broadcast in the Stone Age, is
the Flintstones' new neighbour. When her husband, Darren, travels for business purposes and leaves her at home, Samantha
befriends Wilma and Betty, who are also alone at home, while Fred and Barney are on a camping expedition. Samantha 
suggests that Wilma and Betty join their husbands in the wilderness, but establish their own campsite. The Flintstone and
Rubble wives like this idea, though they admit to having no experience at camping by themselves. Samantha secretly uses 
her "hocus-pocus" to enable Wilma and Betty to better their husbands in the forest, with Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm 
accompanying their mothers. While Wilma and Betty establish the ladies' campground, Samantha assists the babies in
procuring fish from a river, at the same time as Fred and Barney are casting their fishing poles there. When Samantha 
asks of Fred and Barney what bait is required to catch fish, they deviously advise her to use rocks! Not one to argue with
the men, Samantha does exactly this, tying rocks to the strings of her and the babies' fishing poles, and through her 
magic, she, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm catch a total of six fish for Wilma and Betty to cook with a fire, while Fred and
Barney are denied even a minnow's nibble on their fishing pole hooks. She then materialises a huge, ferocious dinosaur and
a flying carnivore and transforms a kitten into a roaring tigersaurus to terrorise the men, who are trying to filch some
food from their wives. Wilma and Betty of course see no frightening beasts, only the kitten, and Fred and Barney are 
disgraced. Fred and Barney finally humble themselves to admit that their wives are proficient campers, and Samantha is 
pleased to have benignly used her nose-twitching witchcraft. Darren would approve, but she is not going to tell him!

"The Great Gazoo"
Fred and Barney meet Gazoo, a little, green man with magical powers, who crashes in a weird space capsule on the road in
front of Fred's car. The alien from planet Zetox, exiled to Stone Age Earth by his people because of his scientific 
arrogance, must redeem himself by helping the Earthlings who have first discovered him on the primitive planet. Thus, 
Gazoo provides the prehistoric "dum-dums" with everything that their greedy hearts desire, before a policeman arrives at
the location to enquire about the clutter. No adult can see Gazoo except for Fred and Barney, and Gazoo causes all of the
troublesome items to vanish. The police officer departs the site, thinking that he has hallucinated, and Wilma and Betty
laugh at Fred and Barney's mention of their new, alien friend. Fred and Barney try to use Gazoo to enable them to treat 
Wilma and Betty to dinner at the Chateau Rickinbleau, an expensive restaurant, but Gazoo does not appear on cue to supply
the money to pay the two-hundred-and-twenty-five dollar cheque! The presumptuous cavemen are spared from a gruelling night
of dish washing when their wives bring saved vacation money to pay the dinner bill. Gazoo promises to try to be more 

"Rip Van Flintstone"
After nearly demolishing a supermarket while trying to ride a skate-bone, a bored and irritable Fred is a nuisance at the
Slate Company picnic, alienating his friends and co-workers, before he decides to wander away to a quiet place with Dino
for a nap. Sleep Fred does, and he seems to awaken with a long, white beard, which repeatedly trips him. Dino is gone, as
is everyone at the picnic site, which is now decrepit from years of neglect. Fred walks into Bedrock-proper and learns 
that his buddies at the Bedrock Pool Hall are either retired or deceased- and that he has slept for twenty years! Wilma is
an almost senile, old woman, Barney a millionaire (with a palatial estate called Sandstone Simian), Dino a geriatric 
dinosaur, and Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm a loving young adult couple. Fred is despondent at having slept his life away before
he finally awakes for real near the Slate Company picnic and learns that he actually only slept for about an hour. A man
reborn, he returns to the picnic and enthusiastically and amiably participates in all of the events.

"The Gravelberry Pie King"
Following Gazoo's advice to represent his co-workers in requesting a raise in salary from Slate, Fred is dismissed when
Slate decides to increase the pay of the other workers by reallocating funds- with Fred's defunct payroll. Unable to tell
Wilma about losing his job, Fred loiters in a park and readies to eat the lunch prepared for him by Wilma- including a
slice of Gravelberry Pie, which impresses P. J. Safestone, a businessman visiting the park. Safestone, owner of a 
supermarket chain, establishes a deal with Fred to sell bulk numbers of the pies, with the Flintstones and Rubbles 
providing the confection. Fred coronates himself as the Gravelberry Pie King, using his first pay-check from the prominent
grocer to buy a king's costume, and is happy- with Wilma, the Rubbles, babies, and pets as his help- to assembly-line
manufacture Gravelberry Pies, until Wilma calculates that money is being lost in the transaction. When Fred becomes greedy
and proposes an increase in his pay far above what is needed, Safestone opts out of the deal, leaving Fred with 500 pies
that he is unable to sell, even at a low price, on a roadside. Wilma rescues Fred from this predicament by visiting 
Safestone and tactfully selling to him the 500 pies along with the recipe, then by visiting and persuading Mr. Slate to
rehire Fred.

"The Stonefinger Caper"
On returning to homes from a secret agent movie (From Crusher With Love) at the Bedrock Drive-in, the Flintstones and 
Rubbles comment that their lives lack excitement. Gazoo offers some adrenalin-surging thrills to Fred and Barney, and the
cavemen are unenthusiastic about any more troublesome magic by Gazoo. Unbeknown to them, what they crave is actually 
already in its beginning stages. SPLERSH, an international crime syndicate, thinks that Barney is Dr. Rockinheimer, a 
wealthy, foreign scientist with a secret formula for converting ordinary stone into uraniumrock, and who, apart from
beard, moustache, and eye-glasses, resembles Barney. This belief is given credence when members of the syndicate observe 
Fred and Barney cavorting in a fancy car provided to them by Gazoo. Complications involving the car also include $50 
speeding and parking tickets. Fred and Barney order Gazoo to teleport the car into oblivion- and for Gazoo to go away and
never come back. SPLERSH then abducts Fred and Barney, and its stone-fingered leader (Stonefinger) demands that Barney 
surrender the formula, or die, Barney and Fred both, at the jaws of a haurasaurus, a huge, vicious carnivore. Fred and
Barney plead for Gazoo to help them, and Gazoo appears at their side and reduces the monster and the criminals to infancy,
freeing the grateful Fred and Barney.

"Masquerade Party"
Fred and Barney are rivals for the new bowling ball prize for best costume at the Water Buffalo Lodge's masquerade party.
Both choose the same red Devil costume (pitchfork and all) and fight over who selected the costume first. Fred decides to
try another costume, which he intends to keep secret until he arrives at the party. His spaceman costume coincides with 
Flippo Records and radio station KNBD's promotion of a musical group, the sandwich-like Way-Outs, in which a bogus report
of alien invasion is transmitted, and everyone thinks that Fred, solo-driving his car to the party and beset with a flat 
tire, is one of the invaders! Fred meets the Way-Outs, rides with them on their tour bus, and invites them to join him at
the masquerade party. But the masquerade party attendees react violently to the arrival of the presumed hostile "space 
aliens", before Fred's exasperated growl from inside of his costume is recognised by Wilma. Fred and the Way-Outs perform
a song at the party.

"Shinrock A-Go-Go"
Fred is aggravated by his family's love of a new rock-music television show, Shinrock, and to his chagrin, he and Barney 
are asked by Wilma and Betty to obtain in-studio tickets to the television show. To this end, the Flintstone and Rubble
husbands- after an accident-prone game of bowling- visit the Bedrock television station where Shinrock is produced. Fred
heatedly decides to confront Shinrock host Jimmy O'Neilstone with his own, unfavourable opinion of the trend in tunes, 
before Barney drops his bowling ball on Fred's foot and causes an agony-stricken Flintstone to do a funky, new, foot-
grabbing "dance". O'Neilstone sees tremendous potential popularity in what he christens as "The Flintstone Frantic" and 
offers to Fred $100 if Fred will perform the "dance" on live, network television. The result, after Fred accepts 
O'Neilstone's proposal and considers the size of his audience and the resultant scope of his embarrassment should "The 
Frantic" be a "flop", is severe "opening-night jitters". At the crucial moment, Fred is overcome with nervousness, 
accidentally sits on a pin for his shaggy wig, careens in pain onto the television performance stage, "dances" on a table,
and does a belly-flop onto the floor. Fred has started another popular, new dance, "The Flintstone Flop", but balks at 
further fame for his accidental dancing "talent".

"Royal Rubble"
Stoneyorockarabians, Stone Age Arabs, mistake Barney for their long-lost sovereign and atop their mastodon transport 
follow Barney, Betty, Bamm-Bamm, and the Flintstones from Carblestone Beach to the driveway of the home of Flintstone. 
Bowing before the supposed Prince Barbaruba, two diminutive Arabs require that Fred, Wilma, and Betty emulate this 
gesture, and a flattered and bemused Rubble is adorned with a turban and robes and conveyed to a luxurious Bedrock hotel,
the Rocktop Place, where an Arab entourage is staying. Betty initially comments that the prospect of Barney being regal 
is exciting, but Fred, totally disbelieving of the Arabs' claim and entirely irreverent of their ways, goes to the 
Rocktop to rescue his friend (by pole vaulting to a top-storey window) from blissful opulence, only to himself become 
enticed into it at Barney's invitation. Fred and Barney share a meaty meal and recline on decadently comfortable Arabian
furniture, but circumstances change drastically when Barney learns that he must have a harem (a hundred wives!), and he 
and Fred flee amorous women and their brawny Arab guard, with a resulting chase through the hotel. Suddenly, an Arab 
appears with the true Prince Barbaraba, and Barney is denounced as an impostor. The Arabs release Fred and Barney on the
orders of the true monarch, and the two friends return home to their worried wives.

"Seeing Doubles"
Gazoo creates replicas of Fred and Barney to accompany Wilma and Betty to a restaurant while Fred and Barney bowl. Wilma
and Betty are quite fooled by the duplicate Flintstone and Rubble, and Fred and Barney, after bowling, come to the 
restaurant to where the "Fred and Barney Nothings" have brought Wilma and Betty, and find that the replicas, which only 
say yes and no respectively, are pampering the wives with extravagant purchases, including champagne! Gazoo has instructed
Fred and Barney to return their doubles to him at a bench near Fred's home so that he can dispose of them, and the cavemen
cannot remove the problematic doppelgangers from the restaurant while they are in view of the wives, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Slate are also at the restaurant and have met the phony Flintstone and Rubble and invited them to sit at the private Slate
dinner table. Veritable Fred and Barney disguise themselves as Beatle-haired waiters and "accidentally" drop hot 
minestrone soup on the heads of the Nothings and rush to remove the victims of the "accident" from the Slates. Leaving
Wilma and Betty at the restaurant, Fred and Barney act to deliver the second Flintstone and Rubble to the prearranged 
meeting place with Gazoo, but the Nothings gain control of Fred's car (while Fred and Barney are not aboard it), and 
Barney's replica drives it fast and recklessly so that a police officer tickets him! Perceiving the limited speech of the
Nothings and thinking them to be ill, the policeman, knowing Fred personally, decides to escort them to the Flintstone 
residence. En route home in the Rubbles' vehicle, Wilma and Betty find the hitchhiking genuine Fred and Barney on the 
roadside and believe that their husbands are disoriented from the "accident" with the soup, having been told about it by
Slate. Feeling sorry for what he believed were the soup-drenched Fred and Barney, Mr. Slate paid for the Flintstone and
Rubble dinner, with a plan to procure the money from Fred's salary! It is not until the policeman brings the replicas 
and Fred's car to Wilma and Betty (who again attribute their spouses' errant behaviour to the soup incident) and Fred and
Barney, pretending to be prowlers, lure their dopey doppelgangers outside of Fred's domicile that Fred and Barney are able
to subdue the Nothings so that Gazoo can finger-snap them into non-existence.

"How to Pick a Fight With Your Wife Without Really Trying"
The cause of Flintstone marital problems is, as usual, Fred's crabbiness and Wilma's annoyed, taken-for-granted feeling.
Gazoo advises Fred that throughout the galaxies, the humanoid male always has the superior mind and ought to regard his 
wife as though she were a little girl. Meanwhile, Wilma and Betty affirm woman to be more mentally mature than man, and
Wilma thus chooses to be motherly to Fred. Fred acts the loving father to Wilma when she complains about household 
travails, and Wilma "babies" Fred during Fred's tantrum at not having his evening newspaper available to read. Each 
believes the other to be condescending and declares the treat-spouse-like-a-child experiment a failure. Gazoo next 
recommends that Fred buy something to foster a sense of togetherness with Wilma, and Fred goes to a games and novelties
shop, where he rejects a pool table that converts into a love-seat and a two-rider skateboard and purchases a Rockopoly 
board game. Wilma is anything but pleased when Fred arrives at home with the game and fails to acknowledge her new, more
attractive dress and hairstyle. The Rubbles join Fred and Wilma for an unpleasant evening of Rockopoly, during which 
Fred's poor gamesmanship alienates Wilma, who scolds Fred for his deficient, childish personality. Fred replies that his
mind is superior to hers and that he will be living with Barney henceforth- and Betty stays with Wilma at the house of 
Flintstone. Fred is miserable without his wife, but Gazoo urges him to wait for Wilma to act first in a reconciliation. By
night, Fred dreams that he and Barney are at the Club Vulture, at which all of the dancing girls look like Wilma, and
Wilma has a nightmare that she is abducted in a desert by a maverick Arab and needs to be rescued by Sheik Ali Fred 
Flintstone. When Wilma, in her sleep, screams Fred's name, Fred hears her and literally crashes through the door of his
house to come to her aid. Fred and Wilma resolve their differences- for the time being.

"Fred Goes Ape"
Fred's allergic sneezes are so powerful that they wreck his television. So, Fred decides to go to Goosepimple's Pharmacy 
to obtain SCRAM allergy relief pills. Dr. Goosepimple is experimenting with drugs to perfect a cure-all pill and uses 
himself as a test specimen. All that the pill does is to transmute Goosepimple for a short time period into an ape. The 
transformed pharmacist is gone when Fred and Barney arrive at Goosepimple's store, and Fred mistakes Goosepimple's ape 
pills for the SCRAM allergy medication, because the bottles are the same. Hence, Fred unwittingly selects the ape-pill 
bottle for his anti-allergy drug and pledges to later reimburse Goosepimple. Every time that Fred "pops a pill" to control
his sneezing, he turns, totally unbeknown to himself, into a rambunctious ape. Barney is the only person who realises that
Fred has been transmuted, though he does not suspect the pills as the cause. The first instance of Fred "going ape" occurs
at a restaurant where Fred and Barney are partaking of a late-night Italian repast. While Barney telephones Wilma and 
Betty to report his and Fred's current location, Fred, at the dinner table, sneezes and opts to swallow his first "SCRAM".
After Barney returns to the table and beholds his changed friend, the "eek-eeking" Flintstone chases Rubble out of the 
restaurant and past a befuddled police officer. Wilma disbelieves Barney and is offended by Barney's report of Fred 
turning simian, and Betty orders Barney to apologise to Fred, who has returned to home in his proper form, but before 
Barney comes to Fred's door, Fred "medicates" himself again, and Barney finds that he is apologising to ape Fred. During a
visit with Pebbles to a zoo, Fred gulps three of the pills and becomes an ape for longer duration, and his simian self is
sedated by the zoo keeper (who has found and protected Pebbles) and caged with a female ape named Annie. When Fred returns
to normal, he is chased in the cage by Annie until the zoo keeper releases him. During an evening game of checkers, Barney
sneezes and is offered by Fred the last of the pills- and frightens Fred with his ape transformation.

"The Long, Long, Long Weekend"
Fred reclines on his hammock during a holiday weekend on which Wilma's mother is visiting. When Fred scoffs at Barney's 
Rock Rogers comic book for its supposedly ludicrous prediction of far-future space travel, he is chastised by Gazoo: 
"Flintstone, when you laugh, you show not only your tonsils but your ignorance." Leaving their children in Wilma's 
mother's care, the Flintstone and Rubble couples go for a pleasure drive in Fred's car, only to be caught in freeway 
traffic. Gazoo appears and offers to Fred a glimpse of the future by transporting Flintstone car and occupants there, with
the road-automobile changing to an air-car of Jetsons design. Gazoo assures Fred and Barney that Wilma and Betty will
accept the experience without question and will not remember it after it has ended. So, Flintstones and Rubbles explore a
city with shops and restaurants in the clouds, moving sidewalks, jet-powered dinner trays and tiny servings of meat, robot
barbers, and public transportation to Mars, where Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Barney stray from the main tourist group and 
are terrified by a three-headed monster that is really a costume for actors in a movie. Scurrying back to their space-bus,
the Flintstones and Rubbles are brought back to Earth, where Fred visits the still-operating Slate Construction and meets
Slate's distant descendant. Gazoo then returns the Flintstones and Rubbles to the Stone Age, and Fred thanks Gazoo for the
look at things to come, but nevertheless prefers his own time.

"Two Men On a Dinosaur"
Conversing with his leader, the Great Gazam, via Fred's television, Gazoo learns that his exile remains effective and that
he must continue to do good deeds for Fred and Barney. Gazoo is distraught that he is still unwelcome on Zetox, and Fred 
and Barney console him. Fred and Barney are amazed to discover that Gazoo is adept at predicting the improbable outcomes 
of dinosaur races, and the pair decide to gamble on Gazoo's ability by attending a race at Hollystone Park and placing 
bets on dinosaurs picked by Gazoo to emerge victorious. A pair of thugs, Stoney and Needle Nose, realise that Fred and 
Barney have a surefire system for choosing winners and that the mysterious Gazoo of whom they speak is their lucrative 
mastermind. As usual, Fred and Barney are caught by the criminals and threatened with physical harm if they fail to summon
Gazoo. "Mr. Big" Ed McRock, the criminal leader, a karate expert who can reduce rocks to rubble with a swing of his hand,
vows to enact this process on Fred and Barney if they do not cooperate, but, predictably, Gazoo uses his powers to quash
the schemers and rescue his friends. On this occasion, he snaps his fingers to cause the villains to karate-chop 
themselves or each other, thus rendering them painfully unconscious.

"The Treasure of Sierra Madrock"
Returning to home after a vacation in Rock Vegas, Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty lose intended direction and stop at 
Goldrock City on the Western frontier, where a general store owner named Zeke conspires with an elderly prospector named 
Zack to swindle Flintstone and Rubble into purchasing a claim to a bogus gold field (Hangman's Gulch) with the $300 that 
they won in Rock Vegas. Wilma and Betty are not convinced that there is any gold to be found at Hangman's Gulch and are
certain that Fred and Barney have been duped yet again by unsavoury characters. So, using their own Rock Vegas winnings, 
they buy some gold nuggets and place the nuggets in the river being panned for gold by their spouses. As Wilma and Betty 
have hoped, Fred and Barney "strike gold", jump for joy, and carry their presumed yield to Zeke for weighing and 
appraising. As predicted by Wilma and Betty, Zeke and Zack want the claim back, now that they believe there is truly gold
on the site. However, Fred and Barney, desiring more gold, refuse Zeke and Zack's $700 offer to repurchase the claim, and
are targeted not just by Zeke and Zack but also by a pair of ruffians named Evil Eye and Snake Legs, for unlawful 
confiscation of the claim. Zeke and Zack trick Fred and Barney into standing on the wooden observation deck to a local 
tourist attraction- a waterfall. They cut the deck's suspension ropes to send Fred and Barney careening into the tumult.
Wilma and Betty have followed their cavemen to the waterfall and use long hooks while standing on a bridge spanning the 
river below the falls, to pull Fred and Barney from the raging white water. Fred and Barney, now aware that Zeke and Zack
wish to them mortal harm, are informed by their wives of the true source of the gold nuggets. They discard the claim, and
Zeke, Zack, Evil Eye, and Snake Legs fight each other for possession thereof, as Flintstones and Rubbles hasten to depart
Goldrock City. 

"Curtain Call at Bedrock"
As appointed leader of the Bedrock P.T.A., Wilma must cast acting roles for the P.T.A.'s fund-raising performance of 
Romeorock and Julietstone, which is fraught with problems. Wilma is slated to play Julietstone, and Barney and Betty are 
selected to be the Capuletslates. Fred is offered the part of the lead character. He has learned all of Romeorock's lines
in the play but balks at appearing in tights on a stage and "acts" instead as understudy to Barney, who is reluctantly 
given the Romeorock part by Wilma. Gazoo uses his magic to instill full knowledge of the play's dialogue into Barney, but
Barney is still too inept at acting to convincingly speak Romeorock's words and knows that Fred really wants to play the
part of the tragic hero despite all of Fred's pronouncements to the contrary. So, fifteen minutes before the curtain is 
to rise for the show, Barney feigns mumps so that Fred is obliged to portray Romeorock. At the last minute before play 
time, Wilma has laryngitis, and as an impromptu measure, Barney "recovers" from his "illness" to be Julietstone (with a 
blond wig) to Fred's Romeorock. Fred and Barney both fumble their lines in embarrassment, the ladder on which Fred stands
tumbles backwards, and Barney and Betty's effort to stop Fred's fall causes the Capuletslate balcony set to collapse. 
Gazoo joins the audience in rollicking laughter, and reviews for the play are surprisingly positive- because everyone 
attending it believed it to be an intentional lampoon of the prehistoric bard's work.

"Boss For a Day"
Fred endures a gruelling day under the yoke of Mr. Slate. First, Fred is late leaving home to go to work, and Slate, en 
route in his limousine to the rock quarry, sees Fred hurriedly approaching from behind and orders his chauffeur to 
abruptly stop so that Fred's car collides with the back of the limousine. Slate then gives Fred a tongue-lashing for the
collision and orders Fred to follow the limousine, which crosses the threshold to the quarry precisely when the start-work
whistle is blown, and Fred, being seconds behind Slate, is by necessity late and told by Slate that his pay will be 
reduced because of the tardiness. Slate orders Fred to work at fastest possible pace and keeps Fred under constant 
surveillance. When Fred tries to laze for a few minutes by a water cooler, Slate activates a camera and closed-circuit 
television and startles Fred with a furious edict against "goldbricking". By day's end, Fred's resentment of Slate is at a
peak. He tells to Gazoo that Slate has an easy job of bullying loyal employees, and Gazoo grants to Fred the opportunity 
for a day to switch places with Slate. The next morning, Fred finds himself in Slate's limousine and delights in doing to
State (now a dinosaur-lift operator) what Slate did to him on the road the day before. Fred subjects Slate to every other
stress and strain endured by Fred on the previous day and decides to smoke Slate's cigars and to luxuriate in an executive
dining room, only to be scolded by a foul-tempered, little man, Slate's superior, who informs Fred that the position held
by Slate and now by Fred is that of a "paper"-pushing stooge unfit to dine with the higher echelons of the company. The
lunch hour and five o'clock quitting time whistle only apply to valued employees like what Fred had been, and Fred, as 
Slate's replacement, is required to toil at a desk with a tall stack of "papers" requiring his attention and processing,
with only a carrot to eat, long into the evening. Exhausted when he finally leaves the quarry, Fred is delighted when 
Gazoo reverses the switching-of-places. He has learned that Slate does not really have a pleasant and enviable position in
the company- and actually feels sorry for Slate.

"Fred's Island"
Fred is overjoyed when Mr. Slate invites him and his family to spend a Sunday on the Slate yacht. Slate urges Fred to 
telephone Wilma to relay the good news, and once Wilma and Pebbles are both jubilant with anticipation, Slate informs Fred
that there is a condition involved: Fred must paint the hull of the yacht. So much for a leisurely Sunday! Unable to 
disappoint Wilma and Pebbles, Fred reluctantly agrees to Slate's proviso and uses the same tactic to secure Barney's help
in the job! Although expected to do the painting work, Fred procrastinates and, as self-pronounced Captain, dines with 
Wilma and the Rubbles (with soup poured out of a window by Barney boomeranging through another window and splashing 
Captain Flintstone in the face). While all aboard are napping, the yacht comes loose from its moorings and drifts to an
island, where Fred and Barney disembark the yacht and meet a noble savage named Saturday. Also on the island are Mr. and
Mrs. Slate, who are attending an outdoor amusement park there. Fred and Barney disguise themselves as primitive kin of
Saturday's to avoid being discovered on the island by Slate, but Slate is not fooled for long. Suddenly, a volcanic 
eruption forces evacuation from the island by everyone at the amusement park, and those in attendance are shocked to find
that a lava flow blocks their escape by the standard route, and Slate's yacht is the only other vehicle for departing the
island. Though Slate is furious with Fred for letting the yacht drift, it was a fortuitous error, and apart from 
Saturday, who elects to stay on the lava-inundated island, everyone else boards Slate's yacht. Slate decides not to 
terminate Fred's employment but orders Fred to begin the job that he agreed to do, and Fred starts painting. Back in 
Bedrock, Fred receives a surprise visit by Saturday and his enormous family!

While trimming hedges, Fred expresses to Barney and Gazoo his excitement about an evening game of bowling, but Wilma, 
sporting a new hair style, reminds Fred about a violin recital to which Fred promised to accompany Wilma on the same 
evening. So, Fred feigns a headache to avoid an evening with, to quote Gazoo, "a bunch of long-haired squares." Wilma 
announces that she does not intend to go alone to the recital. A school friend of hers, poet and hunk Wilbur 
Terwiligerock, agrees to be Wilma's "date" to the recital and to a subsequent dance, and Fred literally melts a block of
ice tied by Wilma to his not-truly-painful but "hot" head. After watching Wilbur drive Wilma from home in a slick sports
car, Fred goes with Barney to the bowling alley, where his preoccupation with Wilma and Wilbur results in a series of 
accidents. Fred decides to venture to the post-recital dance and observe his wife and her chaperon, and he commands Gazoo
to transform Barney into a woman named Barbara, with whom Fred dances in an attempt to make Wilma jealous. Wilma acts
blase toward Fred's dalliance with the sensual Barney-female, but when Fred and Wilma later discuss the evening, she
admits to finding Terwiligerock a pretentious bore, and he confesses to his jealousy- and to the true identity of his
mysterious lady-friend.

The Flintstones and Rubbles go in Fred's car to the Bedrock aquarium, Oceanrock, to watch the performance- of trumpets and
dance to piano music- of Dripper, a popular, trained sealasaurus, which is targeted for theft by a criminal group led by a
mysterious Mrs. Big. Mrs. Big's two hires are a tall, gruff thug and a bespectacled, nevertheless poorly sighted, little
oaf, and the two criminal stooges pursue Dripper after the affectionate sealasaurus befriends Barney and jumps on the back
of the departing Flintstone car. The trainer at the aquarium discovers that Dripper is missing and calls the police, and
Fred and Barney first realise that they have a sealasaurus visitor when they are at home, snorkeling in their shared 
swimming pool. Barney's snorkel suit resembles Dripper's carcass, and the poor-visioned criminal, mistaking Barney for 
Dripper, throws a sack over Barney, and he and his crooked colleague bring the still-sacked Barney to Mrs. Big. When the 
thieves discover that they filched the wrong article, Barney is tied to a rock pillar and left alone by the nefarious 
group. Fortunately, Dripper witnessed the kidnapping and followed the thugs. He provides a telephone for the tied Barney 
to contact police, and Dripper writes the address of the criminals' hideout for Barney to relay to the constable-on-duty. 
Police surround the place, Fred rescues Barney, and Mrs. Big, attempting to flee, is de-cloaked and un-wigged to reveal 
Dripper's trainer, who is jealous of the sealasaurus' fame and plotted the theft to remove Dripper from the limelight.

"My Fair Freddy"
Snobs at the Stoneyside Country Club are looking for new clientele and, on investigating a new applicant (Fred) for 
admission into the prestigious club, two Stoneyside ladies overhear that Wilma's "pet" has descended from royalty. 
Although Wilma is really speaking of Dino, whose royal lineage has been confirmed, the Stoneyside women misunderstand and
believe that Wilma's "pet" is her husband- and that Fred has royal blood. Fred and Wilma are therefore both given 
membership in the club, and though Fred is honoured to be included in the Stoneyside clique, he and Wilma both realise 
that the club's representatives are in error about Fred's entitlement. Nevertheless, Fred is resolved to impress his 
inductors, and Gazoo offers to improve Fred's poise and mannerisms. Fred insists that Gazoo use conventional means to
achieve this (i.e. no magic), and Gazoo is happy to oblige. He trains Fred in ballet. Joe Rockhead and other Bedrock men
assemble outside Fred's garage to peek at the balletic moves of Flintstone-in-tights, and Fred's embarrassment causes him
to shrink! Finally, Fred decides to attend a Stoneyside ball as himself, and he and Wilma teach the hoity-toity cream of 
Bedrock society to do a ducky dance, and nearly everyone present willingly joins in the waddling and "quack-quacking".

"The Story of Rocky's Raiders"
Fred's grandfather, Rockbottom "Rocky" Flintstone, a veteran flier of Stone World War I, is expected to visit Fred and 
family. Fred and Wilma rummage through a trunk containing the military presents sent over the years to Fred by Rocky. An 
innocuous hand grenade and a flight helmet of Rocky's are some of the items, but most interesting to the Flintstones and
Rubbles is Rocky's diary, which Fred reads aloud so that he, Wilma, Barney, and Betty learn of Rocky's rescue of French
multiple-agent Mata Harrock from German jailer Baron Von Rickenrock, "The Horrible Hun". In a flashback sequence 
portraying this adventure, Rocky looks like Fred, Rocky's assistant, Reggie Van De Rock, resembles Barney, and Mata 
Harrock is a Gallic Wilma. Having flown with a "primitive", peddle-operated flying contraption (standard Stone World War I
equipment) into the area where Mata is reported by Allied spies to be detained by Von Rickenrock, Rocky and Reggie survive
the disintegration of their aerial transporter in a dogfight with a pair of German aircraft, both of which collide with 
each other by dint of Rocky's flight manoeuvring skill. Rocky and Reggie then sneak into the Baron's headquarters: a 
Kaiser Stoneheim Air Base, where they overpower two gullible German troops and don the troops' uniforms as disguises- and
on the pretence of escorting Mata from her prison to Von Rickenrock's office for interrogation, free her. Rocky, Reggie, 
and Mata hasten to depart the Kaiser Stoneheim Air Base before Von Rickenrock realises that his nemesis, Rocky, is "behind
the German line". Rocky, Reggie, and Mata "borrow" a pair of Flemish bicycles and pretend to be simple country folk, for
awhile eluding the Germans by their ingenuity. Descent on the bicycles into a dinosaur-pulled hay carriage allows the 
three fugitives to more speedily evade the pursuit of the Baron and his minions. However, Von Rickenrock vows vengeance,
and when Rocky arrives at cave Flintstone for his visit, Fred, Wilma, and the Rubbles are stunned to discover that the war
between Rocky and the Baron is still being waged in air combat, with the same Stone Age flying machines.
The Flintstones lasted for six seasons on the ABC television network and then endured for decades in syndicated reruns, usually on weekdays during child-oriented broadcast hours, as distributed by Screen Gems Inc.. Opinion on this television show tends to polarise between a first block of episodes preceding the birth of the Flintstones' daughter, Pebbles, and a second block following the advent of baby Pebbles. A majority of Flintstones appreciators favour the former "half" of the series, when the only regular characters were Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, and Dino, and regard the birth of Pebbles, the Rubbles' shortly thereafter adoption of infant powerhouse Bamm-Bamm and later of prehistoric kangaroo Hoppy, and the addition to the cast of the spaceman who fell to Earth, Gazoo, as a thinning and weakening of the television programme's previously successful formula. It is true that the earlier episodes had more Stone Age lifestyle and gadgetry gags, and the stories usually focused on personal problems between Fred and Wilma or between Fred and Barney, whereas later entries in the television series brought Flintstones and Rubbles together out of their immediate caveman neighbourhood and concentrated more on parody of music sensations or popular television or cinema of the 1960s. However, the latter "half" of The Flintstones is more consistent in cartoon animation, there are fewer blatant discrepancies in character names, appearances, or histories, and there is more of a family feel to the television series, even as it tended toward increasingly austere and outlandish adventures for Fred and Barney.

This having been said, it is necessary to note that Barney's eyes in the final season are completely black, after having been two clear-centre circles for the remainder of the television show's six-year run. The completely black-eyed Barney Rubble would remain the norm in years to follow, as the Flintstone and Rubble clans were reunited for the short-lived Saturday morning Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm (1971-2) starring the Flintstone and Rubble progeny as teenagers and for The Flintstones Comedy Hour (1972-3) and The Flintstones Christmas Special (1978), and as Fred and Barney appeared in three decades of television commercials for Post's Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles breakfast cereal.

The Flinstones was frequently paired with The Brady Bunch (1969-74) in its broadcasts on television stations in Canada through the 1970s and 1980s, often in a noon-to-one-o'clock programming slot. In Canada's eastern Maritime provinces, for example, The Flintstones was screened via the ATV assemblage of television stations during noon hour in 1975-6, 1977-8, 1980-1, and 1983-5, and was succeeded by The Brady Bunch in some of those spans of time. It also was shown for awhile by ATV television stations in an after-school airtime of 4:30 or 5 P.M.. in 1976 and 1977, and prior to 1975, the Stone Age world of Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty was televised on CHSJ-TV in the eastern Maritime Canada province of New Brunswick, also in an after-school slot of broadcast time. The Atlantic Satellite Network (ASN), an outgrowth of ATV, resumed Flintstone transmission in the late 1980s after ATV dropped The Flintstones from its programming offerings, but ASN, too, soon terminated its own run of The Flintstones, after which time it was only the hype surrounding a live-action theatrical film version of Hanna-Barbera's "modern prehistoric" families concept that kept episodes of The Flintstones on air in easternmost provinces of Canada in a one-year engagement for Season 1 and most of Season 2 on ATV on Saturday mornings in 1994-5. Although Canada's Youth Television (YTV) and Teletoon specialty cable television channels acquired rights to broadcast The Flintstones in the late 1990s and in the early 2000 decade, respectively, airtime was erratic, episodes were edited for commercial time, and a full run of the television series from "The Flintstone Flier" through to "The Story of Rocky's Raiders" rarely occurred, these broadcasters tending instead to air clusters of episodes and then repeat those clusters. In the United States, The Flintstones has been a regular offering on the Cartoon Network and Boomerang specialty cable television channels.

Select Flintstones episodes were released to commercial videotape and laser videodisc in the 1990s. It was not until the epoch of the marvel that is the digital videodisc (DVD), that a full, 166-episode representation of The Flintstones was made available on home entertainment software media. Six DVD box sets spanning all six Flintstones seasons were released from 2004 to 2006 by Warner Home Entertainment. All episodes but "The Big Move" were in complete form, the one exception to this being an inexplicable porting to DVD of an edited syndication version of said episode. "The Hit Songwriter", "The Beauty Contest", and "The Happy Household" had audio commentary tracks with cartoon historians enthusiastically speaking to the popular culture influences going into and coming out of The Flintstones, and there were additional featurettes on the DVDs on such subjects as Flintstones Stone Age gadgetry, songs, collectibles, and character creation and development, plus some black-and-white sponsorship advertisements produced for television with Fred describing or demonstrating various products.

Episodes were distributed on the DVDs so that the fourth DVD in each box set needed to be double-sided to fit more content than the usual single-sided, dual layered DVD. In the case of Seasons 4, 5, and 6, this seems totally unnecessary as the 26 episodes of each of those seasons could easily have been spread across four single-sided DVDs, 7 episodes on DVDs 1, 2, and 3 and 5 episodes on the fourth DVD, leaving room on on DVD 4 for bonus features. Double-sided DVDs are notorious for accumulating scratches and smudges, and in some cases for delamination when they are also dual-layered on one or both sides. And the packaging of each of the DVDs per Flintstones season is not of optimal ease for DVD removal from spindles, sometimes requiring bending of the DVD which adds to the likelihood of layer separation.


Voice characterisation performers Alan Reed, Jean Vander Pyl, Mel Blanc, Bea Benaderet, Don Messick, Hal Smith, Daws Butler, Henry Corden, Howard Morris, Verna Felton, Herb Vigran, Frank Nelson, and Jerry Mann
Musicians Hoyt S. Curtin and Will Schaefer
Associate producer Alex Lovy
Producers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

With very special thanks to Charles G. Rex
Flintstones images (c) Hanna-Barbera
Flintstones digital videodisc (DVD) cover image (c) Warner Home Entertainment and Hanna-Barbera
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